Gran Canaria - an island of contrast reincarnation!

Imagine a place where summer lives all year round, the sun accompanies you everywhere 365 days, and a few kilometers from the golden sands of the desert on the Atlantic Ocean bordered by breathtaking mountain peaks. This, of course, Gran Canaria, multifaceted continent in miniature, where the impossible becomes possible!

Lost in the ocean exotic island - a true paradise for body and soul! Beaches for all tastes, sand dunes, volcanic mountains and hidden from human eyes green oases will present an exciting and unique opportunity to combine business with pleasure and to diversify the excursion. I am more than confident that rest on Gran Canaria will be a bright episode in your life and give a unique suitcase of memories. And if you have the opportunity to get lost on this island for a long period, say goodbye to the eternal summer is not so easy!)))

Describe the charms of Gran Canaria for hours, stopping at many of the details, but I would like to share their intimate experiences and emotions of a man who feels, breathes and admires this island all my heart, body and soul! I suggest to go with me on an exciting journey and discover the real gems of natural necklaces Canar.

Dunes of Maspalomas - the main and iconic sights of Gran Canaria. Wanting to wander through the sands of time, at any time of the year more than enough, besides every tourist finds a debt of honor not just personally evaluate all the charm of mini-desert, but also to make a keepsake countless shots, do not forget to capture and myself))). Believe me, it is not necessary to go to Morocco or, even more so in Egypt, to radically change the environment. On Gran Canaria all organically combined and peacefully side by side with each other. And if you still something to be missed, to dilute the monotony be able to go on a camel and a piggy bank unforgettable impressions about the rest of the island filled up with rare coins bright expression of feelings!)))

Enjoy the sand smooth surface for hours, especially when the sea breeze playfully played with golden grain, altering the shape and creating a ripple effect of living. I am madly in love walking near the dunes in the evening to enjoy the unique landscape variations and just feel the boundless joy from the fact that these precious moments belong just to me!

Sinuous serpentine envelops the entire island from north to south and from west to east. Roads are poor, and sometimes they are so narrow that two cars to miss is very problematic, not to mention the buses, at the sight of which on the horizon heart 

Roque Nublo - a true masterpiece of natural architecture of Gran Canaria. But to discover all the beauty of the island with a bird's-eye view, you need to undergo the rite of baptism in the form of mountain climbing))).

I advise you to stock up in advance comfortable clothing, footwear and provisions. Quickly handle will not work, but your? Misery? will be more than offset. To the senses of the conqueror of heights added captivating sense of freedom. And if the weather would be flying, you can see the neighboring island of Tenerife with towering volcano Teide.

You should never rest on our laurels! After an active climbing and no less fascinating descent do not rush to go back to civilization. Island certainly surprise you, and more than once, is wanted!

I advise you to be sure to include the Barranco de Guayadeke informational route. On the way to meet the cave village with quaint houses in the rocks, and do you find yourself in this oasis. After working up an appetite during this time will be able to remove a local restaurant Tagoror. This is where you can get acquainted with traditional Canarian cuisine and a tasting of local wines))).

Meloneras - the most exclusive area of ​​the island. Luxury five-star hotels, gourmet restaurants, prestigious brand boutiques and jewelry shops - all this is full of tourist heart of Gran Canaria.

Lighthouse Faro de Maspalomas is the undisputed symbol of the town and brings a unique flavor to the overall landscape motif. But all the fun starts at night when the light music notes periodically cuts the darkness, offering all who wish to enjoy a kind of show))).

We strongly advise you to enjoy an evening promenade and lively picture of a colorful sunset on the horizon, walking along the pedestrian promenade beach of Playa de Maspalomas. Street actors and musicians contribute their mite in your pastime, while exquisite classical music will not help entice, enticing to look for an hour or two in the restaurant. Alas, it will be very difficult to resist, because the delicate aroma of cooked dishes will captivate anyone, even seasoned gourmets))).

On this island adventures and surprises await at every turn, so you always need to keep on hand a camera to catch the right moment and make a memorable shot!

On Gran Canaria coexist not only natural oases, but also man-made. This does not mean that the overall unity is lost. Magnificent proof - Anfi del Mar - a small bay promising hope for those tourists who want to relax nicely secluded, comfortable and tasteful!

Pure spirit of freedom and carefree paradise lives in every corner of the club tourist complex. One has only to breathe in the salty sea air deeply and forget about everything at least for a few minutes, but it is better for the duration of your stay on the island))).

Temporarily feel "white man" will in the territory of the local paradise. Here everything is made for you and only for you! Intelligent transformation allows you to relax in the lounge bar area in the open air, eat in the cozy restaurant with exclusive views of the sea surface or lie on the loungers and enjoy a drink from the author's creative bartenders!

In advertising on TV at the time I heard this phrase:? Life is good when you drink slowly !? Here are just unwittingly want to clarify: Despite what you drink))). Non-alcoholic daiquiri deprived me speechless and plunged into a state of euphoria. Sea, sun and complete relaxation - it's aerobatics! (Creative improvisation by me!).

Another man-made miracle of Gran Canaria - Playa de los Amadores. It is insanely beautiful, elegant and unique place immediately etched in my memory and disarming all the rules of the art of seduction!)))

