A small coastal town with a population of 18 600 people.
Typical resort place of the local population. Foreigners are very little.
By the way, even Wikipedia is silent about this place.
The most unusual mosque here is the original design:

Up to this point I have not seen such "space" construction.
Construction began in 1989 and ended only in 2004. The
minaret is 58 meters.

On the waterfront are construction works. Mosque looks great:

There is also the monument of some Turkish War. I suspect that sitteth on the throne Akçakoca - Turkish
leader in the 14th century seized the territory to the Ottoman Empire:

In general, the whole area is named after the city and Akçakoca too. Understand where in Alapli enters Akçakoca
or vice versa, I could not.
Black sea in this place is not very beautiful. Turbid water because of the abundance of dark sand.
A lot of seaweed, but there is a real sea air and the smell of the sea.

Clearly far from the city promoted Turkish resorts. Well, nice!

Access to the sea:

Portovaya zone nezateyliva:

The city itself is not amazing no frills. Usually just the town, which is very much:

Many streets have significant differences in elevation:

Channel near the mosque:

Architecture diverse. Houses of neat new to the many types of unpretentious old:

Main Street:

Parked vehicles:

If you look into the driveway:

Remains of luxury:

Why not take away from this town is the sea and sunsets:

In the evening we went in search of the beach and even found his way out of town.
The descent to the water is terrible:

A rise even worse. On the beach were found some gypsies mixed with the locals.
Unfortunately the entire coastline strongly filthy:

Lubricate, but it is clear it looks like:

We swam and watched the sunset from different angles:

Thank you!