Trip to Pashley Manor, East Sussex

When we turned off the road, and opened to us a view of the estate, the first arisen thought was, "How did it all in English." And, really, and the mansion and park, and even the forest is a true example of British aesthetics. The mansion was built in 1550, is very beautiful on the outside, but inside you can not see it - it hosts live. Though - thanks to them! - Your garden for visitors they opened. A look into the garden there is! The garden is laid out neatly (the famous landscape architect Anthony du Gard Pashley), planted with amazing plants, includes a picturesque forest area and, among other things, also serves as an art gallery. And in April, there is a festival of tulips. The festival itself will begin only on Wednesday, so one of its main attractions - the installation of tulips - we have not seen. But on this occasion we are not particularly worried, because there is no installation and is something to see - this is one of the best tulip gardens in the UK. But first things first! At the entrance to the estate is growing huge Araucaria or, as it is called in England " monkey puzzle ".

And, of course, a lot of tulips:

Speaking of "art gallery" I mean the exhibition of sculptures. Most of them are very interesting and fun, such as the satyr:

Two Graces :)

At the entrance (and exit) there is a small shop where you can buy pretty baskets, souvenirs, and, of course, flowers.

Like a sculpture of tulips:

Immediately and pastoralka drawn, lamb, lamb (shepherdess not seen):

Yes, as I said, most of the sculptures is very, very bad, but some make you think. I did not understand the great secret meaning of this sculpture in the form of naturally full of baby:

Girls interested in sculpture:

Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the girl had a moment Angelina Jolie (as it is now in the press called a leg, looking out of the cut in the dress):

And here is the black tulip!

Dove, in my opinion, very cute look, and tulips at the bottom - even better.

What does the lady with the pipe, I do not know. But beautiful, especially against this background!

Especially a lot of garden sculptures depicting people reading. Me and wanted to sit next to her and read something of Charlotte Bronte:

The central place is given to tulips, they are everywhere, and at the bottom and at the top:

Now the boy is reading:

Tulips of all varieties and colors:

As I said, live in the house, they even have a swimming pool (sighs). Water, by the way, not very cold (I tried to finger :)) 

And here is 3 Graces, almost like in Pavlovsk, only losing weight :)

Not far from the graces us waiting for a surprise in the form of a cafe, where they sold fresh (still warm!) Scones. Mmmm ....

And next - a pond, and a pond - who? Of course, black swans, who else?

While the morning sun shone brightly during our tea went the rain that did not stop us, and went for a walk on. However, when added to the rain hail, had little to hide.

Then we went into the woods. It turned out that the rain forest hiding not only us:

And classic - bells in the woods:

In the forest were also seen works of art, although some other plan, but also beautiful:

After the forest - back to the garden.

Admiring the splendor of tulips:

Again, girl! I can not leave her alone, very much like it. Dog near noticed?

Again, as a matter of drawn to the cafe. The building is beautifully overgrown with wisteria (Wisteria she is).

Still pond, a pond on the island, and the island gazebo.

Swans ... 

What does this girl, even scary to think :)

When I saw this bench in this environment, I realized that I wanted to sit there and stay for a long time!

Oh yeah, we're tulips came to watch. Well, we admire:

Estimate the size of the tree!

I have already said that the output was waiting for us temptation in the form of the store:

Of course, I could not resist, and rose, clematis and these violet and primrose left with us in:

After finishing a walk in the garden, we realized it was time to bite in earnest. Dear young lady at the cashier advised pub in the next village. We do not regret it! Not only that, the food was delicious, so also the interior merry. Here is an interesting example of the use of books in the interior. I apologize for the lack of sharpness, but it was dark, and the photograph uncomfortable (although my husband says that I lost vigilance, drinking a pint of cider, but I think it's him out of jealousy - he did not drink, because the wheel :) )  

And like the lights in a bowler hat:

In how to complete a walk through the village, but apart from this fishmongers, nothing interesting find:

Thank you for your company!