At the very north of North America. Hello, Santa Claus!

We are in the Golden Heart of Alaska, as it is called Firebanks.
In the heart of the monument and fountain Eskimos. Everywhere flags of Alaska, on a purple background - Big Dipper and North Star. Visit the monument dedicated to the friendship of the Soviet pilots and pilots of the United States. Sibir-Alaska WWII. It's a shame for our country and for us ... Why can not we be proud of their, not to mention the others !?

It is not often you see our two flags near

They forged a victory

Let's go to the North Pole (North Pole), so called city 20 km from Faerbenksa.
So what he, the Pole!
And joy incomparable waiting for me, Santa Claus lives here !!! And to his lodge leads Santa Nikolas Rd! Hence, our Santa Claus is!

A visit to the house of Santa Claus gives joy and hope in our hearts. Frolicked like children. Even write letters to himself!

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Requests usual - if, Santa, you can not do me good, then let all my friends will too bad, do so that gasoline in the tank does not end, but I did not notice the traffic cops on the road and deliver me, Santa, from hangover, if possible, of course. And most importantly, let finally, I start to love work, and the concentration of assholes around much diminished, well, or at least let them fall under the diarrheal rays ...

So what are you, Santa Claus! Too bad I had to grow up.

In general, written in 100 sheets, we headed towards Anchorage, Alaska capital.
Pre-visit Arctic Cicle, ie cross the 60th parallel and find ourselves in the area of the Arctic! We - motopolyarniki!

All Alaska striated railways! And the highway, their truth, just 4 large, but in principle, it seems, more and people do not, because they connect all more or less the city of Alaska. There are few roads, highways called, but it's just Rhodes. Other roads - solid ground.


Now we race at 3 Alaska Hwy. Mountains covered with snow and forest. Beautiful gorge. River. Excellent road - here it is, enjoy!

All this is understood in the world of profit and cash payment, use every opportunity to touch the beautiful. Here's a cafe overlooking the lake, bridge, up the hill. They are called - Lakeview, Bridgeview, Mountainsview, MacKinseyview. And really, why not sell loham beautiful thing? Especially, if it did not cost you anything, and buy with great pleasure.

But the beauty around really delicious!
Looking well-maintained tourist spots, places of residence of local, rejoice that sold Alaska because we would probably all be dirtied as Siberia and the Urals ... And so at least something somewhere in order ... (

We understand ... so will not - EVER !!! No roads, no houses, no tourism. Leaving only the species, and not all ... And so slightly obgazhennye ...
Bl ... But this is our homeland! Why are we in it like that? !!