Canary Islands. General information.

In the trip we went with our friends, for whom it was a honeymoon, well, they took us to the load. Travel as usual was organized completely independently. As destinations were chosen Canary Islands, the desire to newlyweds, we especially do not argue. But everything in the queue. Fly Direct Flights pricey, charters could not find, so flew with a change in Madrid, in principle, it is very convenient, as we twice walked around the city between transfers. Moscow - Madrid - Moscow flew through the company Iberia, to the Canaries and back traveled through loukostera Vueling. The latter have no complaints, the food is tasty, there were no delays, although the flight in an airplane full of Spaniards still the extreme, of course they are terribly noisy, more especially the Europeans, they take almost all the luggage in the cabin, respectively, to find a place for his hand luggage was problematic. But to claim there Iberia, and some other. On the way back we got into classic overbooking, ie Plane sold more tickets than there. When you register we give three of the four seating ticket unnumbered seats on the plane, and they say to go for the rooms at the information desk Iberia. At the reception, we are told to wait, like an hour before departure everything becomes known, we begin to suspect that something was wrong. I went to the airport information desk and I explained in detail what the overbooking, and that we will now be composted brains and sent to the next plane, which will place us nifiga it certainly did not suit. I politely asked us what to do, I was advised to row, the louder the better, well, what we can do. Came back and told our team of 4 people a plan of action in English talking only me and so all the roles: Julia - sobs, Lidka - loudly cursing in Russian and indignant, Lech menacing looks at the employee and requires "Quadro tickets" , well, I translate the whole thing. Then went on the offensive, to the aid of a staff member came to a couple of people, and then they called to the aid of the general manager, but we still won. When we crossed 4 people on the list and we entered the plane, even given one seat in business class. Sense to retell our long dialogue does not make sense, but we fantasized there is notable. Very surprised by the reaction of Europeans, they came, listened to fly that day later, calmly took the complaints book and wrote a huge complaint. We fought for a place somewhere in the hour and a half, during which time 10 Europeans left the complaint, in general, if you have the same situation, you know what to do :) Hotel Jardin Tropical Hotel to relax, we chose a monstrously long wanted something closer to the sea and not a skyscraper. For the most part the choice fell on this hotel because of its design, the infection eerily beautiful. But back to the description with pictures, about such a view from our window was on arrival. The weather on the day of arrival is not lucky, but the next day everything was fine.

View to the other side of the room with a sea view.

The hotel is built in a Moroccan style and really very beautiful.

On the territory is full of vegetation and indeed a pleasure to be.

Only one pool and not particularly deep. It is said that the top has to go waterfall, but at the time of our stay it was broken. I have long pondered whether to dive on top of the pool, but the depth of 1 meter a strong deterrent.

The people at the hotel was a lot, so was the trouble with sunbeds, it was not really a lot of them, and almost all snapped up in the morning the Germans. But I do not particularly like to sunbathe so not particularly suffered.

But the hotel is still beautiful, palm trees, flowers, silence.

Outside the hotel, located near the sea with a separate restaurant area for swimming. All this is also considered to site, but the entrance there as I understand is not restricted, but the people are not there because the water for the swimming pool is taken directly from the sea at a depth of 100 meters, cold crazy, wanting to bathe in it a little. 

A beach at the hotel there, and many hotels on the island and walk had on the city not far from the hotel, walk 5 minutes, not how much straining. The nearest sandy beach of Playa del Bobo 200m.

View toward Playa de las Americas.

Now begin with a description of the actual bytovuhi. We took the hotel with breakfast, could buy a subscription for dinner 30 euros per person, and that's without alcohol, we refused from the case and how it turned out not in vain. 40-50 euros for two people could eat smartly in a huge number of restaurants scattered around the coast. Was at the significant disadvantage, is the complete lack of young people or children or pensioners and our four very so much to stand out, came to the ridiculous, once we hung out on our balcony, playing cards, drinking beer, and I confess a little noisy. In the morning we got a call from the reception and asked to be quiet, well we went. But those who complained to us it seems they are not satisfied and we have prepared Megapak. Warning! They changed the sign on our door with a "Do Not Disturb" on the "Get a room" that we woke up early, but we then had an early wake-up and the plan failed. In my opinion, even someone of the guys cranked out the same operation against them. By the way, about a wake up call, the hotel was given champagne at breakfast, and we firmly decided to allocate one morning clean under it, wake up, come tomorrow and only drink champagne. Actually, we have implemented it, the waiter took away with a straight face, we have about 15 glasses of champagne at 9 am from the table :)

Day was then, of course, lost. We jumped two hours, beginning with a running start, and then the bridge, where they were taking on the palm of the pool, but then came an employee of the hotel and drove us out of the pool, since when we appeared at the pool, just out someone from the hotel staff and attentively watching us. Resume hotel is a lovely, excellent breakfasts. Ideal place for solitude and romance, but there is no special dvizhuhi. Food On the first day we went to dinner with complimentary wine from the hotel, it was a sin not to take advantage.

We booked for two Lehoy risotto, or with lobster, or a lobster, or lobster. It does not matter, what I ate this for the first time and I was very amused devices for eating all this, it was too reminiscent of the torture devices.

Next 5 days we ate in different cafes eventually found one that perfectly suits us, the restaurant "El Pescador", which means fisherman. Family restaurant where simply divine prepared, there have even been a personal table, despite the fact that we only had dinner there, they kept it for us all day long, that in principle it was not very difficult, we have never seen it completely filled. We now turn to the culinary delights, sin not to use and do not eat seafood, which are presented here in large numbers. Baked dorado.

King prawns.

Plate of assorted seafood.

Shrimp in garlic sauce.

Sometimes we ordered steaks, they are huge.

Phrase "Quadro Serveza, then favor" learned instantly (4 beer please). Drank mostly Spanish beer Dorada.

In some restaurants, the beer is served in a rather amusing container.

The most delicious thing I have ever tasted in the Canary Islands, it Dorada baked in salt ofigenski looks, tastes divine. First we brought the fish and showed that she was fresh, then brought a plate heaped salt and the waiter pretty quickly broke it and began to pull apart fillets.

In its final form, it looked like this.

On the last day we decided to order the lobster shikanut and for four, the whole thing must be booked in advance and we have asked us to buy two kilos. The next day, the restaurant told us that the two were not and they bought 4 pieces on the shelves, dragged to show future victims.

Girls immediately said that they feel sorry for them and they will not be there, but when they offered ready-made meals, deftly wielded pliers and forks :)

What to do then?
From entertainment only beach, excursions and trips to restaurants. The sand here is fine, volcanic, after bathing hammered in all possible places, bathing suits after this holiday we have thrown out, wash out this fine dust proved impossible. Beach Playa del Bobo.

As you can see the people of darkness, sun loungers and umbrellas naturally paid.

4 days later I talked all rent a car to drive around the island itself, in the end we took the Ford Focus station wagon in the office of Europcar and even came under spec. 6 + 1 share get us the next barn, is we so affectionately called.

The roads on the island are good, normal drivers, the only thing we should not forget that in Spain, at the circular motion, the main one who is in the circle. Along the entire island is the main road to get lost there is difficult, but we managed a couple of times :) Information in fact everything, wait for the other parts. If you have questions, as usual Wellcome in comments :)