San Marino. A thousand years of independence, to eventually capitulate to Russian tourists

The average person in the world knows practically nothing about San Marino, but that is no reason to ignore the smallest and oldest of the existing states of the world. And do not think that the main raison d'être of this country to the Russian team had to beat someone in football - everything is much deeper and more interesting. To briefly characterize San Marino, imagine seething mixture of Monaco and Malta. Like Monaco, San Marino state lives in the vertical coordinate system, taking small but proud area of 60 square kilometers around the limestone mountains Monte Titano, which in turn is bristling among the plains in the central part of Italy, twenty kilometers from the north of the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea in the east.

Rumor has it that from the highest point of Mount Titian (700 meters), you can see up to a quarter of the whole territory of Italy:

As Monaco San Marino thrives on low taxes on its territory to foreign companies and rigid statutes in the constitution, preventing the growth of the state's population at the expense of the general naturalization of foreign nationals. In short, Chuck Norris can fight easier than getting a citizenship of San Marino. San Marino Malta unites thousand-year war for independence since its founding, to turn the republic into a fortress:

In general, the history of states such as San Marino and Malta makes me think about their "chosen people." By analogy with the Jewish and Armenian peoples who for centuries stood at the edge of extinction disaster, but nevertheless a mystical way to prove their right to life. While much more powerful nations: Kurds, Assyrians, Aztecs and other dissolved in history. So San Marino - a piece of territory, surrounded on all sides by aggressive Italian states, their influential families greedy, cruel Inquisition Dad, centuries of blood and Ratna business knocked his freedom, thereby revealing today is the oldest of the existing state. The last one who could put an end to the history of San Marino was Napoleon Bonaparte. Having conquered Italy, he took with special respect to San Marino, the Republic sent their ambassadors with respektosikom and Respect. Friended shorter. And the truth is to take in the siege of a mountain studded walls with loopholes and howitzers, stupid thing. Well, that redistribution of European territories ended until ballistic weapons, and even the walls would not help ...

According to legend, the name of the Republic gave a guest-worker Marino, who came to Italy as part of teams stonecutters from Croatia (Dalmatia) to build the port of Rimini. Marino was a Christian, that during the Roman Empire was not very kosher phenomenon. Fleeing from predyav Gentiles Marino took refuge on Monte Titano. Back to him pulled numerous brothers in faith. Marino and founded the first Christian community in Italy. Soon, Christianity was confirmed in the Roman Empire and became an honorary Marino called San Sanych ranked it as a saint. So it was that the name of San Marino. However, on the bus on the way to San Marino, I heard an alternative, not less interesting version of the name of the country. I was driving behind a couple: legged brunette in a steep track suit. You know this Adidas, Exclusive Collection: black with golden tints. And in the same suit went to her forehead with a burly calf. And they have suffered such a dialogue: - Zai - coquettishly tricked his strongly painted lipstick duckling brunette showing a mountain - and from there we will sail on a yacht? - You Th, Simohina, the same mountain where I'll organize a boat? - A Th then called San Marina? If Marina (Marina is also called yachts - approx.'s) Means and yachts palyubasiku available. Not? - No, well, so what you Simohina rights - moos "calf". - We will arrive, type of tour operator, let us organize a boat there. I found there eventually trump sportivkah patsanchik in San Marino yacht remained unknown to me, but another version of the etymology of the name San Marino can be quite count. The defensive redoubts of San Marino begin to tens of kilometers boundary. In the sense that the state is not very easy to get. There is no railway, not to enter into the mountain on the private car. In San Marino bus service from the town. When we arrived in Rimini, you will not see a single pointer bus parking. Only wife eagle eye could see my grandmother for a folding table that trades some tickets. Approached, it was here sell bus tickets. Immediately surfaced picture of childhood - Panorama of the heroic battle storming suburban buses "Zhitomir-Beldyazhki."

Approaching San Marino, the bus took sharply uphill. With these types of views that the happy owners of a diagnosis of acrophobia huddled in ecstasy:

The fundamental characteristics of San Marino are proud profiles three fortresses, which even captured on the arms of the state:

The very first castle Guaita appeared in the tenth century of our era:

Now here is the Museum of Artillery. Guaita Fortress of the pass "delle Strega":

Did not understand the purpose of these devices, similar to the cutting of the giant citrus press:

The second fortress honor was built in 1200:

There is a gorgeous museum of ancient weapons:

Vertical battlements injected into horror greedy invaders. How many dead bodies in medieval chain mail and cuirasses were dropped into the abyss with these walls?

Government Palace:

The Republic of San Marino rule Arengo (Assembly of Heads of families), the Great and General Council of 60 members and two captains-regent, who are elected for a term of 6 months and bearing functions of the executive power. For six months, and no longer. Ay, Putin. That's what I understand democracy! Iglesia de Santo Pieve. It is an example of one of the greatest mistakes of architect. How Come? I'll tell you if you want:

Museum of Torture. Unfortunately, it was not possible to get there:

Monument to victims of the Beslan tragedy of 2004. The same eerie, like the tragedy:

San Marino - sort of a bicycle dvizhnyak. Fun to watch, sitting in a cafe latte macchiato and sucking like sweaty cyclists cursing play pedal on steep slopes:

Republic might well be called "Russified Monaco." I do not know what it is connected, in San Marino, I met perhaps the largest concentration of Russian tourists. Even in our Antalya was less.

For all of this fraternity open hundreds of shops selling jackets, handbags, furs, Chinese souvenirs and other garbage. In every store necessarily sitting saleswoman of ours. It was a little unusual to hear at every step, "but this is perfect poyasochek your panties" or "color of this bag this summer in absolute trend" or "do you mean, it's Italian quality. No Chinese!" etc., etc. ...

Apart from trade, the main export product of San Marino are stamps (GDP swing feel?) And exclusive Euro coins San Marino.

Overall Impression: A magical place of beauty. The combination of small-town comfort and heavy breathing harsh stories, bright colors of the Italian landscape and formidable military architecture. You'll be in these places, many do not think tusuy in San Marino, spit in Italy with semisotmetrovoy heights!