Tossa de Mar

This entry should come to the aid of someone wave beach tourism brought somewhere to desert the Spanish coast, well, for example, to a distant and mysterious Costa Brava ...
Recording light as a continental breakfast. Packaging Option - Take Away ... - And this is your vaunted Costa Brava ?! Can you tell me why we, as usual, did not go to Anapa? - Honey, calm down, I beg you ... I know one decent place nearby. Tossa de Mar is called. - Well, how much we still have to trudge up to him? You and the road do not know! - Oh, no ... Tossa already very close ...

... Usually, in the morning predplyazhnoe time I most located cloudless view of dreams. Oh! And just now show a very interesting series. I see the summer, golden light bathed timid June hill ... fled in different directions on it gaggle strong village huts. They opened the shutters, carelessly exposing their carelessly thrown over the windows first morning heat. They smile this summer. I also throw open the window. And the room immediately, without knocking and without demand, included fresh summer morning in June. Have you ever dreamed of smell?
And with smells from above floated music. And right in the heart. Bypassing the ears. This violin, it is getting closer and closer ... and closer, and has been from somewhere above me flies, gently gliding down a little violinist. Heavenly violinist?
Hey, do not interrupt this dream on advertising, please!
... But it burst one string, another third .... Music is not already the only sound, rhythmic, rough and shuffling. Once in the brain. Bypassing the ears.
We violinist bursts last string. Rattle.
Sleep killed.

Look out the window, this time to the present.
This is because of these that's how my brutally torn up in the morning again, and do not like these ... come in large numbers.
And then he soaped lane? Shave, whether that going?

Well ... puts on a your old collar, wear a belt-leash and I deduce you on the next trip, do not forget casually poschёlkivat fleas ...
Welcome to Tossa de Mar, yeah.

Morning - is very unequal thing. Even in such a small town as Tossa ... There are many different ways to spend it, it's your morning.
For example, go here ...

... Or riding your trusty scooter and trying not to look at the empty bottles behind ...

... To come here.
And ?! What? Too, because virtually temple. And also empty.
Although this is something just not very understandable ... I do not have a telescope zoom or retell the price tags. Liter of Spanish brandy brandy - 8 euros a liter of scotch or absinthe - 12 euros ...
Humanism. And sometimes I am very sensitive to its manifestations.

But such stores are not open very early.
And I think I promised even post without fanaticism, especially in the morning. Otherwise, if not stopped in time, in the evening of my letters remain one dot, interrogative.

Meanwhile, already close to noon.
And if we do not turn to the beach? It's time because ...

The main beach of Tossa ... pure as the day of birth. Filled with coarse sand. Even layer on top of holidaymakers. Foppish rosettes ancient castle on a steep hill.
Beach Bar Europa Plus and ice cream, juices, cocktails and leisurely cup of black tea with black rum. Barmaid, dark Catalan twenty two, rubs yesterday glass thoughtfully and enthusiastically. Brown look beyond the horizon, Tilt bangs, short-shorts to go ... - What, dear? Yes, of course, the people in Anapa on the beach much more ...

Through the shimmering poslechaynuyu slumber hear the conversation ... My right, hooded eyes, whispering quietly left:
- Hey, not to stir up for us tonight ... out affair with the pine tree, for example? How would knock out the owner as well?
We have to start.
- I'll similarity molesters. Sleep. And vykoli both.

As my eyes in disbelief, I would like to show you the town. All at once.
That's it. Tossa de Mar, 3.5 thousand inhabitants, the province of Gerona, Catalonia, Costa Brava. 40 kiometrov to Gerona, 80 to Barcelona.
It is easy to look around at. Google even easier.
I'll take more and cut the city into three pieces and tell each of them reflexively pursuing vague bekpekerskie purpose.

This, the leftmost part consists of narrow streets, built relatively recently the hotel (do not worry, not more than 4 stars), and more popular in Spain in general, apartments (surrendering standard housing for the summer of 1000 euros / month). This area smoothly into residential neighborhoods and crawls over the left side of the frame, and further up. Called uncomplicated - Vila Nova. Useful its hypermarket (1.5 liters of sangria for 80 cents against the same bottle on the boardwalk 3.5 euros).

Inside it looks like this.
Something like Batumi, yeah.

