Utladalen - the deepest valley of the country

As you remember, in Flåm do nothing special - all transplanted to the ferry and go further. We sat in front of the ferry on the bus that took us to the border of the nature reserve "Utladalen Valley." The park has its own website. In Utladalene we planned to spend 2 nights in one of the tourist lodges Norwegian Tourist Association (Den Norske Turistforening). All information regarding accommodation was found on their website. About the fabulous nature Utladalena and experience of using the services of DNT in today's story.

Briefly about how it works. Under the auspices of DNT lined network of travel, I do not know how to say it correctly in Russian, inns, or something. If the plain language - small red houses in the mountains, where tourists spend the night while hiking. Roughly speaking, all the houses are divided into 3 categories: - Houses in the management of DNT self-service. These shelters are open all year round, the key that opens them bought in advance at one of the offices DNT. According to the description, DNT key opens all the houses of this type. I do not quite understand what it means. After all, if the key is analog, so to speak, is inserted into the lock and turn the latch that goes, this option reusable - buy once and then enjoy it for years. Do not change the locks after every season throughout the country. Well, in fact, that's the key-card is also not hard to believe - not connected all the same houses standing in the middle of nothing to the Internet to reprogram the castle every year! Does anyone have experience of using DNT key? How does this work? Self-service means that in these houses do not have any management personnel, all on honesty and self-conscious. Again, according to the description, as payment in cash are left house, or in a special form shall be entered credit card information. Sounds even surreal, so once again I ask to respond people with experience! - Houses DNT serviced. This full inns with constant control. Work only in the season, and the season usually begins in June and lasts until August and September, summer. At the expense of the winter I do not know. Here everything is clear - there is a schedule, there is a person to be contacted, and he will be waiting. In such houses, if desired, can even be arranged to the full board (for the price mnogozvezdochnoy hotel). - Private courtyard, working with DNT. Houses of this type have their own owners who install mode, season, prices and everything else. DNT only provides their contact information and notes on your map. In this type of house we stopped about it in detail. In planning the route Norway Pasha contacted the manager of the inn Avdal Gard. According to the description, the season begins in Avdal Gard 15th of June, that is, a month later we desired dates. But Florin, was the name of the responsible officer Awdal Gorda, replied that he would be in these days, and we will take us. At that decided to do, but as they say at home, "Do you know what the internets write?". Having the conversation in broken, from Florina, English and honestly, we did not leave doubts. In any case, in Oslo, we went to the office of NTDs in the hope to organize itself as a key insurance from self-catering cottage Gravdal gard, which, as it seemed to us, is not far from Awdal Gorda. The girl behind the counter really do not understand what our problem: "You have written in the email that they will be open. If in Norway said that the opening means open!", She has given us. "Well, of course, and if they do not, and in fact, anything can happen!", Our typical Soviet replica it only reiterated its confidence. So we left the office with NTDs sow the seeds of hope and a map of the region for 25 euros. With this balance of power we arrived by bus from Flåm in Ovre Ardal, where we had a foot reached the 10 kilometer route in Awdal Gord. When planning a route out of the house, 10 kilometers on foot did not seem anything special - in conversation hour for a maximum of 3 on the right! In fact, laden with backpacks then 2 day supply of canned food and pasta we walked into the unknown, to the end of doubting the fact that we have someone waiting. Start the path from Øvre ordeal to Utladalena asfaltirovanoy on the road. When it became clear that a 3eh hours away, we can only dream of, I even offered to all spit and stay at a campsite halfway. Uncertainty and the slightest risk leads me out of composure, and their peace of mind and I cherish it for the price not wait! But Paul shook me, and we went on.

The first large waterfall on the way, water splashes immediately covered the lens and pour sweaty body.

Utladaen - the deepest valley in Norway, surrounded by peaks up to 2,000 meters. Utladalen bordered by a nature reserve Jotunheim (Jotunheim).

And here we are at a fork. Camping left far behind, and our goal at the top. The rise of 400 meters. Without the slightest experience of the mountain, it seems that the garbage - and the truth that is 400 meters on the plane.

