Iran - the treasures of ancient Persia

What is Iran? Of course, first of all ancient Persia carpets, painted minarets, bazaars, Saadi, Omar Khayyam, dishes, mirrors, etc., pleasing the eye and soul. It so happened that modern Iran lives its rather isolated from the outside world life. But in some ways it is good for. The country has banned alcohol (you can buy only non-alcoholic beer), very few cigarette smokers (prefer hookah), the girls maintain purity before marriage, very few divorces, I say nothing about abortion! On the Internet blocked all social networks. The government monitors the morality that is rare in today's world ... In the streets people are friendly, always asking where are we? It seems that the values ​​of Western civilization here just is not penetrated, and thank God! But technically, the country is actively developing: all computers, cell phones, a lot of good cars, fly planes, a new subway in Tehran ... God forbid America and will reach there! Represent a small selection of photos about the life of the original ancient country. Tehran. Golestan complex

Tehran. Golestan complex

Tehran. The modern part of the city

Tehran. Subway

Tehran. Saadabad

Tehran. The northern part of the city and mountains

Tehran. Freedom Tower - Azadi

Even Chuck. Women

Even Chuck. Flower

Chak Chak. Reshёtka

Chak Chak. Zoroastriyskiy temple

Chuck Chuck. Flowers

Meybodi. In caravanserai

Holiday in the desert - to ride on the sand))


National ornaments

Yazd. Wind towers

Yazd. On the streets

Yazd. On the streets

Yazd. On the streets

Yazd. On the streets

Tabriz. Meyxana Dƶame

Tabriz. Ornament

Tabriz. Children

Tabriz. Amir Chuck Mac

Isfahan. Jammeh Mosque

Isfahan. The mosque Jammeh

Isfahan. On the streets of ...

Isfahan. Mosque Lyutfalla

Isfahan. Imam Square

Isfahan. Footbridge

Isfahan. Mosque Lyutfalla night

Budget Travel: Full 7 days $ 300 per person, including accommodation, meals, transportation within the country (bus, plane, train) + taxi and subway, souvenirs and other expenses.
Weather: from 2 to 9 May day 23 29, very dry, with the exception of Tehran, where possible rain and at night 19