The smallest of the Hiltons

Seychelles I lived in two hotels: the first, Hilton LaBriz on Silhouette Island I told you in the first four days of travel writing. Northolm Hilton, where I spent the rest of week-long vacation in the Seychelles - a very interesting place, not only in terms of the architecture of the hotel, but also in terms of the history of the Seychelles resort: here was built the first hotel on the island. Here lived the author of "James Bond" Ian Fleming, who wrote one of his books. And besides, it is the smallest in the hotel today network Hilton, are only 40 rooms. The hotel is on the main island of Mahe Seychelles, fifteen minutes from the capital city of Victoria. The name translates literally as "North Hill", nothing could be easier: the northern part of the island, and the villa is located just on the hill.

Saying that it is the oldest hotel Seychelles necessary to make two reservations: Nortolm it was the first hotel, guest houses locals passed before, and the age of these buildings very young, less than ten years. The fact is that in 2005, the hotel was completely reconstructed.

While preserving the original architecture of these places, the tree even specifically the "old". All designed by local, Seychelles, an architect, I think it's important.

Nortolm - a forty houses, situated on a hillside. Those on the first line of the one-story water, those that are already on the hill in two floors. Some have great views of the ocean, the other - direct access to the ocean. Although in this and in another case, the road to the beach does not take more than five minutes.

Seychelles for most visitors here this Palm trees, beaches, ocean. For me, they were different, but my tastes are very specific: from week allocated for the holiday vacation, I could not bring myself to at least half a day and lie on the beach. But for most - this is the calm, relaxation, not very active, which everyone dreams during the year.

And yet this is the perfect place for a honeymoon. 90% of all visitors here - couples not seeking to rest in a noisy drunks companies. Just the two of us, the most "prayvasi" and tranquility.

I think that I'm here for a week, even podlechil nerves :)

In one of these houses I lived. The decoration of the room, I will show in the end of the post.

Stayed here different celebrities. For example, one well-known lover of poor African countries, which goes to the blue Crocs, stayed here in January and called Seychelles boring place. And it is true, complete boredom here: no one rob and kill people live in normal houses, and spent the night at the local disco, there is a chance to get away, and have not received a turnip.

But the most famous was the guest Nortolma British writer Ian Fleming, author of a series of detective books about secret agent James Bond. Here, in Nortolme, he wrote the book "For Your Eyes Only", a film on which was filmed in 1981. By the way, tell the hotel staff, the idea for the book he suggested the local Hindu, the owner of an antique shop, with whom Fleming went fishing together.

With fish in these places all is well. And sharks are found, but not such a huge and dangerous, as in the book Bond. Local sharks are small and friendly, too warm water to be angry and agressive.

The library features a disc with all the Bond films, with different languages.

It looks like a library: almost always deserted room where you can comfortably accommodate a laptop, hold a meeting or play billiards.

The hotel has a small pool. By the way, I just learned today, why do hotels need the sea basins and who bathed there. The fact that some nations do not recognize the sea bathing. And you know what a nation, for example? The Germans! Was surprised. Unfortunately, there was no German on hand to ask why.

One of the very interesting "chips" of the basin: towels on sunbeds rolled up in a variety of small animals: butterfly, lobster, dog, elephant ... all this makes Gottfried, master diving. For us, he spent a small workshop, I took it on the video, and now you can do the same cool towels at home! And could you repeat that?

This is a bar where you can eat during the day. There is a restaurant with buffet (changes every day kitchen) and a restaurant a-la carte, where they make awesome steaks. Last night I ate probably one of the best steaks in my life! I'm not lying. And the chef works there seyshelets, who is only twenty years old, but he was already a recognized master: this year he won first place among all the chefs at the Hilton Hotel in the Middle East.

Bar top view.

The hotel has a spa and a small Balinese. I am the second time in my life tried this thing, and I really liked it. By the way, the girl in the middle, the manager, came from Belgrade. Serbian still very beautiful, agree :)

Spa with ocean views.

If you go down to the beach at the farthest villas (just named after Ian Fleming), you can go for a walk on the wild beach.

Nearby, on a small wooden platform, arrange a secluded dining for couples.

Seen in the distance Silhouette Island, where I spent five days.

And now let's go to the room where I stayed, I will show you the interiors.

The original design of the plates "Uratsya / Do Not Disturb." Simply retract unnecessary :)

The property consists of one large room, with the adjoining corridor. A large four-poster bed, ottoman leg giants, television, desk. In the interior of the cabinet under the TV hidden mini bar with lots of alcohol. Oh, I had no one to drink!

Seating area with sofa. Each room has a personal coffee maker. Paintings in all rooms are different, although the interior is the same everywhere (except number them. Comrade Fleming, everything in gold, decorated in the style of James Bond). A painting by local artists from the city of Victoria.


Last time you asked me which way in the Southern Hemisphere is washed off the water in the toilet bowl. Unfortunately, the same as we have.

Each villa has a large balcony with sun beds and sea views. Anatomic especially beautiful, because it is made specifically for two. Oh, and I spent a holiday in the Seychelles in perfect solitude :)

Today I flew back to Moscow. Frankly, my opinion about life at the resort has changed: I used to think any such undertaking zhutchayshey boredom: that in addition to the beach and the restaurant there is nothing that tourists - terrible noisy cattle, and that there are no resorts around really interesting places. I do not know how in other places, but a week in the Seychelles Ostrava was so magical that last night I was watching the sunset over the ocean, the island silhouette with its eternal clouds over the mountains, and I was sad. I actually think someday return here: to travel on other uninhabited islands, perhaps to reach the archipelago Aldabra giant turtles and manatees, and maybe just spend a real beach vacation together already.

I want to thank the people who have been with me this week: Michael, Director of Sales Seychelles hotels Hilton, Julia and Mary from the sales department, Evans, Creoles, who drove me around the island of Mahe and of course, the entire staff of the Hotel Hilton Seychelles friendly, sincere gosteprimstvo, delicious food, for attention and care. And on Tuesday awaits crowning post about Seychelles, and perhaps the most interesting - about the island's capital, the city of Victoria.