At the very north of North America. Borderline state.

Road from Dawson City is not. In the truest sense of the word. You run into the river.
But! There is a small boat, periodically cross the river with cars, passengers, and now - with Indiana, on board. All about all 15 minutes and you can continue your journey in the direction of the US state of Alaska.

Here you lie in wait and frustration roads of North America! Primer-schebenevka will now try you and your bike on the strength and ability to control the situation.


Moreover, the road meanders beautifully, sometimes turning into a streamer that delivers a special pleasure running heavy motorcycle ... albeit legendary. Sometimes it seems that the compass and the map will go crazy, so I often change direction. Like, should move to the West, and are increasingly going to the south and east ...

But the bright sun, the delicious smells very fresh wind and move forward with confidence played a cruel joke ... At some point, dopey way, lost in contemplation of itself, I missed the boundary beyond which the unity of the horse and the horse stops, feeling free bit and relaxed rider starts to behave as he wants ... Barely clinging to the side of the road has a counter, willpower fending off panic, had to taxi to the provisions of resisting Leader on SDA place. Adrenaline splashed not only through sweat glands, but also through other openings in the trunk! Be careful - you're on the road.

On roadsides scorched hundreds of kilometers once the forest ... Bare trunks blackened frenzy among the greenery. Life and death in one dimension.

But still elk and deer are willing to meet with me closely, and so that we can communicate, they are trying to develop the same speed as me on a motorcycle, and sometimes suppress courses. Adrenaline !!! I wonder who has more ?! It is interesting that at sites in the world netsentre comfortable toilets with seats, toilet seat and toilet paper stock! And they are clean! It seems that in Canada are special courses on getting into the toilet.

House for thought

Pure is not where clean ... And there where he learned to write sighting Wed ...

So I climb to a height of one and a half kilometers above sea level, now I'm closer to the sun and it burns down mercilessly. And not only me, but also moss, rocks, grass covers everything. However, there is no heat ...
Nature is very similar to our north, just tracing!

Here are a few houses in the distance seemed. Road abuts the barrier. The border with the United States. Poker Sreek Alaska.

Released border guard turned out cute aunt, who returned the passport after 2! minutes, with funny printing))
only asked whether I had with a wood and oranges. And then pointed to a pile of wood that is unpretentious tourists bring to the territory of Alaska. A zdesya a quarantine! You never know what kind of bug zabezhit with these wood ?! )) Is ridiculous! As if the guards can prevent wind and animals to move through the expanse of open borders.
But rules are rules and they consistently observed in twenty linear meters of the border.

Print to enter the United States of America