The flight from Singapore to New York City for 23 thousand dollars

In 2008 company Singapore Airlines introduced its Class Suites, most luxurious class that can be available person rešivšemu use the favors airlines. In fact ETO-room suites in sovremennejšem and flagmanskom Airbus A380 airliner, and is not just a personal bathroom. Interior "rooms" designed by a French designer of luxury charter Jean-Jacques Kostoj and each "room" presents soboj masterpiece handmade with soft Leather armchair we have handmade by an Italian master artisan Poltrona Frau in the center. And Singapore Airlines left off of first aviakompaniej that offers its clients a nastoâŝuû dvuspalʹnuû bed on board the aircraft. Pricelist here start from 18 400 USD and perevalivaet to 23 000. This is, â ó you nepostižimaâ sum for most inhabitants our planet. Skaz directly, å å î î î, but because of the rigid, what am I much flight and smog nakopitʹ huge number of points and smog Upgrade to Class Suite, all potrativ up your points and the sum of Big Money. Nu anything, fly? Â arrived in Singapore Changi Airport and Habits went to a table registering Singapore Airlines.

I walked up to the front.
Good evening, sir. How can I help you?
Suddenly I realized my mistake, and saying, "Sorry ..", took their instruments and walked away.
I forgot that in Changi was magnificent hall to register specifically for first-class passengers.

Inside, everything looks like a hotel lobby, even a porter who goes after and carries all your luggage.

Interestingly, not even my bags weighed. I pologayu that when you fly in the Suite, you can score for fun cobblestones suitcase and fly with them. Soon I became the owner of the golden ticket.

Flying in Suites includes a ticket to the VIP room, which tells everyone that you steeper who flies in suite.

I arrived in the VIP room, and immediately came up to me Administrator.
-Can I escort you to the VIP room?
I followed her. Mvy passed about 50-60 people who were waiting in the salon business class. She was noticeably accelerated pace, obviously unusual for it seemed that she was afraid that I would be disgusted presence beside her working class. Soon she gave me another attendant, who led me through the hall of the first class, and then another Deruny led me through double sliding doors. Finally, after 10 km on the secret trails and accompanied by 3000, I arrived in the VIP room.

I was greeted by name as if all I have long known.

I was not hungry, but not before heard rave reviews about the dishes served here. So I sat down and zakazl glass of champagne and skewers of chicken and lamb.

... And baked in cheese Gruyere, Emmental and Cheddar lobster.

... As well as the burger of beef with foie gras sauce and eggs with quail egg and juice of mango.

After a snack, I went to the gate. Standing at the entrance to the plane, the flight attendant politely greeted me:
Good evening, Mr. Lowe. I realized that it appeals to me as I chose to profile Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer. I instantly regretted not having chosen "president" or "Prince".

I was escorted to my Suite.

I was given a choice, and I chose the middle.

-Want A glass of Dom Perignon, sir?
Of course I said

Most newspapers

I went to all team members, and each was presented, even the pilot. Among them was Zaf (Zaf), chef Stuart flight.

As it turns out, he, in combination, the guy from the video Safety on board.

Zaf told me that in 12 suites were only 3 passengers, and joked that I could choose a separate bedroom, dining room and living room, if I wanted to.

Champagne and chocolate iced before takeoff.

Me how zitel Suite, predostavili Bose headphones.

Handbag with male cosmetics Salvatore Ferragamo

Blankets, pillows, pajamas and slippers were by Givenchy

Once the aircraft has reached a predetermined height, I was offered another drink.
Since was the hour of the night, I ordered a cup of coffee.
The Jamaican Blue Mountain is worth a lot of money for a pound of beans Blue Mountain asking 120 USD, and here all All-inclusive. So will book.
-You Hochen good taste to coffee, sir. - Praised Zaf
- And that!

Soon Zaf brought a cup of coffee

I quickly drank coffee, pretending to savor every sip, I just did not want to fall asleep quickly. Immediately asked for a cup of tea elite TWG

After he brought the tea, to my surprise, he sat down on the maple next to me. While I was drinking tea, he told me about the high quality tea leaves. He told me about the cotton bag handmade in which lay the leaves. He told me about the intertwining of the taste of cherries and red berries in this case. He also mentioned about the history of the coffee trade and the East India Company. She said that in raboatet aiakompanii 19 years. During the last 2-3 years, he served as Leonardo DiCaprio and Morgan Freeman who flew in Suites. I thought that he can talk endlessly, and asked: -You can recommend me a movie? He took The Grand Budapest Hotel, fantastic film, and Zaf told me almost everything about the film, the story of each actor, and to be honest it's a bit annoying.

I sat down and immediately began to spread dinner. After I stuffed myself in the VIP room, I was not particularly hungry, so I agreed to a 5-course dinner. For breakfast I had eggs with a salad of lobster and fennel. For three uusa first plate was empty.

Next terlka. Duck foie gras with a salad of fennel, beetroot and Mizuno.

Entree. Noodles with fish.

Vanilla cake for dessert + berries

After dinner, I decided to burn calories by walking on the plane. I asked ekapazh can anyone hold hold for me a small tour of the aircraft. As you might imagine, I could not refuse.

We walked to the first class, but was not allowed in the cabin, it's against the rules t.k.k company. Well, at least something I can not.When I returned to the Suites, the lighting was off., Which indicated that it was time to sleep.

In Suites you do not just lie in a high chair. You will be asked to move and Singapore Airlines stewardesses turn your bedroom suite with a full size bed. When the neighbor "number" Let the partition is removed, it turns into a double bed. Zaf and the stewardess went about making the bed.

I do not even know how to express it in words

I jumped into bed, screaming like a little girl.

So that you do not interfere engage nonsense, there is a button "Do not disturb". Even Zafa it stops.

If this is not done, the attendants check on you every 3 minutes. No, they are not imposed, they just quickly pass you by and cast a quick glance. I decided to go to the bathroom, put on pajamas. This toilet you expect in an airplane?

And now to bed. Certainly not in the toilet. When I woke up and looked at the clock, I was shocked. Just over 3 hours to Frankfurt. I slept for 6 hours, and stupidly slept 6000 USD.

To set the mood, two chocolate bars will be just right.

We landed in Frankfurt and we had a 2-3 hour parking, the three occupants of Suite provided by the maintainer of the Lufthansa Senator Lounge, which offered to go to the SPA-center. On board we have been waiting for a new crew, which also was presented kazhlomu of us. It was 8 am, and I decided to start the day with a Singapore Sling

Until plet, I use the service Singapore Airlines Book the Cook. So Stewart already know what I want for breakfast. I had the lobster thermidor with asparagus, roasted grapes and tomatoes. And as a side dish with saffron rice.

And dessert

Once I decided to take a nap, but decided not to bother Stewart and lay down on a chair, previously cut off from the second suite.

For a single bed space was enough.

Waking up, I ordered lunch

When we finally landed in New York, the big problem was that I did not want to leave the plane. But in the end I got off the plane, because New York in the end is not so bad.