How to cheat the tax, using your home

This technique has become history ... his genius and controversial practicability.
A city in which it was used almost all the inhabitants turned by the desire to evade taxes, in an incredibly beautiful place that is capable of hitting even the experienced puteshetvennika.
And the town itself can be safely called one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This is not a joke, because it looks as if descended from the pages of a book of fairy tales, and live in the homes of some dwarves, wizards, magicians and other fairy-tale characters, rather than ordinary people.
But this is not an amusement park and tourist splint. This is really an ordinary town with ordinary people, just living in a very unusual houses for very unusual streets, which have become so just by the desire to cheat the tax ... a few centuries ago.
So, welcome in Alberobello - trulli town in the Italian province of Puglia.

I do not know a single person who had been in Alberobello, would not express his admiration for this city.
This city is really striking in its beauty and attractiveness.
And all thanks to Trulli. It is so called amazing form cylindrical houses with conical roofs.
But where are the tax due and why the desire to evade taxes, the city has become so?

In itself form the house can not be called unique. Such a primitive structure appeared in prehistoric times. Unusual these houses began by cunning and ingenuity of local people.
The fact is that in the second half of the XVII century. Aragonese Count Dzhandzhirolamo II Acquaviva ordered peasants to build houses that can be easily and quickly dismantled. This trick made ​​it possible to evade payment of tax on real estate, which the Kingdom of Naples has imposed vassals subordinate territories. Then the principle of real estate taxation was as follows: there is a house - there is a tax. No home - no tax. The whole secret of trulli houses, that they can be disassembled, pulling just one stone masonry, by analogy with a house of cards. Once Acquaviva denounced the impending inspection, he immediately reported it to residents and as if by magic disappeared entire street.

Special property in Trulli not store, prepare food and eat on the street. After the departure of the new tax inspector the trulli of finished material was erected just two days.

To be able to immediately dismantle the house, all the trulli were built without the use of mortar, drywall solely by using stone slabs.
Classic trulli evolved from these plates from the foundation to the domes, that they could bring down in a moment.
Today the majority of trulli have normal wall and classic dome. With the change in tax legislation eliminated the need from time to time to destroy the trulli and their walls are gradually strengthened residents for greater strength, heat preservation and improve the comfort of living in Trulli.
But most interesting is that the tax on Trulli abolished only in 1979 .... However, ruin them stopped long before the abolition of the tax.

If you ask why local Trull called that way, they can answer that when Trull disintegrates, it emits a characteristic sound "tr-rr-rr-wheel!" In fact, it is such a local joke. In fact, "trullo" - a dome.

Incidentally, the first Trull was built in 1635, and in 1925 to build trulli banned.
Since 1996, Alberobello is under UNESCO protection, so it is forbidden to destroy, rebuild or modify Trulli.

Trulli, as a rule, is a one-room structure, sometimes two-storey built by drywall with a conical roof of thin limestone slabs, topped with a so-called cuccurino - stone spire of arbitrary shape. The second layer of limestone slabs - kyankarella - covers only the upper part of the cone. On the input side kyankarelly paint pictures, Christian or pagan symbols.

In many souvenir shops are located, enoteca and restaurants.
In one of the trulli is even a Michelin restaurant - Il Poeta Contadino.
Though he has only one star, but the food there is exceptional, verified)

Most trulli is privately owned and some are even for sale. Price, you will be surprised - from 5 to 30 thousand euros.

In Alberobello about 11 thousand inhabitants and 1400 Trulli. And just trulli around 20 thousand.

By the way, on the roofs of some trulli applied different characters.
Some are clear and without explanation ...

... The meaning of the other will have to think about it.
But there is another option, find the nearest store in the transcript. Very often at the entrance you can see the inscription - deciphering the meaning of the symbols inside the store. And there you will be sold for 50 cents a postcard, which shows all values.

Looking at all these houses, at some point you start to think that you're on the set of a movie-tales for children.

By the way, apart from Trulli there is even a church-Trull

And this is a symbiosis of Trulli and modern home. Since it is impossible to destroy the existing trulli, and to live comfortably they fit very conditional, the locals come out of a situation like this simple way, just to a small pristraivaya Trulli large modern house.

Masonry roof Trulli

I do not know, looking at these houses neatly folded, amazed at how disorganized their people from time to time, to then add, if only to avoid paying taxes.
Apparently, the cost and time spent working for the owner of the trulli were significantly less than the amount that needs to be would have to pay a tax on the house.

Trulli apartments for rent by tourists.

Looking at this house, do not even know how to live in it.
But what's inside?

Inside, everything looks much more spacious. Still, living quarters as it goes inland from the narrow central entrance.

However, the tall man here will be quite uncomfortable.

Another room.
Rent this house a day will cost from 50 to 100 euros

Streets in Alberobello simply unique.
It is in fact one of the most unusual places in the world in which I was

Imagine how beautiful and fragrant here in the summer, when the riot of greenery and fragrant thousands of colors

Unfortunately, for a walk in Alberobello, I had only two hours, because we had to hurry to the airport.
Returning to the rental car, we saw just such a touching picture.
And even though I'm a pretty cool cats do not do this picture and add it to the story of Trulli of Alberobello just could not