If you choose the right place for taking pictures, the similarity to the Canaries in general can not be. A few simple steps to the beach will send you straight to the Caribbean))). So why not take a tempting offer 2 in 1 ?!))) Personally, I did just that!

Be sure to look at the light in the exclusive Amadores Beach Club and enjoy a gourmet delicacies from the chef. Not cheap, but it's still a pleasure, which you will not forget for a long time yet ooooochen))).

Not deprived of their attention and Taurito. Here you can not only visit the local water park, but also to practice your favorite water sports. This is the true source of peace and tranquility, as time stands still here, giving vent to feelings rampant!

Puerto de Mogan - a real tourist mecca of the island. The flow of tourists is not never subsides, while driving up the new buses smoothly connoisseurs. Sense of curiosity or simple interest in sports - the choice is yours!

Colorful atmosphere reigns here everywhere and in everything! Picturesque bay securely hides the true priceless diamond crown of Gran Canaria from prying eyes. Feeling the first acquaintance with the Puerto de Mogan can only be compared with the discovery of a gift for the New Year, when you do not know what's waiting for you, but he knew that just do not be disappointed, and you get a lot of pleasure and positive emotions!

Intricate twists and quaint narrow streets, a fantastic network of canals and bridges, unique romantic atmosphere and exquisite splendor style resort turned into a pearl? Little Venice ?.

It is in Puerto de Mogan you can visit several countries simultaneously. In your imagination starts flickering images French Riviera, enchanting Italy, Monaco and even fashionable miniature Luxembourg))). It all depends on how much played out your imagination!

The unpredictability of nature and rampant obstinacy Ocean merge to make the familiar colors of the sky-earth tones into something more than just a sudden gust and splash elements!

Port is a bit like a demo exposition, which is attended by dozens of boats and yachts. Although a healthy spirit of competition mixed with bitter struggle for the unconditional superiority))).

The water here is so pure that you can see wandering flocks of colorful exotic fish. Underwater variations so captivate and capture that involuntarily want to stop and watch the concert virtuoso classical performance in the major musicians underwater kingdom.

But my favorite place among all this beauty on the edge of the world - an impressive panoramic view of the tourist area of ​​Maspalomas. Precious treasure in the heart of Playa del Inglés can not leave anyone indifferent. I like to enjoy this kind of watch, silently reading a chapter of the next book or just admiring the new day and a new opportunity to meet the sunrises and sunsets accompany furrow open ocean this travel alone only look!)))

Sea, sun and golden sand - real friends holidaymakers. Gran Canaria gives a unique chance to get enough of it all. Even in winter the temperature regime of water allows enough nakupatsya and change aristocratic pale skin a beautiful Canarian tan!

The inhabitants of the deep sea also like to temporarily leave the watery element and bask in the warm rays of the Canarian sunshine))).

At one point of the island you would not be, a volcanic mountain expression does not leave you for a minute. Perfect harmony is felt in everything, and I want to close my eyes just to make a memory to remember what they saw and give many more virtual memorable moments, but far from a lost paradise ...

Holidays in Gran Canaria gives a sense of unlimited happiness and opens new horizons towards an exciting adventure! Absolute freedom ... What could be better?)))

Flora of the island is striking in its extraordinary ability to transform like a chameleon. All the colors of the rainbow are modified and create a symphony masterfully painted strokes, turning the web into a copyright priceless creation with exorbitant amount of surprises! On Gran Canaria bloom even trees! And the beauty and fragrance of flowers will give odds to many traditional forms, so familiar to all of us))).

Unusual charm is simply amazing crazy and can even turn a head! So do not lose vigilance!))) Enjoy the flowers better without much battering because of the damage to public property, you can get a decent fine))). Raise the fallen gifts or settle for small!

Do not think that cacti on Gran Canaria only beautiful bloom! Island evergreen thorns gave a second life))). Ordinary appeal of this plant becomes a truly royal and simple bloom light magic wand of time turns into an exotic fruit - Cactus figs!

To evaluate the palatability of the unusual gift of nature, you have to show ingenuity and resourcefulness. I do not exaggerate, because the fruits preserved inaccessibility of its creator - the thorns and needles, which can safely be in your hands and create a nagging discomfort. But if you like to experiment, so why not spend and this ?!)))

Flowers on the island of Gran Canaria are able to smile and even pose faces, so positive you just provided!)))

But amidst all this expressive exotic beauty there is the missing link that will take involuntarily for a moment in his native land ... make delicate strings of the soul tremble and her heart beat faster!

That's what I love the island of Gran Canaria: multifaceted, unexpected, unpredictable, chaotic, contrast, sensual, bold, fun, inviting, inspiring, fantastic, extreme and simply unique. I love it in the summer, fall, winter and spring ... The boundaries between the pores of the year there will be erased, and the eternal summer makes you forget about the cold winters, rainy days and gray everyday life. This is a special place where you want to go back again and again!

Always remember one simple truth: the best time to make yourself a new discovery, a hundred times than to burn with desire, never having carried out a cherished dream! So do not procrastinate that so want to delete from the list of hidden plans! Make the impossible possible, embodies the desire and enter the new page in the history of your life!)))

Tatiana Voloshchuk