It should be noted that the area can not be called deserted. On the way we met a lot of people strolling all ages. The road to the top. Began, as it seemed endless ascent. On one of the plateau to the meeting we went a man of 35ti dog. We greeted each other. It was a Florin! He had just descended from Awdal Gorda to perform any work underneath. Florin remembered us, but was surprised - he was waiting for us in a completely different days! Do not even want to think about what would have happened if we had just missed him and kissed the lock on the door Awdal Gorda. We are very lucky that we met him! Florin gave us a key to the house, he said he would be back in 2 hours and encouraged - to go to the inn as much again.

The psychological factor is of paramount importance - to move on was quite easy, the key is in the hands and the prospect of a hot shower (!) Acted as potions + stopitstsot to all characteristics, similar to the harmful computer games.

Awdal Gord. Awdal proud of - it's an old farm. On this ledge people lived with the 16th century! No wonder that in Norway were courtyards, who knew nothing about the German occupation.

House with a slate roof - the main building, so to speak. It lives Florin, in the same kitchen. On the second floor rooms for tourists. We were allocated kuryatnichek middle - 4eh person cabin without electricity, with candles and gazoplitkoy on the tank - the better!

The long-awaited dinner. First Canned shetbullerov in tomato sauce (meatballs) is open! Over dinner, who shared with us Florin, we talked with him. Florin - Romanians, professional ranger worked before in one of the Romanian national parks. The last 6 years he spent the summer on earnings in Norway, and more recently he was offered a permanent contract, and he finally moved to Norway.

After dinner - the fire and try to boil water on it. Water and did not want to boil, but the pot was covered with a black layer of soot, brought up to standard for gazoplitke. By the way, the water all these 2 days we were taken from the streams. Water is cool, but after her in the mouth and the teeth stay strong tart plaque. I guess it's because of the limestone, which streams namyvayut down with snow-covered peaks. At least, I want to believe that this is not industrial emissions from Germany :)

Life in the house. The front door had a number of good-quality slots that are threatened by draft with all subsequent bouquet. The solution was found with the help of two additional mattresses and supporting structure of backpacks. The bed we had our own, we put it in the provided mattresses, blankets and pillows.

I have probably exhausted their reader narrative style, so we will just photos species valley on the way to the waterfall Vetti (Vettisfossen), one of the highest in Norway.

Dog-mate Florina. A mixture of huskies and collies. She is already old and, according to Florin, this is the last season of her life .. And replacing it already was born and grew up.

General view of the campus. Shower in the right house, it is in the basement of the last day I found a washing machine (!). And the left shed - push. By the way, the push is worth a bucket of sawdust - to the next, open the lid, not gasped punch in the nose smell.

Lower outpost where we met Florina.

Way down.

And we're back on the road - go to Vettisfossenu!

Mountain River, which forms the valley. Long Valley 25 kilometers. Along it is the way to the waterfall.

The second half of May - the ideal time. Everything is green, but the peaks are still in the snow that covers with all the rock waterfalls. The sound of waterfalls - class!

And to drink there at every step.

Vetti gard - another yard NTDs. It was closed - even out of season.

From Vetti have 2 ways - you can go to the waterfall at the top or to the bottom. Way up to 3 times longer than the road to the Awdal proud. The decision to adopt immediately - we go to the foot.

Of course, in this frame is not enough girls, smooth hair soaked in the same T-shirt soaked to the skin. I was too shy to ask for Paul, so no people in the frame.

Vetti waterfall, our goal.

Rainbow in the waterfall. Assess the extent of the rainbow on background of trees!

Descent, the road to the waterfall and back, lifting just took the whole day, which we started in Avdalene were waiting for us in the box!

Welcome dinner meat. For the whole day I poured out so much sweat that moment I swallowed half kilogram pigs canned. I'm in the black, Paul in the patterns, if that.

Thus ended Utladalen. On the way back we still have time lucky - Florin went for the city and drove us to the bus stop, so having left early on the bus we had a free 4:00 in Flåm, about which I wrote in the previous story.