This city to celebrate the New Year 2013 has been chosen by accident. Have never heard about it, and here somewhere with someone in a conversation heard the word of Gdansk, some photos and looked up the route in which Gdansk was in the period from 30.12.12 to 02.01.13. it so happened that I had pictures of mostly at night, I show them not really want to, because they do not convey the whole colorful and interesting city. But there is a day of photography, they have I done January 1, when most of the tourists had already begun to depart from the city, and local residents were sleeping quietly, although the time was after noon, but even many of the cafes and restaurants were closed because it was lunch and problematic .
The gates of the city, the train station.

Rather a platform on which trains arrive and trains.
The station looks very gothic and quite nice

At the station, is a monument tour

Well arrived at the station, looking around, we are heading to the historical part of the city, buildings that date back to the 13-18 centuries, although of course it is a bit wrong, because during the liberation of East Prussia by Soviet troops the city was bombed by 70-80%, but Poland after the war, decided to rebuild the city, the restoration is still ongoing.
The roof, by which I could not bear to go through, it fascinates me

Church of St. Catherine, but the name did not find anything about it

Square Jan Hevelius, he was the head of Gdansk, while the city was named Danzik (or something like this), it was in the middle of the 17th century. At the end of the square you can see the monument Hevelius and the old town hall

Tower Jacek again, except this information to any other I have left a shopping arcade

Login to those most shopping arcades

Just streets, they too will be, they fascinated me sometimes, though this is complete in every city of the era, that is, Ages 15-17

Boyarsky on the streets of Gdansk, well, what is nice gate with figures

Portals are good parts, that's what matters in architecture

The central pedestrian street of the city, called the length.

Modern Town Hall, I understand that in Gdansk are several of these most major urban houses)))

Another door, details are very important, they kept everything

Just for the sake of these doors is worth visiting medieval Europe, in terms of modern Europe where such preserved architecture

As a continuation of the long street, Long Market, Trading or Long, the central square of the old town.

Apparently, the municipality, on top of the flag of Gdansk

Area, more or less completely visible

In one of the streets can be seen the spire of the Church of St. Mary, by the way, the largest brick church in the world, designed for 25,000 (twenty five thousand)

Fountain of Neptune, he, too many details, just wandering around for a long time can be considered sculptures

Another Christmas installation, this time made of wood. In the Catholic world, a lot of it.

Long Trading and Green Gate, one of the oldest surviving gates in Gdansk, built in 1357

Again, the details of the entrance portal

Baggy house

The next door, the door I just sticks

View from Long (Green) Bridge on Mltavu, just seen one of the symbols of Gdansk, the ship's crane of the 15th century, then do a lot of things you can see what I am extremely meager representation


Regular gate with a tower and street barn on the island

View over the roofs and spiers of the old town

Like a sign, a network of shops throughout Poland.


Green Gate, the outer side and a piece of waterfront

Quay Mltavy

St. Mary's Street, as I fanatel to these ladders, to each his own door, with its unique architecture, the details are very important, they are darkness

Generally, the old town you can wander for a long time, as in any other, I have presented here only the most basic, perhaps, in any case the most poppin, what he sees any tourists come to this city. And so a great city, I'm here now climbed on Wikimapia, searching titles and other historical information, understand that even very many have not looked in Gdansk. Oh, and to hell with them, will be a reason to return, although it is unlikely.
Highly recommended city to visit.