Madeira Levada walk from Marocos Village to Canical Tunnel

No wonder the Portuguese island of Madeira is called the island of eternal spring. A walk along the levada from the village of Marocos to the Canical tunnel is proof of this. One of the leisurely and dimensional routes with excellent views of various villages and various plants. Under the cut five dozen beautiful photos.
01. Our walk begins in the village of Marocos, in which we leave our car in a large parking lot and go for a walk :)) At the beginning of the journey, the levada is under the track, it was closed with plates from above, as this segment is used by local people to deliver goods to houses.

02. Levada is a type of irrigation canal built on the island of Madeira. It is a groove concreted or paved with stone, walking along the side of a mountain. Nearby there is usually a path for pedestrians.
Levada began to be built in the 16th century to deliver water from the northern part of the island to the arid southern part. The last Levada was created in 1970. Now they continue to play the role of irrigation canals and are a popular tourist destination.

03. We passed quite a bit, and already from Levada there is an excellent view of the village of Marocos and its surroundings.

04. Houses are even on steep slopes.

05. At the beginning of the journey, Levada passes near residential buildings.

06. Then we go through the forest.


08. It is clearly seen how the levada was cut along the slope. Yes, a lot of time and work is invested in these irrigation canals.

09. And we again approach the houses.

10. Many people plant flowers near their houses, water for irrigation can be taken from levada :))

11. On the one hand are banana trees, and on the other are flowers.

12. What flowers you will not meet on the way.


14. You go on a levada and look at the life of people from above.

15. In the distance the ocean is visible, soon we will come closer to it.


17. Roads in Madeira, for the most part, run from one tunnel to another.

18. We admired the views and move on.

19. In places, levada is almost overgrown.

20. You go along the path, and here the fruit basket stands :)) took a banana, threw a coin into the bottle and you go on, self-service :)

21. Would you like to live in such a house on the side of a mountain? :)


23. A twenty-five-meter tunnel can pass without a flashlight, but there are tunnels with a kilometer in length on the left, there is no way to do without a flashlight.

24. This is how the entrance to the tunnel looks from the side.

25. We move on.

26. Such animals can be found in Madeira.

27. Seals also come across often :)

28. Locals planted many flowers for beauty.


30. View of the village of Machico.


32. Levada from the inside :)


34. Banana tree.

35. The houses are located on the slopes quite far from the highway, before you get to your house, you need to overcome a good climb.


37. I do not know how at other times of the year, but when we were on the island in June, everything was buried in flowers.



40. We go along the cliff.

41. The views are good.


43. Kitty

44. Perhaps in this stadium Cristiano Ronaldo once played football.

45. The village of Machiko begins by the ocean and stretches along the valley.

46. ​​Beauty.

47. Our route is drawing to a close.

48. Near this house, the path along the levada ends. To get back to the car, you need to use a taxi or cover the same distance back :))

49. This is how a walk along a levada 12 kilometers long looks on the map.

I was very pleased with the walk. You walk slowly on a flat path, without ups and downs, admire the views from above and the surrounding nature.
Next time I’ll talk about spotting on the island.
Thank you all for your attention!