Similan Islands

Similan Islands - a group of islands in the Andaman Sea, 70 km to the west of the province of Phang Nga (tongue will break) to which they are administratively and ... blah blah blah ... Official information can be found in Wikipedia. I'll talk about informal. 

Amazingly beautiful island. White beaches, hanging over the water, mangroves, gentle surf, no drunken Russian tourists frying kebab  residents (7 of 9 islands are uninhabited) and abundant poisonous animals in most of the islands make them poisitine paradise on earth. In my journal is available with a fragment of a video made ​​on a deserted beach one of the Similan islands.

If you come to Thailand for a beach vacation and impressions from the tropics, do not succumb to the entreaties of tour operators "to drive for a day at the Similan Islands." It will look awful. From the hotel you are going to take the shuttle to the port. 2:00 pure time that a Thai driving style credited with the northern factor: three hours. After that you will be put in "spidbot" pre-compacted, as in "spidbot" designed for 10 people, and those wishing to 48. And another two hours on the open sea. It is recommended to glut oneself antinauseants tablets and the day before is not plump. Vomiting with spidbota not convenient, all fly to colleagues and you nabyut face. After 4 hours of pure drudgery of time, you will be able to see the beauty of the Similan islands which you will already deeply to the bulb. 

Upon arrival to the islands you will put orange zhaketik, will be given maskutrubki and fold the rubber utachkoy swim around the island, to contemplate the beauty of the underwater world. Believe me, all the beauty of the underwater world Similan lurk at a depth of 20-30 meters away from the tourist trails. In the white sandy beaches nothing special to watch.  3-4 hour ride on the most popular two islands you will drive back. 2:00 spidbot, 2 hour bus (which h 3). As a result, at the end of the day, you will remember the way and that on Similanah was "beautiful." Given that the weather in the area of Similan Islands may change once an hour, it is not the fact that you will see a "snow-white beaches under the dark blue sky" ...

If you are a tourist-extremals and ready to stay and live in a tent, which does offer an inexpensive one of the islands to rent for a night, then the chances to become acquainted with the islands Similan increase. A couple of days spent on this wonderful island in a relatively wild long be remembered. I guarantee it.

The true knowledge of the Similan archipelago can be obtained only by divers, sympathetic, and those who can afford to buy or rent a yacht with the team and spend a week going from one island to another. I was lucky enough to get into the first category, so your story will lead to more underwater than on the surface part of the Similan Islands. Since I do not even got to his favorite akvaboksom SLR with all the accessories (Well, I do not have a million fucking), so the story is strange. I'll talk about the underwater and above-water pictures show. We denote such a stupid approach as "intrigue". Type see for yourself when you come. 

The underwater world of the Similan Islands is a great product. Bottom topography make more rock piles than corals. Although last there in abundance. 
Huge boulders the size of houses are a haven for a giant number of species of fish, arthropods, molluscs, turtles and other animals. Life rages around the diver constantly.

Flocks of silvery barracuda hanging in the water not far from going down to the huge boulders divers, huge swarms of tuna and trevally hunt for plotting gaping fish, manta rays curious huge bombers circling over groups of divers coming to the frontal attack on stray from the group. Manta fish harmless, will not cause harm to the diver, but to see a five-meter under water, wing span, a fish - a magical sight. Her movements are graceful and sizes. Typically, manta rays swim in groups of 3-4 people, and each accompanied by a distinguished man with a torch and a flute  and a couple of big trevally fish stuck. With hangers understandable, but why a single mantle travels trevally fish, in essence, schooling - it is for me and remains a mystery. 
Especially lucky may be lucky enough to meet a whale shark. Our group to those not treated. Toward the bottom played a riot of colors. Angelfish, butterfly fish, fish-soldiers shkodnye and bold clown fish, nudibranchs yarchayschie, scary and menacing moray eels, cuttlefish iridescent as garlands and terribly charming and curious octopus. All this turns around, curious looks at the mask to the divers involved in the affairs of their fish. Large sea turtles are one of the busiest. They are so busy that sailing through the group of divers with perseverance can easily train collided with a plunger to make it obmaterit disgruntled look and sail on, pushing all in its path. Sometimes they vspylvayut rising to divers on the boat and swim around for a long time with a view "I have always had a lot of here" 

At a depth of 30-40 meters can meet sharks. We were promised a nurse sharks, leopard and reef. But we have not seen a single one. It was April, the water was very warm and sharks unbolted at depth.  The main difficulty for inexperienced divers - unpredictable undercurrents. May vary over a sudden, suddenly and quite inexplicably, as the mood of the Rublev nesting dolls. Currents can be both horizontal and ascending or descending. Because of this feature undercurrents can change the visibility, because During brings a huge amount of plankton, and the thermocline, which are substantial despite the fact that the water temperature at the April nyryalki was 28 degrees and we were diving in the millimeter skins. The rise of a meter above can immediately solve the problem. For more experienced divers it will not present any difficulty. Is that a little more air flow is due to the active fizzaryadki underwater.

For those interested in the organization nyryalki say that bowled us a wonderful dive center South Siam Divers on a yacht South Siam 4. 4th room the only one that goes to the distant islands to the border with Burma. Going there takes almost the whole night and there nyryalki extremely interesting. I feel that I have a lot of text, Whereupon stop his narrative and offer to view a few more pictures from surface Similan archipelago.