At the very north of North America. Away from the bustle of the city.

In connection with the stay in the gasoline edge, felt - gasoline became cheaper. 1.13 per liter instead of 1.35!
Filling in principle different. Basic - Husky (funny dog), Esso and Petro-Canada (in the colors of LUKOIL). But the prices are almost the same.

Now almost no settlements. Localities really turned into points - home, office, shop, post office, gas station - all in one.

Legendary Rochfordsky bridge. He holds the rails and trains on wooden bars and the length of more than 500 meters (that's where the idea of ​​the film edge)

Leader and clone LUKOIL

Cute dog

Nature much different from the previous province - now around zelenuschie forests and hills, in places like mountains.
Homeland Canadian forests, which is why America stopped buying. People do not like the fact that she now takes only gas, but here it is!

In Canada, a very deep blue sky and clouds.
Designated fantastic beauty! Mountains - the most real, passes up to 1500 meters in the evening on the pass was 9 heat ...

Pavement worse, there were places where the whole hundred meters all tightly scored rubble ... nravitsya..prihoditsya not reduce the rate of up to 100 ...

This is such an iron bridge, and below him grille, large, rut ... bike rolls from side to side! What do you think makes a biker?

Indian holds even gravel formidable (surprisingly even for me).
And that is typical after 700-800km per day, does not disturb the fifth point!
Old Indian never dies!

Motels are not cheaper, but now 70-80ue. you get half of a house on the bank of the river (lake), with WiFi, kitchen, shower and packing!
For cash manages to save up to 15%.

Poddostali little moose and deer ... once svecherelo, they rushed dine on roadsides !!! Groups 1-2-3-10-15 heads, all strive to go on a visit to each other across the road ...
I found out that the brakes at Indiana wonderful and maneuverability even allows me to shoot everything on video, photos and more not to go the herd) along all the roads of Canada, who had to drive sits a lot of crows in size with a good chicken!

Beavers in Canada too!

And how can they eat!

Struck that many abandoned motels and gas stations ... the crisis, it seems.
With motels, kabinasami, rooms there are nuances ... The hosts go and close the office at 9.10 pm, and abode not possible!
Same thing with the ingredients! But I am lucky today one American, the owner of the camper, with great pleasure that I poured 12 liters for 10 dollars! It is necessary to adopt - real savings! Many cities and towns bearing in its title the word Fort ... Fort John's, Fort Nelson, Fort Fox Creek. Appeal to history - all of Canada was built as many small fortified.

Everything is sold!