Kjeragbolten - this boulder, once smartly rolled over the plateau Kjerag, about to dive into the Lysefjord, but has not reached the goal, firmly stuck between two rocks. But he got more - a lot of tourists every year visit this place in about two hours drive from Stavanger, just to see this wonderful stone volume of about 5 cubic meters of hanging at an altitude of 984 meters on the fjord, or dare to enter it.
Almost 2 years ago I climbed on a rock in a completely inappropriate for any weather, mountain walks. So when turned up the chance to visit with colleagues again, I have long pondered, the more that promised great weather.

The path to the stone takes about 2.5 hours one way and starts around a cafe called Øygardstøl (or Ørneredet), which translates as "Eagle's Nest". Small house hangs over the precipice, and with its observation deck overlooking the village located at the bottom Lysebotn, where a ferry to Stavanger. See fjord on board the ferry, of course, not as entertaining as sitting on the edge of a cliff, dangling legs.

The trail starts at around 640 meters above sea level and bypassing the two valleys, leads tourists to Kjerag plateau (1020m), which will slightly go down to the stone. The route is quite simple, although I would recommend shod trekking boots or shoes with good soles holding. After the rain on slippery rocks can seriously injure a falcon, and even in dry weather, which should not be there for a long time, on the trail of dirty places.

The initial section of the trail are quite a few bars with chains. In dry weather and good shoes they can hardly use it, especially if there is no camera in the hands.

In some places still is a lot of snow melt water streams rushed to the small lakes and rivers.

Water is safe to drink, and it's pretty tasty. Although, I think, in Norway almost everywhere the water safe to drink, because even in restaurants, asking for a glass of water, do not specify that you want bottled water, you get a glass of water from the tap. And it will be amazing to taste, this I promise.

Having overcome the first ascent, you go down into the valley Litle Stordalen and wooden bridges continued on his way to the cherished and so alluring boulder.

Jumping on the pebbles, force a river in the valley Stordalen and climb to the plateau. Recent years, more and more flock here climbers and BASE jumpers. And jumping into this site illegal.

Stretches to the horizon Hardangervidda - the largest mountain plateau in Europe. Although both Alpine - Height varies most from 1200 to 1600 meters.

Focusing on the red "T" on the rocks, you come to the piles of stones round-pointer. Weather clearly better than in August 2009go, is not it? Yes, and it is clear where to go.

Slight descent, turn - and gaze appears goal 2-2.5 hour hike.

From left to see the cliff, from afar reminiscent Preikestolen - "pulpit", but before still quite far away. This cliff was chosen beysdzhampery, who can afford to 400-500 meters of free fall to the point where it is necessary to open the parachute. After they plan to shore of the fjord, almost under Keragbolten. Mountain wind is unpredictable and accidents happen here every year.

Information poster in the "Eagle's Nest" warns that despite the fact that many are trying to enter the stone, perhaps some will just look at it. I do not know whether the fall is already someone down, but come on stone, clinging to the rock, at least, without any apparent fear. And if the last time in the shower, in the crumbling sneakers with smooth soles obliterated I did not dare to stand up, but now it was much easier to do. Although a small tremor in my legs was present. Face the fjord is much harder to internal sensations.

Make a memorable photo on the stone, you can go back. Keragbolten - one of the places in Norway, which I definitely recommend a visit to any physical health.