4000 Islands Part 2

Entertainment on the island, except for swimming across the Mekong with beer, not so much: Hiking and boat tours of the waterfalls, photography freshwater dolphins and riding a bike on a dirt renting, which was before the French railway. Rails, of course, long been flooded and gravel, for fun ride, left.
In addition, bicycles local production - one of the most horrific veloustroystv that I have seen in my life. At this miracle sober person in principle can not go on cursing smooth asphalt under mild hill, but on gravel this piece of cast iron are not talking at all. That is, it is easier to get down and roll the unit on foot near vile rubble, thanks to the French, that they have all the frogs razbkzhalis. We ubilis nafig passed only ten kilometers.

But it was already evening, morning, we started with the dolphins and waterfalls, and of medicine, of course. 
Nothing pleases the morning on vacation, as a local pivasik, esetstvenno cold. 

Hunting for mekongovskih freshwater dolphins looks like this: In the designated point or dolphins appear or not. The camera is used strictly for scrutiny, to photograph gray dots on the horizon, no no meaning. But dolphins somewhere there really is.

After the dolphins in terms of excursions waterfall Khon Phapheng - such as the widest waterfall in Southeast Asia, unlike dolphins, it is amenable to photographing. Get to it first falls on a boat past dolphins, then the solo bus, and through friendly in Cambodia. The process of crossing the border is simple, as the Siberian boots. Drove a border guard yells that these, in the back - with him.

The village, which proiskodit transplant. I wonder who they sell it? Of non-native there was just us and the idea to stock up on the way to cabbage vodopvd we somehow have arisen. But pivasika they did not sell. However, the waterfall has a large pivasechnaya overlooking the waterfall.

Local cows graze right in the Mekong.

Asian kids, as always, adorable and happy to pose, do they still nefig after school, and we, respectively, nefigdelat waiting for the boat, beer in a village not. Local generally neutral refer to any booze, it does not interest them stupid, and the fences they lie not accepted. Imagine vodka for the price of beer in our village.

Some tourists find their individual alternative entertainment. 

That's where it is so quiet avglyadit Mekong without waterfalls.

Pay attention to the trees near the shore, it is noticeable that in the summer here and the level higher, and for stronger. Strange building on the shore - French pier, built with this in mind, with much ugliness galloping water level in winter and summer. Its height is just about showing the difference in levels. That the French were going to moor to this pier, which carry loads, and where, remains a mystery. Maybe the frogs in the Mekong want to grow?

Another waterfall, which can be reached by land. I understand that in the wet season, all this beauty is hidden under a thick layer of spilled Mekong. 

But such a tricky tricky Laotians filtered fish from the Mekong.

Railroad, save a few meters. And the only paravoz put across, chtorby certainly not gone.

Riddle disappeared rails disclosed. Local use them as bridges over ravines, terribly uncomfortable bridges, such as uncomfortable as the terrible rolling large that they have to carry on.

Here it betonnnoe monster - French pier inside. That's what and who they want to say? It seems like any French neomegaliticheskie facilities.

View of the sunset from the French bridge. Watching it, you need to remember that when it gets dark, will have to foot stomp at least two kilometers to the village in absolute the darkness, if you are in the northern part of the island live, so that the flashlight does not hurt, for that matter, anywhere else in Laos.

Laotians well, they dyrchiki with headlights. A foot of foreigners with flashlights were just us, to do the same. we had a GPS, so we had to head down the road to the northern village of a huge crowd of fans sunsets.

Night view of the Mekong from the balcony of the pile house on the east side, in the embodiment sunrise view. And since I'm a little late with bainki shooting from a very long delay, this moonrise, sunrise promise I slept well.

Generally, all standing on stilts in the Mekong houses on the east side are equipped with hammocks on the porch for lying down and tupleniya sunrise. The price tag was about a dollar for kopeck piece, with toilet and shower in the street, but on the Asian exceptionally clean, so that fans of romance and just the eastern jokes highly recommend.