San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is one of the smallest countries in Europe, which is also generally regarded Andorra, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Vatican City and Luxembourg.
The population is about 32 million people (80% of them - San Mari and 19% - Italians). More than 13 thousand. Citizens living abroad. A large number of San marintsev live outside the country, mainly in Italy and France, the USA and Argentina. The area of the state - only 60.57 square kilometers, 80% of them - it's rock formations, while arable land accounts for 16.6% area.

According to legend, in 301, a member of one of the first Christian communities from the island of Rab in the Adriatic Sea (present-day Croatia) Stonemason Marino friends took refuge in the Apennines, on top of Mount Titano. Thus, formally San Marino is considered to be an independent state from September 3 301 years. In fact, on some independence to establish a settlement can speak only from the VI century, when Italy was divided into a plurality of independent and dependent territories.

Heads of state are two captains-regent appointed by the Grand and General Council. Captains Regent elected for a term of 6 months, from April 1 until October 1, and October 1, prior to April 1 of each year. They shall serve as the Head of State and exercises executive power. In the photo the government palace.

Great and General Council is the parliament of the Republic, it consists of 60 members elected by popular vote under a system of proportional representation for a period of 5 years.

In San Marino, very low taxes, so many tend to have local citizenship and to register the company in this country. But citizenship is very difficult to get in the best 15 years of married life with San Mari.

Despite this native voice is heard everywhere torgotsev. As a rule it is Russian or Ukrainian.

Usually snow in San Marino - it is a rare and usually it is not too much delayed, but 2 weeks before our arrival fell about 2 meters, and maybe more. Even during our stay in shady areas across meter snowdrifts.

Unlike Italy, where sweet wines are not taken, here they found more than enough. Personally, I liked plum, although, of course, each has some zest.

8. Despite the low taxes, prices in San Marino is substantially lower than in the Italian outlet, but points can be taken somewhere in the 20% cheaper.

Low taxes also generate a huge variety of quantitative banks.

The total length of roads is 104 km of the state, that probably is not so much, but all of them twisting.

High economic level has a positive effect on the level of the car. Italian supercars here to meet a lot easier than in Italy.

The closer to the top, the more we discover the beauties of nature. In the most clear days you can see through the binoculars Croatia.

As you have probably figured out here a huge number of narrow streets and staircases.

At the top of Mount Titano (755 meters) in the XI century fortress was built honor. Although the tower was reconstructed several times, medieval aspect is lost.

The most important of the three famous towers of San Mari - Guaita Tower. It was originally used as a watch tower and a fortress. Subsequently, some of the rooms of the fortress was used as a prison, after escape from here is extremely difficult, because tower surrounded by a double ring of fortifications.

Unfortunately, due to the Tower Montale drifts get failed. Therefore, the last time we admire San Marino and go to Rimini.