Singapore and Marina Bay Sands

Singapore stunning city, fall in love with him at first sight. It is not like a steel Asia, rather on some Asian Europe.
The choice of the hotel was clear, it is something from the category of what is sure to be seen.

The rooms themselves - quite simple repair is not new, somewhere rubbing. Service ordinary.

Most importantly - a view of the city, especially at night. That's the beauty)

The hotel itself is very noisy, a lot of tourists, all somewhere run. The hotel is connected to a large shopping center in the hotel casino, theaters, restaurants, etc. Well

In the swimming pool on the roof of the tenants have access only hotel. On the roof there are several restaurants, a jacuzzi and a small garden. Sometimes you have to wait until freed lounger or jacuzzi. Generally feeling great and it's clearly worth it.

Were in June - the weather is wonderful, not stuffy, warm and good. Night on the roof a little bit cool.

View from the pool at sunset.

Behind the hotel is a large park nearby - the famous Ferris wheel Singapore Flyer, from the hotel to downtown on foot for about 15 minutes all close. The nearest metro station is right in the shopping center.

The mall. A lot of shops to suit all tastes, different cheap eatery has everything))

View of the park.

Business center. Everywhere very clean.

View of the city from the Ferris wheel.

From the ferris wheel is easy to walk to the hotel, just a glowing purple pedestrian road. Along the way you can admire the laser show and a night city.

I hope to return to Singapore.