Lanzarote. Viewpoint Mirador del Rio

In the northern part of the island of Lanzarote, in the upper part of the Risco de Famara massif at an altitude of 474 meters, on the top of the cliff, there is an observation deck - Mirador del Rio. It offers views of Lanzarote's volcanoes, beaches, the endless ocean and an excellent view of the islet of La Graciosa. All details with photos under the cut.
01. We lived in the village of Puerto del Carmen and it was 40 km to go to Mirador del Rio along the picturesque roads of the island.

02. It is very easy to get to the observation deck, there are information boards on the roads with directions to attractions.

03. We drive up to the Mirador del Rio.

04. Mirador del Rio, designed in 1973 by Lanzarote artist Cesar Manrique, consists of an observation deck over an abyss, a cafe with large panoramic windows and a gift shop.

05. At the entrance we buy a ticket for 4.50 euros and go inside.

06. Interestingly, there are no right angles in the Mirador del Rio project, all the rooms are round, including the parking, observation deck and stairs.


08. You can relax on a soft sofa :)


10. You can sit at a table, slowly sipping coffee and admiring the beautiful view outside the window.

11. And we went up to the observation deck. On one side there is a view of the parking lot and dormant volcanoes.

12. The observation deck is two-level.

13. Panoramic top view.

14. The islet of La Graciosa. It is separated from Lanzarote by the narrow strait of El Rio.


16. On the islet there is the settlement of Caleta del Sebo, several luxury villas, a port for pleasure and fishing boats.

17. Strait of El Rio.

18. Mirador del Río was built on the site of the Batería del Río artillery base in the 19th century. The military observation post was here during the Second World War. In the post-war period, it was decided to rebuild the strategic facility into a tourist complex.

19. It is somewhat reminiscent of a military observation post.


21. The path along the edge of the cliff.

22. When you look down, it takes your breath away.

23. Пляж "Playa del Risco"


25. Salina del Rio

26. After visiting the observation deck, we walked a little along the nearby road. The road also offers breathtaking views.



29. Judging by the views from above, the beach is not bad and people are invisible.

30. Like on Mars.




34. I'm going back.

35. We return to our car and go to see other interesting places :)

Mirador del Rio is an interesting observation deck, if you are on the island, be sure to visit!
Thank you all for your attention!