Singapore. One night at Marina Bay Sands.

Actually, we are one of those tourists who always strive to reasonably save on housing - why pay extra if you only get a little sleep at the hotel. But this time we decided to spend one of 4 nights in Singapore in the famous Marina Bay Sands, after all MBS is a very interesting tourist attraction.
Minus - only one - expensive. One night in MBS cost us about the same as three nights spent in another hotel, simpler and further from the center (about 400 SGD).
But there are quite a few pluses.
1. The upper deck of the MBS is an excellent observation deck. And if you don't live at MBS, the 40 minute walk up will cost you around S $ 20 per person. And I want to see from a height and at night, and at sunset, and at dawn city. For the MBS guest, this option is available around the clock.
2. Pool on the upper deck. The area around the pool is accessible only with the key of the guest. In addition to the pool, there is still a good cafe, several jacuzzis with amazing views, a relaxation area.
3. Location. The area around MBS - solid attractions of Singapore. And if you are tired of walking a couple of tens of kilometers on foot, examining them, you can literally return to the hotel in 10-15 minutes to relax.
4. Shopping center (for those interested in shopping) with cool food courts (for those interested in trying a variety of East Asian cuisine) - in the basement floors of MBS.
the room, by the way, looks pretty simple, but very comfortable

the view from the balcony will certainly be wonderful: either towards the ocean and gardens (like ours) or towards downtown

view of MBS in the daytime from below - up

hotel lobby

this is what the "upper deck" looks like

and views from her


night view of Cloud Forest and Flower Dome

view of Cloud Forest and Flower Dome in the morning at dawn

one of the symbols of Singapore - Merlion

swimming pool on the upper deck in the afternoon

early in the morning

and at night (the pool is closed at 22-00, and opens, it seems, at 6 in the morning)

and this is one of the jacuzzi baths with a stunning view

around MBS:

in gardens Gardens By The Bay

flower clock and dome Cloud Forest

several petrified trees can be seen in the gardens


inside the Cloud Forest: there is a waterfall falling right from under the dome, a multi-storey path laid among cascades of tropical plants

museum of minerals

magnifiers to look at busy little things

and it’s already under the Flower Dome. Baobab grove.

park again

and goodbye: sunrise from our balcony