Canton of vaud: Lausanne

So, the train at 9.10 we went to Lausanne, journey time - 30 minutes, and all entirely scenic views. From the station exit and begin to climb the mountain - something tells us that there. Narrow streets, winding, calm and quiet. And ATMs everywhere (this I mean that in Geneva we have not found them).

Ufff, we are already at the top. What is the Church of St. Francis, and beautiful buildings when there across the street, a shop with a new collection of Bally! A pair of shoes is sold at a price much lower than in Moscow - from 200 to 350 francs (1 franc = 23 rubles). Well, maybe there was a pair of 400-500 francs :) From Church streets go sharply down on them too many shops. Town Hall Square - City Hall (1675), the part of it that goes to the market square, dates back to the 14th century! Here, in front of the fountain of Justice, on weekends noisy market.

And we - on to the Cathedral - on a gentle rise, past the houses, as if strewn with flowers on the windowsills. I'm in a good envy such a climate that allows this way to grow flowers on the balconies, window sills, front gardens - because she love to grow flowers. Past the police station, where police inspector sitting as if in the window, past the beautiful facades, we go up to the viewing platform in front of the Cathedral of Lausanne.

The Cathedral was completed in 1275 century and immediately consecrated by Pope Gregory X in the presence of Emperor Rudolf of Habsburg. Cathedral - quite magnificent building in the Gothic style, with a beautiful rosette in the southern part of the cathedral. Interestingly, the nave of the cathedral were built directly over once held here streets.

Inspect the cathedral is worth nothing, but if you need a guide, it will be worth 10 francs (7 euros) for adults and 5 francs (3 euros) for privileged categories. See, to be honest, nothing special (especially if before you had time to visit Switzerland to explore Italy): beautiful stained glass windows, carved arches, gloomy clumsy tombstones. Cathedral runs 8-19. Old Town

From the cathedral, having escaped from the dark dungeons sensations, we bright sunshine we stamp around. The old man walking a small dog, quiet, calm, full idyll! Cathedral, inside that seemed (and was!) And terrible cold, the sun is quite friendly winks and stained glass windows beckons sharp spiers towers. A pair of small blocks that caused my emotion narrow facades podokonnichkami with flowers, small doors (well, downright hobbityachi home!), And we are in front in front of another historic building on the hill of shite. Apparently, here is the mayor's office, because in contrast to the "sleep" of the town around the cathedral here at least some activity in the bottom of the hill - the palace of Russian Count Ryumin in the Italian Renaissance style, which presents interesting geological, zoological, archaeological and historical collections (in its building as much as 4 museum!). Not far away, the Museum of Art, known for its collection of paintings by local artists.

Down to the lake you can go down on foot, but much faster and more enjoyable it can be done sitting on the local station - 2 small trailer-pendulum that go back and forth 4 stops - the lake promenade and ears - the ultimate.

I can not say how much it cost to travel, for the simple reason that public transport is included in our tickets. When traveling in wagons, sit in the first car in the direction of movement, there are kinds of enjoyable. Trailers go slowly, quietly, and we have time to consider and home, right between that paved the way. While the trailer did not come, and from there everything will not go on the other hand, the platform will not let anyone and everyone sits in a small sump.

Quay Ears (Ouchy)

Exit - and in front of us a huge lake, mountain, forest of masts and flocks of ducks and swans are fed compassionate aunt. Stock up on a bun in advance! Birds are arrogant and did not fear more - swans can come up to you and it hurts to pinch his leg, and some or all strive to tear out a piece of bread out of your hands (as it was a little later, in Neuchatel). In addition to the forest of masts white yachts, and then there's a forest of flags, reminding us that the Lausanne - Olympic Capital. Walking here is very nice: while sightseeing, you can rent a boat or a boat, catamaran or yacht, and take a walk around the lake.

Right on the waterfront - a great restaurant located in a medieval castle, and then we go to the Olympic Museum along the series of beautiful villas and luxury hotels, in front of one of them - a small botanical garden and a rose garden with an equestrian statue in the center. Along the lake - the parapet, and on the parapet note the plaques, which tells about famous people that come here to rest and recuperate. After 10 minutes we get to the Olympic Museum.

Olympic Museum

in Lausanne is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee; but it makes no sense to go there, so all the tourists consider it their duty to visit the Olympic Museum. 9-18 hours of operation, it is closed on Mondays from 1 October to 30 April, and will not work on December 25 and January 1.

The museum building is located in a beautiful green park along the entire length of which there are all sorts of gizmos and figoviny donated Olympic Committee different countries. For a while we just sit in a secluded spot on a bench overlooking the lake, and then off to explore the surrounding area. Some figoviny frankly stupid, others, apparently, there is some kind of deep meaning, not mere mortals. On their background happily photographed Japanese tourists, repeating movements stilled statues immediately play football local guys.

At the entrance to the museum - the type of muscular torso, which rotates around its axis, and suddenly as if broken into pieces that are leaving and come.

In contrast torso - ancient columns, which lists all the Olympic capital since 1896, on the initiative of Pierre de Coubertin Olympic movement was resumed. Immediately boundary bowl, in which the eternal flame. A little further - strips, as if for the high jump (conventional and pole vault), approaching we were pricked to the impossibility: strap means higher world record in the high jump with a pole installed a few years ago, Sergei Bubka, evidenced carved inscription on the plate. But the second inscription - written on a piece of paper stuck record Yelena Isinbayeva set in Helsinki, August 12, 2005, 5 meters 01 cm. Apparently, pragmatic committee members realized that this is our Elena stops, and decided not to do a metal plate, bounded by a simple piece of paper - all the same will soon change But somehow does not say that she Russian woman (from Bubka written).

Entrance to the museum costs 10 francs. It is dedicated to the Olympic Games: photos, documents, movies (including a chronicle of the last century). A little to the left of the Museum - Elysee Castle - a local art gallery, where we first saw the announcement of an exhibition of paintings from the Pushkin Museum in Switzerland ( ever, that in November of the same year delay on the lawsuit the company "Leg"). In the gallery we did not go, but a walk in the park, which could see the fluffy threads beautiful pine trees, a small rose garden and greenhouses, where just planted exotic flowers and seedlings banal. Flowers understandable - Wheelbarrows, but tomatoes and radishes?

and again along the waterfront ...

the second time we came to Lausanne in a day, when riding on Lake Geneva on the boat all day

No, it's not our crowd meets on the waterfront - this evening over the lake pilots showed aerobatics)