Langkawi, Hotel Tanjung Rhu

Week vacation in Langkawi happened at the Tanjung Rhu. We quite by accident, but very successfully guessed the hotel, so that family vacation was nothing marred.

The maid then traditionally tried to "surprise".

The hotel's pond splashing fish, which we fed bread carried away from the buffet.

Our main tourist! It was all for him.

Pool and bar for adults.

The overall restaurant. Breakfast - buffet, lunch and dinner.

Italian restaurant called "Saffron". Lunches and dinners.

The gourmet restaurant "Ru". Dinners.

The famous beach. Huge. Uncrowded. Clean sand. Some unknown ratings indicate whether his second third place in the world. Well, at least on the side of a piece of the day brought tourists from other hotels.

The first time I see beach towels in the public domain, without exchange on any card, mortgages, etc.

The hotel two drawbacks: the distance from the resort life, that on the other hand fat plus and arising out of the first drawback is the price of food. In the absence of competition, as you can imagine, remove foam. By the end of the holiday, however, we adapt himself to dinner outside the hotel. and dinner itself justified, despite the cost of a taxi. The courtyard of the hotel.

Immediately a children's pool, hidden from the sun's rays.

Hotel housing.

All pools seawater.

Endless beach with traces of the tractor.

If not lied, this is where splashing Queen Elizabeth II.

Little wonder, then, that the resort opened himself ...