Today I will tell you about the wonderful city of Kamenetz-Podolsk, which is located in the Khmelnitsky region of Ukraine. He is known, of course, primarily for its spectacular medieval castle, and famous enough that before coming here I thought that in addition to the castle there is not much to watch it :) But, as it turned out, the city gives the impression of not only the castle, but and its amazingly beautiful old town. Frankly, if the lock to get out there, the city is not for me to cease to be a less interesting :) And this is not surprising, because after Kyiv and Lviv - this is the third city in the number of monuments, of which there are already about 200 Ie it turns out that Kamenetz-Podolsk even steeper than Chernivtsi, of which I spoke. Like it or not judge for yourself. Well, drove ?!  First some general information about the city. Kamenetz-Podolsk - one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. It was founded as a fortress, and geopolitical significance on the border of the Christian and Muslim cultures, the intersection of land and water routes. Kamenetz-Podolsk was part of Kievan Rus' in the XIII-XIV centuries - Galicia-Volyn principality, before being conquered by the Mongols. Since the second half of the XIV century became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania; from 1430 - Poland, from 1463 - the center of Podolsky province. 

In the Middle Ages Kamenetz was a large craft and trade center of their development on a par with cities such as Lviv and Kiev. In 1672 captured Osmanskoy Empire in 1699 after the signing of peace returned Karlovitskogo Rzeczpospolita.

In 1793, after the third partition of Poland, together with the entire right-bank Ukraine was ceded to the Russian Empire (1795-97's center Podolsky governorship in 1797-1917 years - Podolia). In 1918-1921 - the main center of force generation and deployment of the military leadership of the Ukrainian People's Republic, the last stronghold of troops Semon Petlyury, fighters for independence of Ukraine, until the city occupied by the Bolsheviks. Under the Soviet regime - a major industrial city. Since 1991 - as part of independent Ukraine. By the way, do you think what kind of house to the left?

This souvenir market :) That's what it looks like from the inside:

In the center of Market Square, as usual, the town hall, in this case, "Polish". Not too beautiful specimen of the genre, though with credible tower. Hall was built in 1630-40-ies and rebuilt in the 1754th.

Head over to the territory of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral and Kamenetz-Podolsk diocese. There - a beauty!

General view of the churchyard ensemble from the central facade. The left is the bell tower and the front of the cathedral stands the minaret, a unique artifact 27-year period of Turkish history Kamenetz, when there is a main mosque. Church with a minaret, where else you see this?

We go inside:

Walk up here, go to the exit. In the background can be seen Triumphal Arch, built in honor of the city of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski. 

And goes to the Fortress:

It was first mentioned already in 1374 in Prince George Koriatovichey literacy (one of four brothers Koriatovichey who owned Podillya). While the towers and walls were already partly wooden and stone. The fortress is situated at the entrance to the city, which led to a 9-meter narrow isthmus and was his reliable protection (the city was located in the loop of the river Smotrych).

The road leading to the castle:

But that will be seen when looking at the city from the castle:

The territory of the fortress, we did not go there at that time was some festival, there were queues and also started to rain. Decided to go inside the next time when we are still. Let us go around the fortress around.

Looking at the medieval castle beauty go explore the city on! Yellow building on the right (with the drain in the form of a dragon) is the so-called Russian magistrate. Hence (since 1658.) relevant community self-governing city, after it ousted from the north Kamenetz, where it was traditional place selitby.

And this is the Armenian street with the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Armenian as the 16th century and Armenian quarters around.

It feels a bit strange, you are geographically in the center of Europe, but the feeling that somewhere in the Caucasus :)

Walk here yet!

From the Armenian Cathedral, worn as a Dominican church, St. title. Nicholas was, alas, only the main entrance portal, and of the foundations for it. It was destroyed in the 1930s. Of course, it is not Armenian, but then we must remember that the first time it was destroyed even during the occupation of the Turks at the end of the XVII century, and 50 years later rebuilt Cathedral already as Uniate church.

Work up around the city, go to our Gala hotel. Here's what our triple room:

Quite a decent:

And right next to the hotel, you can contemplate this. This bridge Running Lan, 57-meter height.

The hotel has several buildings, ours was quite small, one-story and located on the outskirts of the private sector, so that the dining room had to go on foot, but among manicured courtyards Western:

With flowers:

Let's go have a meal in the restaurant "Poirot"!

And went for a walk around the city on (this is the next day). What's nice in Kamenetz - purity better than Minsk.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral:

We pass on the bridge Novoplanovskomu Smotrichsky canyon. Smotrych local river, over the years, has formed a huge canyon bottoms omegaobraznoy form. On the peninsula and on the shores of the city and built.

Beneath it a small footbridge, so his two-level interchange is obtained:

The bridge offers splendid views:

Well, not lovely?

This is how the bridge looks the part:

Pass the bridge, and there ...!

This Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. First mentioned as orthodox in 1582, transiting through the mosque at the end of the XVII century became Unitarian, a hundred years the Orthodox again, destroyed in the 1930s.

The modern church - rebuilt in 2008, and in the original, the figure in 1860, it looks completely different.

We pass by the castle again:

And then the local turkey did not like it that I photograph (not a Zyalta! :) And he wants to attack me! :))

Come explore the surrounding area. We get down to the Ruska Brama (Ruksskim goal).

They are located on the banks of the river canyon Smotrych. Construction began in the XV century, and continued in 30-40-ies of the XVI century. In general, similar to the Polish city gate Kamenetz-Podolsk. The architectural ensemble consisted of eight towers, Barbican and defensive walls connecting them with a total length of 230 meters, which is completely cross the 90-meter canyon. The intersection of the river bed in the wall were made ​​gateways. They were part of the overall system gidrofortifikatsionnoy city that lay on the island. If necessary, the floodgates closed and the water rose making the island even more impregnable. Complex "Russian Gates" has no analogues in Eastern Europe. Once inside the entrance to the UNV:


Even a walk here:

And let's go look at the impressive complex of buildings of the barracks Kamenetz-Podolsk fortress.

They are designed to accommodate a military garrison commander Kamenetz fortress Jaap de Witte, built in the late. XVIII century. Arch. S. Zawadzki. From the river, the building looks like a fortress with powerful retaining walls and windows, loopholes.

There were Russian writer and poet K. Batyushkov Decembrist hero Borodino W. Rajewski, scientist lexicographer W. Dahl, writer Mikhail Bulgakov. 

Walk on. Urban pointers in Kamenetz are:

Meanwhile, we come to ...:

What is it? Here's what:

Very fun to watch here on modern construction:

Now go look at the picturesque houses of the Polish market!

But we will not be limited to the old town, we are interested in everything! Including here looks like a new city:

And here's a tip: be in Kamenetz - keep in mind that this Khmelnytsky region, and so on sale here is awesome beer brewery Khmelnitsky. Just better not look for it in the windows, and ask the seller. The shelf life of beer - 12 days, because that it does not spoil, in the light of his try not to keep. Work up the city, having bought this beer we go to the hotel to rest :)

But not for long, because we still want to explore the surroundings of the castle. Not far from there we meet them:

And we go to the castle of another, more beautiful than the last road:

Evening ... walk back to the hotel, going through the familiar Greek Catholic Church:

Bridge and go back to the hotel.

Here's a he Kamenetz-Podolsk.