Norway January 2012

When normal people go to Norway? That's right - in the summer. But some go in the winter. ) And although the phrase "But if you come in the summer," I heard from the local multiple times, do not regret the trip.  Gorgeous Norway in winter

It all started in the morning on January 5th. On the night transfer in Riga, I did not flew to Oslo winter. There was no snow at all. But after the rainy Riga pleased even frost.
Here it is Oslo, which was for me then



running somewhere.
With surprisingly hardened people who go unbuttoned jackets, do not wear hats, and often do go out into the street in the winter in a T-shirt and jacket. I froze in the hat and wrapped in a jacket. 
And yet there is a strange statue:

and opposite

Embankment and the castle:

There is an obvious lack of visiting Norway in the winter - it gets dark very early, in addition, all museums apparently believe that you need to open and close before dark, so working hours from 11 to 14 - it is quite normal. But it is not very convenient for those who want to visit a lot and immediately. So after checking into the hotel and walk around the city was chosen as a museum, which, of happiness, he worked up to 19 hours. Namely - the National Gallery. And she did not disappoint:

Next to this painting was overheard a guy and a girl (in Russian)
- And it's true that Picasso? - Yes I Am. - Direct the same. - Yes I Am. - Wow! He was a Frenchman after all? Well, enough jokes.  And here it is, the one that struck me - Madonna. Dagny Juel   - Norwegian writer, pianist, translator, muse of artists and writers. Interesting fate, she was shot her lover, who committed suicide the next day.

More us with her friend liked this picture) has for personal reasons. Long laugh. 

The next day was scheduled to visit the most important museum for me. 
Great man who said - "Borders? Never seen them before, but I heard that they exist in the minds of most people." 
Here it is - the legendary PA2 and I'm full of happiness:

And of course, the Kon-Tiki

Here it is - incredibly strong, carrying huge logs hands to build this legendary raft

Knowledgeable people will understand, so it is difficult (balsa wood yet). But on the way all the adventures of brave heroes will be rewarded

Very close to another museum. In Norway, a lot of heroes, the great men conquering uncharted expanses. 

Who he was, standing at the helm of this ship

No, unfortunately, it is not I, but

Immediately ran to the Viking Museum. Majestic and beautiful ship furrows the sea:

In flk museum had only Outdoor eksibishn. 15 hours, everything closes and getting dark. 
We went on icy streets

Looked into the house

But no one was there. It was scary, dark and deserted. But then out of the corner of the house around here

Came a short man in a black coat, asked:
- You are here Koreans have not seen such a little. Small (showing growth hands). From South Korea.
And we knew that here people disappear. And headed for the exit. Korean second we met there, under a large tree, he exchanged phone with some girls and filmed the cat that ate Christmas tree branches. And his friend, probably a long time in the wilderness of the Norwegian countryside, looking for him. In the evening we waited for the night train to Begram, so we hung out in the open for a long time up to 21 hours of the museum and watched a movie excerpts, apparently prominent Norwegian films. Everything was in Norwegian, but pictures and videos we realized that the local film industry is well revealed the ax, and that if a child a boy to carry on a meeting nudists, he is likely to become an addict.  And the next morning we already met rainy Bergen

Early in the morning when we went to the hotel from the train station, on the street there was no one. Generally anyone. It was like the scenery for some movie. Quiet, beautiful medieval proud of our bags and wheels rattling over the cobblestones. 
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, all the time is to put the squeeze, ie not all the time, and every 10 minutes, then stops, and then again.
And yet beautiful Bergen. We lived just at Bruges.

Our first goal was Grieg Museum. We have explained in detail what you need to go on a special railway line, then 20 minutes to go on the signs. The city gradually revived

When I collected the information before the trip, somewhere read an anecdote about Bergen

Tourists come to Bergen. Day lives - the rain, the second - the rain comes, lives a week - and the rain did not stop.
Out into the street, stops the local boy and asks:
- Boy, tell me, but here ever rains stop?
- I do not know, uncle - meets a guy - I'm only 10 years old.

So I thought then nothing, it was a joke. 
We came to the right stop and walked the signs, then they ran out, we moved on, rain during this time was just 10. Then

I advise everyone to visit this place. It's beautiful, it does not matter whether you honor Grieg, whether you are fond of music, just indescribable beauty around.

If you go down to where the rock is buried ashes Grieg and his wife Nina and runes carved their names

just in front of a magical place

water is covered with a thin crust of ice

from home to this place is such a path leads

In general, we have not regretted that have been searching for that wet, cold and spent almost the whole day. But hurried back to catch up on a cable car and look at the top of Bergen.
And he did not disappoint, although it was getting dark

Then we still swept before closing local museum, again looked at Munch (his paintings were in all the museums, where we did not go) and fell to sleep without hind legs. Morning train was to take us to Voss, where only started functioning in winter fjord tour.  Here it is - the ski resort Voss (only an hour away, he ignorant of snow Bergen)

and opposite

Then take the bus to Gudvangen

and then here on this here boat on the fjord. 

there I rushed on deck, then frantically trying all the pictures, then gave up, realizing that the photo can hardly do anything to pass

clouds seemed so close that you can touch them by hand.

We arrived in the town of Flam, where there is a small museum alpine railway, which was supposed to take away us back to the station first Midral (where you need to transfer to a normal branch), then in Voss.

museum, and behind him, just the mountains, where we umchit half an hour train

Along the way, make a special stop to look at it

and only in winter

At the station Midral we move on a regular commuter train, in which local residents went to Bergen, were scattered everywhere skiing, and from under two protrude seat faces the Huskies. Again and again the night train to Oslo. And it was not to know, for 2 days that we had, it snowed. But wait out bad weather we had no time, and we went to the place where, of course, you should definitely visit if you are in Oslo. They look at us through the snowstorm

Then he walked again along the waterfront

Snow stopped

they swayed in the mist)) And finally smiling stone

Sorry for the mistakes, thank you all.