Grocery market Dao Ruang, Laos, Pakse

Grocery market. In any decent city has its main market, the largest, which is all-all-all. Well, maybe not everything, everything, everything, but everything that can eat or drink. Accordingly, if we are interested in than in Laos local people eats, we just have to take shopping bags cameras and go to the market. You can, however, and go, any taxi driver Dao Ruang Market, and just «New Market» knows. The market is huge and covered, but, as usual, under the roofs of darkish and boring, all the most popular and funny funny happens under the parasols in the sun. Food Market Dao Ruang, Laos, Pakse

Morally, we were ready to see a lot of strange foods that it is unclear which side is. But all we bolshii immediately at the entrance, surprised ordinary bread scattered among piles almost any fruit and vegetables. It seems that the French are about as unloaded for wholesale bread, svezhepriplyvshie from Paris. After fleeing the French local mastered the production of rolls (or brought cunning breed breadfruit, which explains a lot), but the idea of building a bakery on the corner for their implementation continues to appear unhurried local people unnecessarily elaborate and complex. Seller crispy French rolls

Local fructose - the best food in the winter for the European heat of the body, after the local beer, of course. Vegetables

With green in Laos okay, its a lot, and it is green. Tomatoes are also at a loss as it can redden the middle of winter? It seems that as long as they broke off and dragged on the market, they never woke up. Any simple grass

Pineapples different kinds carefully slashed for immediate use. Tasty, healthy, well after yesterday's delays. Seller pineapple with a huge machete

After the collapse of the Soviet Union humanitarian supplies marshmallow in red east of the country ceased, and local have been forced to adapt as best they could. Some fruits of some native plants in the presence of a certain percentage of fantasy vaguely reminiscent of sweet. White man is this garbage even try not required, there are lots of other fun stuff, and malicious pereprob too all in the Asian market - the main cause of lost days and missed trips. (If that is treated by the local moonshine without a snack, and it is not strange, Thai pereperchёnnoy kitchen.) Pre-packed sliced ​​fruit marshmallow local tree

By the way, here they are, these wonderful peppers, carefully grown for export to neighboring Thailand, but that did not pass inspection because of insufficient ostrosti. For this reason, they can try, having prepared in advance, just in case a couple of liters of cold beer. Otherwise you will have to vytraschenymi eyes sweep, knocking leisurely local boutiques in the next, and hysterically point the finger at beer, holding his mouth, so that nothing accidentally singe not emitted at each exhale tongues of blue flame. It is not enough hot pepper

Lao actively used in horticulture both sides of the earth's surface, pulling out there besides the traditional potato and Markovka a lot of other interesting things. Sold by all manner of herbs

Yes, the market and found the meat rather strange meat dish, which is understood as buyers try to gently brought by with a chopsticks.
We did not dare try because of restrictions on the daily rate stabilizing stomach spirits. Sellers incomprehensible meat dish

No, this is not the rat tails local giant rat tails or even lost Eeyore, it's just some corny hairy roots. Taste - non-obvious. Seller hairy roots

That part of the market that is not under the roof - the private market. That is the logic in placing the goods no, sell everything that dragged that has grown and been caught. Open Market

Surprisingly, quite a Russian grandmother look for a moment it seemed to me that she was sitting here with Ryazan cucumbers. No, it just seemed to speaking Russian grandmother with ethyl. Sold by all in the open market

Again strange tails .... Or maybe it's a huge tail water buffalo? But I think it would be strange, even for Lao, chop batches of water buffalo and then sell only the tails. Seller obscure tails

But these bits of bamboo rods we have seen in the case of stuffing a huge masher and pours a glass of sweet juice. that a white man with ice from a nearby Mekong very drink. Sugarcane

Another mystery: I understand sprouts, chopsticks, cutting of anacondas, but what is this mysterious bark?
There is a suspicion that this coconut bark, but the coconut and walnut is not particularly ugryzёsh and bark with what to do? Maybe this crust gourmet smoked rings of anaconda? Curious bark

Mysterious bark, lime and sugar - a piece of ... I remember as a child was about a rabbit trap of snuff, cabbage leaf and brick. but this is definitely not it? Very strange food set

In it for us! Purified Pamela in the foreground, there is tastier than ours, and, outside the market itself falls on his head, and fish to beer, type mikrovobla. And, maybe, it is unclear bark photo above also take beer? They roach

Here, at last, at least some semblance of structuring, this aunt everything dried, all buyers simple and clear. Seller sushёnostey

This, as I understand it, to not consume everything to the penny in the market, a way to keep those pennies for a rainy day. It is interesting to piggy pig -imenno they hit upon the idea, or the French, along with rolls instilled? Pigs - piggy bank

Lao mailboxes for installation at home. Symbolize the animals - a letter-with pigeons seem to be in Laos historically had problems. Piggy - for adjacent to the Mekong, frequently flooded areas and neprosyhayuschey, squirrel - mining, securely fastened to the dog basket - for express delivery. Although, express delivery in Laos ... very funny combination. Symbolic animal figurines - letter-

Gold series. Lao women have very tight, a mink coat dress is impossible in winter 30 in the shade. Habit to ride alone on dyrchike complicates the use of all kinds of hats, ground sidewalks - studs, all of this together - boots. It remains only to gold, which has, by the way, excellent thermal conductivity. And ornaments, and a good radiator, two in one. But now in Laos winter - the north and almost scary Dubakov in 30, deep sky, bright stars and beneaped due to termination of melting in the mountains of the Mekong. In general, the winter demand for gold in Laos No sellers are bored. Nobody interesting winter gold series

Speaking of the Mekong. Though he became shallow winter, but ice fishing before global catastrophe 2012go Laotians do not reach.
Local fans DMPA in the morning, it's not our owners every clever development for advanced Japanese rybolovleniya, unable to feed his catch even a small cat, here is serious. Therefore, freshwater fish on the market almost everywhere, it is difficult to do without a frame hit him fresh fish. Fishmonger

The seller of all kinds of fish

Seller fish-like herring

And yet Fishmonger

And more

These bags left - with what that local drinking liquid is taken vstyavlyat tubes in them and walk in the market. However, this chip for local, for whites made ​​anywhere to go with the beer. Seller drinks

Just fish without Seller

It looks like things have fish sellers are not bad at all, and yet unsold fish them more fully and more practically only (our European sense) morning. Satisfied fish sellers

And those who do not eat breakfast or dinner already going far running back is not necessary, on the perimeter of the market pounded hot sellers all local food. Food Seller

Seller food 

It should be noted that some obscure exceptions similar to the working fluid and the brain of various Hollywood "others", I, a white man, a victim of Hollywood, find a local catering sedobnoe well.
But, we are here to have fun, and do not come to eat, so dinner today we are in the local network of Indian cuisine restaurant "Nazim". Wonderful, by the way, a restaurant, and comfortable, it is one in Pakse, every taxi driver knows it and it is convenient to gather, if arriving in Pakse small scattered groups, who with 4000 islands, who sKaosana. It's one thing to wait for someone to dull and dusty bus, another - in the cozy restaurant with Indian cuisine and Lao holdnym pivasikom. However, the Hindu kitchen Nazim heavily embellished, street eatery in Delhi's much more terrifying.