In our Italian trip was planned Verona. Honestly, I thought that it would be as if a transit point for travel to Lake Garda, and perhaps in Milan. And it turns out that this town I will climb into the soul of a good long time. Here we go.

Verona strangely combines the ancient medieval buildings, and at the same time she is surprisingly warm and bright!


This town, unlike Venice turned to us a human face. Despite the hordes of tourists flooded the streets,

and the hot siesta, we waited in the apartment with a glass of wine, a bit of sugar with orange slices of melon and prosciutto transparent leaves.
Verona was so sincere thanks to the old woman - the mistress of B & B, where we lived. We affectionately called her Mamma. Her gray head constantly loomed in the wide-open windows of our terraces, in the expectation that we had finally noticed. She does not understand in English, and we do not know Italian. But is it a hindrance when the lord wants to help the elderly to their guests, and at the same time and enjoy conversation with them? She said, pointing to himself and gestures, crouch and betrayed his body such that it was absolutely clear what it is we want to get across. And my mom no problem asking questions in Russian and receive a reply in Italian - they were both happy about this dialogue and both understood the meaning of the question and the answer. Here is the woman now standing in front of me and her face - this is my Verona.

I was somehow uncomfortable ask for a photo of her, and she will remain in the memory of that wonderful old lady, who at daaaleko 60 leads for five years the car had difficulty walking up the stairs, calling Agritourism and orders us to a table for four, from named her daughter "Anne of the police" on the map sends us to the hill of San Pietro, so that we can enjoy a panoramic view of Verona, and goodbye crying and hugging us as a family.
This city has an amphitheater where summer sometimes sultry evening in the open air pour arias. Arena di Verona - amazing construction of the Roman Empire.

Arena surrounded the main square, Piazza Bra Verona, where we tried to listen to the evening of Hades, and we did not succeed - the sounds of the amphitheater practically do not leak out, despite the fact that the building is open.

But we enjoyed watching people who came to the show - women in black dresses and men in suits - in this heat! Decorous and dignified, they marched to the gates of the Arena, where they graciously welcomed the male ushers.

A part-Adige - river, winding ribbon and cut Return to the medieval and modern pieces, lights lit bridges and embankments.

On them so cool to go to his temporary home of refuge, where over our apartment was not the first time snoring Mamma.

That's such a warm feeling put down Verona in my heart. I really hope that when I go back to Italy, at least for a couple of hours I'll see again Verona and Mamma - God forbid her long years of good health!