The other side of Florence

I always want to get somewhere higher. More Sasha Vasilyev sang: "..ot sky until the last floors - just apply a hand ..". But as for travel, here I am not original. Almost every tourist tries to look at the possibility of a new city from somewhere above. And since the beginning of the walk to the bell tower from the Duomo, I did not climb up, then went to the observation deck on the Piazzale Michelangelo. It is located on the other side of the Arno River on the top of a hill, where there is an excellent overview of the historic city center, with its famous bridges and palaces, cathedrals and towers.

After the Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo and the noisy areas want to go through the more relaxed and not crowded place. To go down to the water is possible, but only in some rare places that I never got, so just go here.

Brazen (or very brave?) Dove.

I am pleased to be here to learn))

In this sultry, sunny day, perhaps, it is the best option for your holiday. But I'm sure that there is only local. The visitors can admire the creations of Caravaggio and Michelangelo, occupy shops and cafes, go on trips and drink wine.

On the bridge, located to the left of the Ponte Vecchio, I turn to the other side.

The picturesque track leads me up to the green park. By the way, there is a number of excellent camping. For those who like to travel in this way - a great place. Not far from the center, and the beautiful nature around.

If the center of the city, where the main attractions, is built very tight, the opposite shore is surrounded by greenery.

Here I am at Piazzale Michelangelo, where you can see a copy of the bronze sculptures of the famous wizard. Here the crowd and souvenir sellers are always a lot of tourists. But they are attracted not David.

All of Florence is at a glance: the famous bridge, which is easy to know the city on any picture or photo, and a huge dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, palaces and towers ..

Clearly visible hills, among which Florence is located.

And this is the other side, the one where we are now. I'd like to take a walk in this green paradise, but in another time ..

Once again, the majestic Duomo. Business Card Florence.

And without me, of course, also do not)) Photo memory and can go down.

Future Refaeli! More precisely Rafaelki))

The area is very calm, some quiet and even "home".

And they find themselves on the streets such involuntarily transfer a few centuries ago, and presents itself at this time. It is not in itself becomes, when you think about what you need to get away from someone else, but in general there is no place to hide! No rotation or crannies only high solid wall ..

Again in the open space.

The closer to the Ponte Vecchio, the streets become more comfortable, but people still on this side a little bit.

That seemingly simple as possible. Wooden tables, simple wine, olive tree. But what is good and calm ..

What I really like in the cities, so this is something that will never find two identical courtyards. Everyone looks at her, and with its own mood and atmosphere.

Limoncello and sweets to visitors.


The square in front of the Pitti Palace - the perfect place to sit on the warm stones beneath the setting sun and a little rest after long walks. Near this palace inside which the museum are the famous Boboli Gardens - a beautiful huge park, which is considered a must to visit.

Basilica of Santo Spirito, built in the XV century, the project of Brunelleschi. Again, I go into here, as in the rest of the church, not that we recommend, and certainly very direct. Almost every you will find a unique masterpiece of the world-famous painter or sculptor.

This bridge is as if specially built to admire them at sunset.

Familiar tracks are moving in the opposite direction, closer to home.

But on the way, passing by another Catholic church, I heard there hear the sounds of the body .. I go inside, sit down, dive into this amazingly beautiful and calming music and is lost to the outside world. About an hour later still I am, and go from there. The street was quite dark. Night view of the bell tower and the cathedral, the Duomo.

Now it's time to admit that art, beauty and other cultural joy - it's all well and good, but Florence is loved not only for that. That here "fed" - is generally beyond good and evil. Just because some dinner, I had wanted to stay here forever. I came just in casual restaurants, vending me on the road, but in each case it was incredibly, incredibly delicious! I always loved to eat something tasty, like good places, I have great Cooking Mama, and indeed I'm not really lagging behind. But - here! Now I understand why the cuisine of Tuscany (and its wine that is already here)))) are famous all over the world. Photos food I have, unfortunately, will not be, it was not up to the camera)

By the way, one dinner - it's not boring. Especially if there is wifi. Important not to be greedy and take more wine)) And yes, this is where I got a password, which I introduced about ten minutes. But not because he looked like this:

And because I am very well to laugh at him)) But then I have everything turned out)) and only the second time))) Now - home.

The morning of the next day. Breakfast, drink coffee. Rush nowhere else, because still will not have time to have this afternoon been necessary to move further. I understand that in Florence and I, of course, in love, though in the beginning reacted to it very cautiously. Finally I found a plus that I have only been here a couple of days - because if you stay longer, then leave it would be impossible.

I wanted to find svinyushku, which all rubbed his nose, but somehow never found. It remains a mystery to me, probably hid it for some personal reasons! In the search market has got - well, they do not go there in this city, which in fact is a gastronomic paradise))

Tomatoes and basil I left alone, but go without a couple of bottles of excellent Tuscan wine - could not))

I am meeting people through the city center.

I remember to have seen the Ponte Vecchio from all sides, but from within - not. I decide to fix it.

Famous jewelry shops are located around the bridge.

But now it's time to say "good-bye, until we meet again" to take a suitcase and go on.

At this point I had to go to "rent car", in my opinion, it was "Sicily by car", to take a booked and paid for the machine and go to Siena and then to Rome, on the famous road that is described in all the guidebooks, crazy admiring the beautiful scenery of Tuscany, taking photos along the way, and glad that dreams come true. But despite the fact that these two days in Florence were amazingly beautiful, filled with joyful emotions and just delightful mood, after all, not all dreams, apparently We must be true. Or not here and so soon. In general, the Italian was not enough rental my card, even two, and all because they "chip and debit" and they can not be something there at lock for collateral. And in the next AVIS, of course, it was not like that without an armor car with a gun. Well, on the mechanics, I did not go for eight years, so did not want to even try. Once that's it. Later I read in the Internet that is in the Italian RENTAL car happens very often, we will keep in mind for the future. Well, I porasstraivalas ten minutes, and then went to a nearby cafe to drink wine, and that in fact already suffered half a day, going behind the wheel))), ceased to be upset, I took the train and safely moved to Siena.