Trieste and Miramare Castle

Located 40 kilometers from Italy and not to visit her - just a crime.
And one fine morning, it was decided to cross the border and still admire her beauty, namely the nearby castle of Miramare.
Starting from the Slovenian Piran, after 40 minutes we were already in Trieste. Driving along the industrial areas of the city, cherished the thought: "Yes, and look here there is nothing!".
But, as it turned out that the beautiful city center is a little further, and at the sight of his plans changed and Trieste also made ​​the list of "where to go"
But first things first.
So after 10 minutes of painful search for a parking space, we made ​​our way along a shady alley (which was especially true in the 35-degree heat) to the entrance to the castle.

Snow white, on a background of turquoise sea and blue sky it affects their beauty. From afar, Miramar is a bit like the Swallow's Nest in Crimea.

The castle was built almost a hundred and fifty years ago, designed by Carl Junker customers in the construction and the owners of the castle were Austrian Archduke Maximilian (the future Emperor of Mexico) and his wife, the daughter of the King of Belgium - Charlotte.
Is now open to tourists.

Entrance cost 6 euros and we did not regret about any spent cents. Unfortunately photography is prohibited inside, and do not want to click the shutter, and endlessly admire the splendid setting of rooms and halls.
Struck fountain mounted in the floor of the second floor with a glass bottom, through which the light falls into the lobby of the first floor!
I can only add that especially liked the room first floor, belonging to the first owners. Part of the second floor is occupied by the Duke of Savoy and suites are decorated in a rationalist style strongly reminiscent of Soviet apartment 40-60 years)) (although its too beautiful)
with a balcony overlooking the infinite expanses of turquoise Adriatic

Not without their own lap-dogs in the picture)

Along the stairs going down to the pier,

flowerbeds planted with pineapple, which are part of the coat of arms of Maximilian and Sharlotty- pineapple and the imperial crown, images are everywhere, even on the woven wallpaper inside the castle.,

and at the base, a fountain with a bowl of giant clams shells.

The castle has a small picturesque marina

and a huge park area of ​​22 hectares.

The park is entirely man-made creation. At the beginning of the construction of the castle was surrounded by a nearly bare hills covered with scattered bushes. Many plants brought in due time the duke Maximilian of countries for which traveled.
The park is filled with local and exotic trees and shrubs, colorful tropical and Mediterranean flowers, plants ....

In the sweltering heat unbearable it was nice and cool! ))

Deep in hiding cozy gazebo,

Coffee Pavilion, occupied by Russian and German tourists, burst ice cream,

from which the lovely Italian garden cascading down to the sea

Leaving the castle go along the promenade.

Very near detected unusual for these places - a tiny but very beautiful, natural sandy beach (although under water longer care pebbles (()

cormorants nest on the rocks

10 minutes and we are in the center of Trieste.
The next parking is in Italian awfully narrow congresses and we are free.
Despite the fact that Trieste is located away from the usual tourist routes, it definitely is not just one of the cities on the outskirts of Italy.
For its two thousand years of Trieste been under the rule of the Venetian Republic, swore allegiance to the Hapsburgs, was a free imperial city and the Austro-Hungarian port - the largest in the Mediterranean, the waste that Germany is Italy.
From its similarity to many other European cities.
It is located on the border of Italy and Slovenia its inhabitants speak a special dialect that is very different from the Italian.
His walk, we started with a broad boulevard along the waterfront Corso Cavour.

Number of bikes and scooters incredible and their owners always strive to climb even in the narrow gap between the machines
Steep beshechka

We reserve the Grand Canal for dessert

and go down the wide boulevard, purged salty sea breeze.

Mol infinity

Italy Freedom Square on the second dessert (and what could be better than Italian desserts? Well, except that Slovenian swing !!))))

Glamorous otelchik

Turn, and we give ourselves to get lost in the narrow streets ...



Still Italy

no questions asked Italy))))

Pirates are not only in Somalia))

steep streets

and the riot of colors

funny names

and we come to Liberty Square Italy

The largest in Italy,
surrounded on three sides grandiose palaces, opens wide arms of the sea ...

The Central Palace - City Hall.

On the tower - figurines, beating the bell every hour

There, in the square there is a "Fountain of the Four Continents" personifying the continents with allegorical female figures. "In the best years of sculptors were all good at business, Trieste battered only second-rate."

Back streets, a cup of excellent coffee and Italian Stock Exchange building, built in the classic style of the Roman Pantheon

Suddenly, in the midst of quite modern city found a well-preserved Roman theater age of about 2,000 years. This structure was discovered during excavation in 1938. During its heyday, this theater can accommodate up to 6,000 people are on the beach, but as time went on it because of silting and the subsequent movement of the shoreline. In our time the ancient arena suit summer concerts.

Finally the Grand Canal ....

Until 1934 the canal was slightly longer than it is today, and reached the top of the stairs of the church of San Antonio.

Along the canal in the day there is a large trade fair with the usual leather goods and unusual products from Belarusian monastery.

Above all this stands the grand Serbian Orthodox church of St. Spyridon.

Well, that's time. On the way to the parking lot on one of the walls is found funny graffiti

Around the next corner refuses Gothic Lutheran church

The station building, again around the city.

Trieste on us for a long time accompanied by the heady aroma of coffee from a giant factory Illy!
Italy, I hope I'll see you more!