More such new areas are widely used in Spain as a hotbed of oleanders. In this case, white.

The central part of Tossa is used exclusively as a vacuum cleaner. Yes ... Are you ever noticed how quickly and without too much tickling disappear cash from your pocket at all these embankments, in restaurants, boutiques, souvenir shops?

Of the nice things you can pick up a souvenir narrow deserted streets wonderful architectural solutions, pots of geraniums, bougainvillea indispensable and the presence of various kinds of abitasones in the quarter.
This area is not popular with the locals. Only have come in large numbers.

Exactly ...
the door open a crack, to-mind-sshibatelny smell some evening and very homemade food from the patio, an old mistress ... El Pais rustles on the table, gaze over her glasses. And Catalan, raspy from cigarettes unchanged voice
- Bon dia ...)

Everything - bugenvili windows half-closed shutters century old yellow lights, all unobtrusively watching you.
A small white scooter? He is generally in charge.
It was he who commands the bougainvillea, hostesses and lanterns.

And of course, after all of the above, I simply must put here ... Bougainville.

Well, finally, the right part of the picture.
There is no doubt the most ancient and obosnovatelnaya. In the sense that on the hill settled by the Romans, calling their place of stay Turissoy. Those who came after them, seed which fell, all sorts of different uninitiated in Latin, the word tumbled in Thurso. And in the 12th century (uh-uh, about the construction of Moscow) those towers that you see were built and named Toss.
But let's close.

The most incomprehensible thing is that all the houses and towers were built with the expectation to live in them even in the first half of the 21st century.
And judging by the pink panties - in the second.
And how many of the buildings in your town, built in 1950 -60 th to be demolished? As emergency? In my many, exactly.

Yes, Edificio here are old and uncomfortable, but people somehow manage to live in them, and it does not refugees. They cherish this part of town, calling it Vila Velha.
And not just cherish ... Somewhere out there, behind the tower Es Kodolar, the one that fell into the ears of gorse bushes, in the old city museum lives Heavenly Fiddler.
Tossa Mark Chagall's happened is not having an affair, but love.

Perhaps, in the Old City I fell for you here is a flower.
What to do, walk on any European city is difficult to make, avoid stepping on at least one flower bed.
Simple bindweed. For aesthetes - Morning Glory.

But the main on the Spanish coast is still magnolia.
Although in June it is still only freaks.

But I'm too restless to get stuck for a long time somewhere in the flowerbed.
Walk into, okay? You will not regret ...
Outside of the town and the left side of the picture ...

... Through the dense pine forest ...

... Stumbled on here-and-there is a pack of cards scattered peyzazhiki.

The air smells so densely packed with heated sea and pine trees that it can bite.

Forty minutes forest path will play hide and seek with you. If you do not give up, you will receive a prize, that's so ...
Cola Bona. Good bay.
In my meager imagination somehow always looked paradise. Well, maybe with the addition muhomorchikov.
But muhomorchiki in these parts perfectly replaces Porron ice white, which was started in a circle ...
Pines near the hot white sand. Glare of light on the clear water. Silence.

And it will be better if we go back in Tossa late in the afternoon.

We'll make it more torment grass snake on the deserted beach ...

... And uncounted times already bite elbow for what has long been said goodbye to childhood. How much bloodshed quality we could make all the guys on our street, having such an arsenal.
But did not own.

Mediterranean cuisine? Yeah, of course ...
And there is no need to look at me as a wolf. I also do not like the flash.

And while the kids on the rides insanely ...

... Stir up the same evening affair.
Well, an affair ... I know that this affair does not pull.

For this evening of intrigue need at least a full blonde.
But where to take it?

And when Tossa will cover the night, again go to the Vila
Vella. Wade ...

And of course to meet old friends.
- Buenos Noches, Senor scooter ... And you are so suspicious peeps? Everything looked after me?

I can talk to as many household items. I think they understand me.
There is another problem. I just do not always understand that they answer me.
As here this moon over the old tower homage.

By the way ... If someone photos in this story seemed too noisy and soap, because after all, they were all made ​​on mylnichku.
In the performance of mattress I totally incompatible with the SLR.
A shooting, which is below, is carried out of all the land and flooded with homemade guns. So the Spaniards celebrate St. Juan, after the third Porron ...
Religious fanatics :)

All health, my dear :)