Observation of sperm whales in the Azores

Dear readers, in the first half of June we visited the Azores in order to observe sperm whales. We were not easy to find information on this subject, because this destination among Russian tourists is not very developed. So I want to share with you information and impressions on our trip, can someone does come in handy.
Together we decided to go with namwons namely the Azores, as it is considered the best place to observe the sperm whales. Information was really little, and we turned to the Portuguese cultural center for advice. There've been very helpful, suggested that the best way to travel to the island of Faial in the city Horta, just helped us with some organizational issues. Norberto, the owner of this company was a very nice man, he introduced us to the Azores sperm whales and even gave us a bonus outlet to the ocean :)
We flew from Moscow. First arrived in Munich, and from there through the port to the city of Ponta del Gada (this is on the island of San Miguel), hereinafter referred to Horta.
Whale watching requires good visibility because look out for them with the observation points located on the high places of the land, and on the radio reported the boats where to go. When we arrived on the island of Faial, from which went to the ocean, the weather the first couple of days was very vague, and whale watching was impossible. If you are thinking to the Azores, so keep that in mind.
But when we finally waited for good weather, joy knew no bounds :) Before going into the ocean tell us a little lecture about the whales give jackets and vests. The ocean is cool, so it's best to go in the pants, not with bare feet. Even in the ocean is very strong sun, so be sure to use protective cream.
When the people on the boat are on their way to the approximate place where the sperm whale swims, a biologist (according to whale watching boat to be a biologist) is looking for a fountain in the ocean. And boat rides to the fountain, and to the one who let him.

Two sperm whale:

The other two sperm whale:

Twice we saw a sperm whale, mother and calf. Mom then dove hunting and cub remained on the surface and was waiting for her. In the photo below kashalotik kid. Shorthead at birth has a length of 3-4 meters :)

For whale watching, as long as he does not dive to hunt, before showing its tail. The scope of the tail of the sperm whale is about 2 m.

On our island was a museum of whales. Photo with a model whale in full size of the museum.

In addition to the whales, we saw a lot of other inhabitants of the ocean. This bottlenose dolphins:

Dolphins are very playful and positive :)

They swam so close that it was possible to put his hand in the water and pat it. But we did not do so. This dolphin - dolphin:

Here is a very unusual Risso dolphins, we are called gray dolphins.

Whale watching in the Azores is conducted from boats, zodiacs. Here she looks. Very funny pictures of all the sperm whale:

And there is also a surveillance catamarans. This catamaran Norberto, in which we also went out to the ocean:

Catamaran out more comfortable, you can watch the ocean from a high point, it is sometimes better. On the boat ride more extreme, and if large waves, so it splashes in the face, falling on the waves, in general inexpressible feeling :)
Very often we met here these birds. They are called seawalker, because they dispersed before takeoff walking on water.

This is a very poisonous jellyfish Portuguese ship, if we look, the right of it is pink trail - is its tentacles, they can be around a radius of 10 meters! We were told that the man burned a jellyfish need urgent medical attention.

We also saw a turtle. It is called the Green Turtle:

This photo is a wonderful Portuguese photographer Nuno Sa. This is the same turtle, but the view in the water:

Saw a very rare leatherback turtle. It is the largest turtle in the world, it really was huge, with a very large fins. But I have not had time to take a picture, so the photo shows from the Internet:

And one more photo from the Internet, this flying fish, she quickly jumped and dived back:

On the way to the island of Faial from the ocean is clearly visible is such a part of it. I think she looks like a whale:

In general, on the ocean side open very beautiful views. It is a mountain of Pico on the island of Pico, with unusual clouds, we were told this is a rare phenomenon:

Later, on the island of Pico, we went on a trip to a ferry.
Rocky education between the island of Faial and Pico:

Windmills on the island of Pico:

I would also add that the climate on the islands is not hot, and during our stay the weather was changeable, and was cloudy and rain and sun, although we were there for only a week. In the ocean, we swam, we seemed cold water, but were bathing. Nature is very beautiful islands, and the islands feel some peace of mind, peace, and I want them to come back again.
Thank you :)