Brought to the Baltic Sea in October, so-so idea. Here and in the summer you can take place in a jacket and a rain day or two. And even if there are strong 20 and the sun is not all vacationers are ready to plunge, limited to walking along the surf line. 01. But the cold Baltic Sea has always enable fast enough to sober up.
02. In the meantime, do not distribute in local barchevskih any guide obligation to be sure to check several local attractions. One of them is the office and retail Drunk little house (or Crooked House).
03. Other location: it is the longest wooden pier (or say, I did not understand the difference) on the Baltic coast. Yes, the dispute who have long Sopot wins.
04. Both are hard to miss, because all two are located on the streets of Heroes of Monte Cassino. And the name of the street I remembered, even without Google's, because it is the shortest way to the sea from the station. And about the Battle of Monte Cassino I had read recently.
05. stomped 500 meters in one direction in the non-touristic season does not cost anything. But in the summer it will be worth like 7 zlotys (about 2 USD).
06. We need to be prepared for the fact that the process of filling instagramma will occur until the clouds are coming up and everything will be very wet.
07. I then because he thought: poke at the weekend with good weather. Piha backpack loukost hour of torment in the air shuttle from Vilnius, and get-sign it: the sand, the sea and the sea of ​​personal space.
08. Payment in the form of rain followed quickly. Most precipitation even been as a rite of passage: worth the patient and the situation has changed.
09. And finally, Sopot Beach! Correct beaches! Sandy and impressive size.
10. Clean sand, neat edalni.
11. Yet the sea is felt a lack in my office and credit happiness.
12. It is even possible to make a cost base in Sopot. And for the attacks in Gdansk actively juzat Bahn.
13. Bahn is nifiga not suburban. In a way the whole 15 minutes and during that time no sorrow musician did not have time to get bored. Even the gypsy with his underage compassionate support is not the fact that the time to reach.
14. There are alternatives - from Gdansk to Sopot can be reached by excursion boat or bicycle. The boat was not photogenic, so a suitable photograph of the subject.
15. Sea coast and includes fresh fish. That's the way to go to the local rynochek yes buy freshly caught, fresh. Some doubts have crept in when no one could not find a fishing schooner.
16. Although it is possible local fish business is going so well that the fishermen have long moved with modest boats boats?
17. It is not necessary illusions! Over the past two hundred years a fishing village soundly forgot his roots and has successfully transformed into a good Baltic resort.
18. So that you no fresh fish with rynochke. Marsh in the restaurant!
19. But a certain angle Sopot may still appear in the usual quiet coastal town.
20. On the evening empty streets and the only tavern in the whole town, which runs after nine in the evening.
21. On the rails decent resort, Sopot began to actively translate French physician Yang Hoffler. It is "gay French doctor" at the beginning of XIX-th century dared to open a spa in a tiny village with a population of just over 300 people.
22. Perhaps because of initially the correct marketing and positioning of the city as the Baltic resorts, the city has not slipped into the ranks of kebab and shaurmichnyh (greetings Svetlogorsk). And maybe for some other reason ...
23. It is clear that the history of the city is more extensive than one paragraph. On the coast, even there were some historical artifacts. industrial housing products do not think is worth considering. Benefit of their advance was stopped in time apparently.
24. Since the beginning of the 20th century luxury hotel webbing pulls Grand Hotel. There's all on the right: famous former guests, among which there are such persons as Marlene Dietrich and Fidel Castro. Perhaps even a casino with 007 (but not exactly).
25. Alternatives are also missing.
26. Sopot Lighthouse - another reference to the beginning of the XX-th century. Now is not valid. And I think I know why - because the lighthouse keeper is first and foremost an introvert who lives with a lighthouse somewhere on the edge of the earth. And now ... now, just the only observation deck in the city.
27. On the other hand introvert-lighthouse keeper perhaps even hastened: crowded Sopot autumn difficult to call.
28. Shopping at this time will be so so so: no packages of diapers and a strategic stock of toilet paper to drag home fail. Maximum amber trinkets. But then who will believe that he went to Poland and not to Kaliningrad?
29. For sure the best shopping in Gdansk. And here it is better for a beer, eat and then can even sing. And this advantage when the Alla winning Sopot Music Festival (in 1976).
30. But the city administrators clearly beguiled shore. In the plan it was clearly written, dig an underground passage to traffic jams were not.
31. And these builders do? Dig, they dug. Just got a tunnel for cars. I imagine the fury of measure! All through ...
32. How does a miracle modest wooden building in the center so you do not accidentally burned. Lacks good manager city!
33. Fountains could also be switched off (the middle of autumn!), And for the irrational use of water resources to punish.
34. The benefit of the Belarusian official nowhere at all leaves, so all these dubious advice to share with the world can not. It's for the best.
35. On the luminous sign Morozhenko. Yes exactly.
36. drunken house deserves one more fotochki. Yet local landmark.
37. Strange to say, in a dark corner with a single lamp, this wall picture looked much more epic than it is now ...
38. I've been whining all the humidity and rainfall, but scrolling through the still dying ZhZheshku found a lot of feedback about the winter version of the town. Suddenly a lot.
39. And this is in spite of the absence of any antiquity or ancient epic tourist attractions.
40. It is amazing that someone else is reading reviews Learn? So where else and get with a single query in Google seoshnyh no nonsense and real reviews? (If anyone does not know, just do a query like "Gdansk site:")
41. It is time to leave the sea Sopot. In front of the office routine.
42. But in the evening there are few who want to leave the city. Even in the station kafehah almost no people.
43. It remains only to wave a missed train.
44. Not Mike Farley, but the identity has come)