Lugano. Italian Switzerland or the Swiss Italy?

Lugano - the largest town in the southern italyanoyazychnom Ticino. The city is located on the shores of picturesque Lake Lugano. The city's architecture is very similar to Italian, the feeling that you are in Italy. With only one difference. There was more clean and tidy. In general, if you take bright Italian town mediocre, clean everything so much shone, add the German order, and put this town on the southern slopes of the Alps - we get the city of Lugano.

The city itself is good, especially the embankment but its beauty is more certainly affects nature. Near the city there are two mountains, where you can climb and enjoy the fantastic views from the top. This is best done in good weather.

View from Mount Bre Lake Lugano. Here you can climb on a cable car. For those who want to save money, you can get here by bus 12th route that goes from the center to the village Bre. The ticket price of 4.5 francs to one side. From the village up to the observation deck Bre go for about twenty minutes. Or by car. Track top - solid streamers.

In the photo Monte San Salvatore, there we go up too but a little later.

Top views are gorgeous, it seems nothing more beautiful in life and never seen until now. Add to wish the treasury of the most beautiful places seen :)

In the center.

You can pokatatsya on a boat on the lake.

Walking is also nice.

Due to the impressive size of the lake, there is a very mild climate that allows you to safely here uzhivatsya subtropical plants such as palm trees. From cold air masses from the north to protect high Alps.

Almost Geneva.

We sat down on the funicular and go to the Mount San Salvatore.

The view from here is still better than the opposite mountain Bre. But still climb standing on both, because different types.

Lugano. For all the beauty in the mountains, there is one drawback - the sunlight there is usually less than the plain. Mountains obscure light, and the sun sets over the mountain before the horizon. But although Lugano is located in the mountains but very high peaks near gone, so sodnechnogo light in almost as plain. Great location.


That's the beauty is in the world!