Life in the outback Netherlands

We went to the East of the Netherlands. There have agreed to meet up with friends who have had our tickets for the concert in Belgium. But it turned out this way: when buying a ticket, you can select only the paper version by mail, to entrust the delivery of tickets EMS Russia - it's like that in the trash discarded. Therefore, we took advantage of the European postal service and send tickets to friends in the Netherlands.
While direct trains from Amster our village does not exist, we are not worried, because in the Netherlands is not a problem. All trains run to the minute and 2 - 3 transplants do not even felt. Buying tickets at the box office, you print out the "travel card" by which is very convenient to navigate. Also, in most cases, the transplant from train to train do not even need to move to another platform. Well, everywhere on platforms hanging scoreboard, which is very easy to find the information on the next train. But, in fact, one of our trains:

He's inside:

After 2.5 hours, which passed like 25 minutes, we arrived and checked into a hotel in the center of the village. In my opinion, chip away were unusual interior elements, such as the floor lamp:

While we were settled and drinking coffee at the hotel with one of the friends, it's dinner time and we went to look for a restaurant. Leaving the hotel, we did not see a soul, wind swept through the deserted streets. 

But before reaching the central square, realized that all 50 residents of the village dinner there :)

By the way, many villages in the Netherlands, built as twin brothers: the central square stands the church,

around the cafes, restaurants, and depart from the area of the street, where there are houses, shops, etc.
It used to be a water tower. But over time, the need for it has disappeared, so the government decided to reschedule ёё in the house. Now people live here: 

The churches are built on similar projects among themselves, without creativity. Layout average churches in the village: 

Once in the cafe, we have learned that the majority of institutions, after eight of eating only drinks and menu in English - a rarity. Therefore, a glass of "warming", we had fun finding familiar words in unfamiliar name of the dish:

And then looking for violators of the rules, "after eight no food." As a result, found a cozy restaurant with pizza and soups:

In total, we visited three villages that are located 7 km from each other. The main transport - a bicycle. For cyclists there who is paradise. We managed to go only 4 hours, but it was the best 4:00 this part of vacation.
After purchasing the card, where they were air-pointers bicycle paths throughout the country, we have planned a route. Once the route has been drawn up, remember a dozen numbers in the correct order and tried not to miss them on signposts along the road. There was a feeling that you play in the quest. :)
A lot of bicycle paths going through parks and forests where you can enjoy extraordinary views:

Can also be used is not very cheap, but comfortable buses that go very often, and most importantly on time:

And I really liked the creative chairs and benches near one of the bus stops:

In each village there is something a point. In one

is a gallery artist, known almost all over the country. Near the entrance to the gallery is worth a buffoon with an owl:

Exhibits there are beautiful, but terribly expensive. There are experts to evaluate? ;) Here are a few:

In the village where we lived, "chip" was a weekly fair. At her local farmers from the neighborhood brought: fresh fish, a variety of cheeses, honey, twist, crafts, etc. Fish is delicious and cheap! The rest have not tried

Back in our village was very modern shopping center with a "window" into the sky, which is unusual for such a small village:

We were still in the city of Enschede. There are many attractions, shopping centers and a huge market.
Surprisingly, this sofa on a street in the city was very popular, a queue for pictures on it:

Another liked the unusual hours, the system of work that I could not understand:

In the Netherlands, are very fond of decorating the streets and successfully used, among other things, funny statues:

Although some refuse to be photographed:

But this boy with a huge cabbage - a symbol of our beloved town. I hope none of the boy did not ruptured until this statue sculpted from life:

In a shop window, you can see interesting and funny things:

And the doors are noteworthy:

When a child is born, on the window or on the balcony hung festive posters and decorations:

At some point, we noticed that in the Netherlands a lot of disabled people, much more than can be seen in Russia, they are literally everywhere. We could not understand why they are so many. But the minute reflection, realized what was going on ... :( 
Disabled and older people go to such "carts":

In the depths of the Netherlands is very, very good, relaxed and carefree, all around happy and open, well-educated and eager to help. Here is so good that even dogs smile:

And there are many beautiful colors:

As much as we might wish to leave, but the time is up and we went to the neighboring countries - the Kingdom of Belgium.