Kotor neighborhood: Shkalyari and Dobrota

Continue virtual tour of Montenegro. As promised, today we look at the neighborhood of which, settlements Shkalyari and Dobrota. In fact, these settlements are in fact not even near suburbs, while "sleeping" areas of Kotor, but ... Montenegrin authorities decided that other city, then so be it.

As we have already established before, best, though not the most efficient way to get from Tivat, Kotor - to reach there on foot through the village Kavach and a small but very picturesque pass through the ridge Lovcen. The journey takes about two hours, and the rise from Tivat rather flat and downhill - very steep, with passes obligatory for loops highways. On the pass near Troyitsy have a small shop where you can stay and something to eat. And then - just down the only descent. At first, the road goes along the spurs Lovcen that the closer to that, the steeper and steeper. Finally, after a few minutes, open the first, still covered mountains, views of Kotor.

Descending from the pass through Lovcen, the road makes a few very picturesque turns. In principle, all offered me the road is very picturesque and so I highly recommend if the case did go from Tivat to Kotor foot. This case is healthy, and the car will not notice much beauty without creating on a mountain road accidents.

At a certain dexterity and opportunities here any frame camera can be turned into a postcard.

Quietly down in Shkalyari, but here he is, in your hand!

At some point on the road marked out the boundaries of which ... But this is not its boundary. Perhaps the mark this is made for local taxi drivers, so that they know from what place to count long distance tariff.

The first thing that surprised in Shkalyari - old cemetery with on its territory a small temple. Loved the same people own relatives, if so they were buried!

Typical high-rise buildings in Shkalyari. Approach the entrance can be difficult, but the overall look quite nice

Housing easier. Curiously, the residential development for the "local" somewhere quiet adjacent to the beach where no one bathes. That is not surprising: Kotor and its surrounding space is not "hair."

I'm going to see the car and Shkalyari suburban refugees. Why are refugees? Because fled, to see not from war, but from bad weather, expensive apartments, partners or even for some reason ...

On the outskirts Shkalyari is an abandoned hotel "Fjord" from which we started last time inspection of Kotor.


On the deserted beach "Fjord" offers a good view of ownership is

Passing literally 1000-1200 meters across which we go in Dobrota. And then everything is the same as in Kotor. Embankment used as a roadway, the beach is not (no longer needed)

In Dobrota detected refugees Moscow

Local residents legged carefully bdyat that the Russian refugees and other tourists behave decently and not on someone else's property encroached

Beauty, silence ...

Even in tourism and untwisted Kotor where without such a favorite in the former Yugoslavia antique cars are like this "Bug"? Despite the fact that the prices of new cars here, frankly, low, for example, the new Mercedes "A" class, according to advertising, it is worth less than 20 thousand euros.

Dobrota of beautiful views of the north-eastern part of the Bay of Kotor and its so picturesque banks

However, in Dobrota little interesting, so it's best to go back to Shkalyari. I had a funny story on this topic. In Shkalyari of which I did not come back, and went back to Tivat "at the bottom" ... But the next day something so tired and slept in the bus itself Tivat, he has delivered me again ... in Kotor. Well, that means destiny, and you have to pass on the other side Shkalyari, which was my first visit has not been studied. It turned out, there are a lot of interesting things. The old church, standing on the background of the surrounding mountain ranges ...

Sun at sunset very expressively draws the surrounding ridges Kotor

Evening calm bay makes like a mirror, because any the smallest boat in the perturbation of water visible from afar.

Well, of course, did not miss the opportunity to pass the tunnel Vrmac, stretching over 1.5 kilometers. The point here is certainly not in that 5 euros for a taxi was a pity, but that ... that just never went to this kind of engineering structures. Approaching the tunnel once again found that the Russian language in Montenegro, if not the third, then the second is not. Note the poster "Visas"

Here is the Vrmas

I came out of the tunnel - and here at you, again advertising in Russian! Please note, no one went into hysterics about the replacement of the Montenegrin language Russian! Nobody paid advertising cut away, nobody demands lyustrirovat advertiser, everyone understands: just business.

That Shkalyari end and who wants more - wait for the next report, it would be very unusual * Couple of photos from the next report, which will, in particular, here are the architectural eye candy on the shores of Bay of Kotor