Why go to Bukovel without skis

Quit smoking - get up on skis, says overwritten to the holes folk wisdom. And if you do not go to extremes, then the habit of "smoking" to change the habit of "float" and go to the ski slope in the off-season. A budget for the purchase of skis can safely go down the road in Lviv or multiple Hutsul "kolyba".

01. Autumn in the Carpathian region that must be! Not dull gray mush with whipped settings of color and contrast, and the very colorful autumn, which is quite possible to fall in love.

02. On the morning much more pleasant to enjoy this view outside the window, staring at the window than the neighboring high-rises.

03. A couple of hours of fresh air Carpathian already beginning to affect the thought processes in the prefrontal cortex of the brain (this is for analysts and decision-making) and it may well fuck it credit-office happiness? Ah yes, a shepherd!

04. Agile, Scrum, Kanban, leaves for the urgent tasks that still a month starts to lose. Blue sky, clean air, and a flock of sheep. I put the problem in the morning: "eat, drink all day" and know yourself to wallow all day. Not work, and the idyll!

05. But the cruel reality carries the hell out of an idealized image of the shepherd: the working day from dawn to dusk, financial responsibility for each "heifer" in the herd.

06. Weather is not always a good case, you have to get wet. Livestock itself did not look have to look after yourself. So shepherd's profession is not as sweet as it likes to draw imagination office worker.

07. But clicking Carpathian pastoralki possible without any restrictions.

08. And not necessarily feet to climb the hills. Fit a couple of stops along the highways.

09. Guarding the Carpathian beauty is not the first year cost are expensive. Not everyone can be done without loss to reach their destination. Mindfulness and concentration of the driver immediately in the price.

10. Multi-layer patch as tree rings, perhaps can tell us about the age of the roadway.

11. However, the closer to the destination, the types of three-dimensional becoming more and better roads. But do not let the driver pivchanskogo relax - potholes and sharp pit can wait in the most unexpected places.

12. Even when the end of the pit is still not let the driver pivchanskogo relax.

13. However, there are daredevils who challenge pits example Lambo on the English rooms, get to Bukovel its course.

Arrived at Lamborghini in Carpathians actually turned out to be from the UK

14. So what is the mountain? I think there are easily dozens of people who at the sight of these hills only slyly smile, shut down your browser and fell into a really hardcore trekking in the Himalayas.

15. But what do do with the office worker smokes big bones if one day it awoke the spirit of amateur mountaineering? Not on the slopes of the "career ladder" to climb ...

16. That in such cases, the lithosphere plates of the Earth created Carpathian mountain array type. Where there is a dozen not very difficult routes. And good mind come as standard.

17. Hutsul gods every day to reconfigure the weather: the sun today and dry.

18. Tomorrow rain, gray skies and crappy color palette.


20. The curve of happiness ski leads straight into the ski resort of Bukovel, with the eponymous top.

21. In contrast to the nearby villages, leading genealogy for several hundred years, Bukovel anything so can not boast. Only in 2001 it was launched the first lift of the whole complex. The same age kids-2017 has not even officially pivchanskogo can not buy.

22. Due to the youth of the resort, look for some or historic center is a thankless task. Center must be called the same name Complex "Bukovel" hotel with nice houses.

23. The most crowded parking is indirectly confirmed.

24. Hospitality Fund pleases prices (not in season yet) and exterior. And it's not on duty phrase, because in the beginning of zero building strange buildings with shildikami VIP was still in the trend.

25. But no, sometimes VIP hotels across.

26. The peaceful atmosphere of the autumn tourist Bukovel delivers. Despite the presence of "kvadroturov", bowling and billiards, the most important game is available for free and without ski pass: painted in the autumn mountains, great views and plenty of trails for walking.

27. Fall not only changes the colors of vegetation, but also allows you to look at unusual perspective on a ski resort.

28. The streets of Bukovel, due to lack of snow, and people do not look familiar, as handouts.

30. Habitual slopes by more reminiscent of bald spots.

31. The moment when the tooltip Booking, on the selected number of scans N people still bares his commonplace marketing entity.

32. As the saying goes, for every taste and color.

33. The only met a skier turned black.

34. The absence of men is certainly understandable, and in some places very nice ....

35. However, a total lack of pavement alone, the season did not explain. No, it is certainly clear: the more obstacles on the road, the more valuable goal / slope / kolyba. Or all of the same track for men only appear with the snow ...

36. In 2012, Bukovel was recognized as the fastest growing ski resort in the world. However, by 2017 the number of construction cranes still impressive.

37. It seems that Bukovel in the near future awaits increase not only the major hotels, but quite a large number of small mini-hotels.

38. In anticipation of zimen seasons, there is a spirit of general cleaning, touch-up, large or not repairs.

39. In some places it may seem that recently there was an earthquake in Bukovel. But looking more closely, you realize that this is a new hotel the next frame.

40. The wave of the global construction and spread to nearby villages: the number of houses under construction is only slightly inferior to Bukovel.

41. Leaving the highlands definitely want to take a piece of the mountain, fresh air balloon and delivery out the edge of the forest.

42. In view of the impossibility of performance of desires remain only souvenirs and magnets on the fridge / microwave.

43. In anticipation of the high season ....

44. I want to believe that the roads will be better still, following the example of the surrounding area of ​​Bukovel.

46. ​​This sunset was shot last a long time ...

47. While still not found a duty koteykin.