Gran Canaria, highways GC-200

The brightest of the harsh beauty of the ocean views are on the western and south-western side of the island. It takes a spectacular route along the vertical cliffs over deep-ever storm spaciousness.
But first freeway leads us through Galdar on the local end of the world - a fishing village and the port of Puerto de Las Nieves.

With parking here are some difficulties. We even had to make a complete "victory lap" through the streets of the town to find a suitable place.

Under the uniform strong ocean winds leave the embankment.

Along the promenade set various simulators. No synthetic air gyms! Only oxygen, ultraviolet light and salty spray. And so throughout the year, with a comfortable 25.

It would seem, than can attract such volcanic severity. But it's addictive. "Average" Mediterranean already seems too soft and simple. At least, I never after traveling there not been such a long-term effect, after the Canary Islands - no less than two weeks before his eyes this was clearly blue.

This former fishing village is now known that start from here ferry to the neighboring Tenerife. Accordingly, the approaches to the port are equipped with all the amenities.

Just as long as we did not need to. On Tenerife associated individual plans and hopes to brighten them another harsh Finnish spring. Combining the two islands for a week seemed superfluous. Therefore, while the ferry ready to sail, we remain on the shore.

Looking podkrepitelnogo halt bredёm the streets. Shortages of restaurants is not felt - all freshly caught ocean fish lure. But the hotel we are waiting for another first-class dinner, so we save your appetite and just looking for a small diner.

Fishermen's entourage everywhere - even on the terraces and balconies.

The combination of blue and white, is not only a Greek privilege. I rejoice in this, because in Mallorca for me it was too much of a warm ocher hue. I wanted this clean contrast.

Well, when at every step of the Christian churches.

Famous Canarian balcony.

Lust cool find in the tavern on the wharf. Very good local beer is poured into a glass that has been stored in the freezer - from fingers on its sides remains deep trace in a thick layer of frost. Vprikusku - hot Canarian hamburger. Canceled! An eating at a table outside, though a strong wind tries to tear the cardboard stand out of heavy glass.
By the way, neither the police nor the rescuers do not leave the impression of southern relaxation - vigilant in crowded places are serving. However, to apply their skills in first aid basically have as a photographer for the lighthearted and enthusiastic tourists.

This April ...

I do not take pictures, but in each of the island resort of apartments with plenty of Norwegian and Finnish flags. The popularity of Spanish or Canarian cottages in Scandinavia is extremely high.

And then we go outside the town and presses the gas pedal to the floor - the road goes sharply uphill. Climb the slope, which is from the coast seemed impregnable rock.

Glancing at the bottom of the dark masses of rocks overhanging the coast, I struggled with the idea to go back to the hotel on the highway. After the Norwegian and Montenegrin serpentine course, we had little to scare on such roads, but unknown causes concern - rather, the order of time, which could leave to overcome this segment. Fortunately, a craven impulse unworthy navigator, go unnoticed. I just asked to turn off the air conditioning in the car to save fuel (bearing in mind the case of almost zero mark sensor on the Norwegian highlands) and opened the window, letting in the ocean breeze salon.


In the beginning we did not know whether the ability to stop somewhere to make some shots and get some free wind, so I tried to take pictures of the serpentine bends of the side windows of the passenger seat. In this regard, the counterclockwise direction to travel on this route seemed the most faithful.
Romantic and bright Puerto de las Nieves remains far below.

Normal flight. Oxygenated sea air and the perfect condition of the road to prevent motion sickness. Breathtaking space is a healthy inflow of adrenaline and euphoria.
At the next turn of notice that the ferry left the port and headed to the neighboring Tenerife.

Finally, we meet a tiny snout to stop at the cliff.
Have fun at glory. Maybe the photo and do not convey the full force of the wind on the edge, but he almost tore us from the earth, lifted up clothes. The powerful force of resistance to air flow is reflected on the face of the Pirate.

Next stop was more comfortable - spacious parking and calmer wind, although the height of the sea was great. It offers views of the Tenerife Teide volcano, which rises to three and a half kilometers above sea level. But in spite of the clear sky, we were not lucky with visibility - in the haze of the horizon was.

Here I had my first full-fledged dialogue in Spanish. Local residents also do not miss the moment to admire the beauty of native edge. A man walks on the same route, asked where we are. And, once I turned in Spanish. I realized this "de dónde eres" is the answer. Adding that in northern Europe in April, it is still snow. It is customary for us was horrified. I asked whether like the Canaries. I talked a compliment and the island and the country as a whole. Nothing unexpected, but for a first experience talking quite inspiring.

By the way, on this route are prohibited on bicycles. On other roads, despite the relief, they found a lot of, almost like in Lofoten. But, apparently, the sea cliffs, rock falls and the wind is too risky. In all other fears proved groundless. Highway perfectly. Safety net, hanging over the road is full of stones, but performs its function properly.

And then we turned from the coast inland to taxi to Mogan, from which can quickly reach the "home". The road leads through the valley between the mountains and again enters the passes. In nizinkah many plantations and peaceful labor of the village. Now I believe that the year-round sweet fruits and berries are exported to the northern country of Spain, did not "synthetic" greenhouse. Here it is rather a "tennitsy" - over the banana, tomato and strawberry plantings stretched awnings from the sun, and not from the cold plastic.

I read that somewhere here there is a whole mountain creek valley and the slopes of the blue clay. We did not collapse and do searches. But even with the road could be seen a variety of soils.

On the southern coast of the attention attracted famous station antenna space communication ESA. Location is perfect - close to the equator, over which circulates the bulk of satellites and the lack of transparency of the atmosphere light noise.

Very nice, returning after these walks, a dip in the sea or swimming pool blue water of good! Then - in the shower room, evening dress and dinner on the terrace with candles and the sounds of live piano. Prepare meals in the apartment's kitchen to me at that moment did not like to ...