In this Polish "Sochi" We went for a walk on January 1, and quite early in the morning, local time. We lived at the station Gdansk Oliwa, it was decided to go on the train, and it is the fastest way to move around "Tri" which includes proper Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia.
The picture to attract attention

Our station.

But we are lucky, having come to the station, we found that the next train in the direction we needed after 25 minutes, which is a rarity, they are usually there every 10 minutes of running, but do not forget that we have a morning celebration on January 1 and NG was pretty active generally day in humans. We have decided to take a walk on the other side of the railway road from us and see that there is an interesting, but there are also small houses and the private sector, yet somewhere, if you walk 400 meters, there is an ancient church from some sort, but to her, we have not reached .

We have not reached to Lutheran church for a simple reason, going on the road, stop and found it suitable for the bus with the inscription cherished Sopot. It is what we rushed. I must say that it was even better than the train, though longer and a little more expensive, but the bus brought us directly to one of the attractions of Sopot, of which there are not many, but they are all still there. The bus brought us to the Grandhotel, it is such a large object on the beach with a bunch of stars.

It even Queen stopped.
The beach in front of hotel

He was pretty polluted after celebrating NG, people are clearly marked on its coast, a lot of broken firecrackers, boxes of fireworks for New Year's and similar debris.
The sea was calm and the sea in large quantities furrowed his expanses of all sorts of different ducks

Absolutely fearless going to the bank and asking eat

Unfortunately, I could not help them, so that they, I could not help myself, because absolutely everything was closed. And wanted to sit on the beach with a drink what ever.
And offended ducks in turn pushed off in search of more compliant bipeds. Well, we followed them to the longest wooden pier in Europe, which is about 5 hundred meters into the sea.

On the way, was greeted treasure hunter, apparently counting pennies gather up after a stormy night

We calmly moved on until they came into this piece

And on the other side ever discovered, more compliant, tourists may not tourists, and people who were handing out your NG table, already slightly zavetrivshiysya. Ie We have a tradition to wake up on January 1 with a hangover and a visit or wait for guests to podedaniya all, here and there to feed the ducks

Climbed onto the pier, and he dliiiiinny, and the people on it so leisurely strolls, there are athletes running around here and there.

You can only breathe the wind, there it was, a little, but winter still, even with the sea, cool, ie, then the temperature was around 8, but because of the wind was chilly. What I am about to breathe in, you can not smoke at the mall, however, and one can not dive, but smoking is for sure.

I photographed it at the beginning of the pier, on these tablets added depth of the sea at this point, signs approximately every 50 meters.
The birds I do not cease to please, rather touching spectacle, walk in single file such

Grandhotel, when viewed from the sea

Reached the end

And on the high seas

In the landward side, the café (restaurant) also was closed, which is not surprising, but it is insulting

Here at the end of the pier marina and other small vessels, only smaller.

The remains of the Christmas festivities, there was also quite a garbage after a night

Like a gas station for boats

We sat and rested a bit and went to have a look at the resort town of Sopot, on the inside, maybe say

And though he is small, but there is something to see, in the end, we looked at so far only two of the three main attractions of this place.
They went out to the shore, the ol m pier has an ice rink, a central area, this is probably the local town hall, although few probably yes, and do not understand why there is so smoke coming

Embankment, like parking for bicycles, and can it something else, in the lower left corner of the photo

Rusal and a mermaid on the door

And all covered ...

That, incidentally, that in Sopot liked it a lot of what that small parts that want to pay attention, and they delight.

The main street of the town, goes from the railway station to the sea, to the mall, to the Grandhotel etc.

It then is, perhaps, the main attraction of this wonderful place.

No, not a tightrope walker, but what exactly opposite him
Tadaaam, Crooked House

He is so cute that it lost about unimaginably long standing, admiring, looking for what that detail the nuances and in this regard we are fortunate that we were in the morning, and even in the day and the people there could freely with his obfotografirovat all sides

Incidentally, this shopping center, it is a pity that it is closed proved nor sit in a cafe, nothing.
The Cathedral at the end (or beginning, depending where to look) pedestrian street

Actually street towards the sea

Well, after we got to the station, took the tickets and went to Gdansk, it is necessary because it was to walk in daylight the city, and even before that we are there only appeared in the dark

The train from Gdansk to Sopot chief is just 20 minutes worth PLN 3.8 per person.