Ijen volcano

One early morning in Dzhogyakarta we got on the bus and went to the volcano Bromo.
Bromo then erupted, so that was one of the most exciting experiences for the whole of Asia. I already wrote about him being in Tae, could not stand it :) 
bromine rode all day through a continuous village - the most populous island in the world (that's me on Java). We sat at the erupting volcano two days and covered with a dense layer of ash, another early morning again boarded the minibus and drove to the next volcano - Kawa Ijen. 

Volcanoes have decided to go on a tourist bus in the company of a few other backpackers. There are several reasons: zadolbal (zadolbali !!!) local transport, which is also to volcanoes almost did not go. Price turned out the same. Of course, had to endure the standard "helo, Ware Frome, on the rush, ITS Cold", but we tried to pretend to be dumb. Backpackers all, without exception, very annoyed by their sameness. 

And here is Ijen.

After spending all day in the bus, in the evening arrived in the town closest to the volcano. Gest there is one, choose not particularly necessary. But it is quite acceptable. Went like a stroll down to the hot springs, and there landed uncle, saying that the entrance fee of 10 rubles. Sent him to fuck and went back. On the way, the children were asked to sfotkat.

General view of the village.

Close to Gest worth factory producing the famous Javanese coffee.

Mountain views from the main entrance to the factory.

Upon returning to a guest learned that it has a bath with hot water from the sources (heated volcano), and that it even free. Just amazing. Several times from boiling water to dive into a cold pool. Began to reek of sulfur.

The next morning, the rise was scheduled for 4 am. Somehow shoved a sandwich and went directly to the volcano. Came to the foot to 6 o'clock or half past six. Had a long and heavy lifting foot. There he is, smokes.

Began to rise amb-two. By volcano rises a small winding path. Every now and then meet us down hard workers with unaffordable burden on the shoulders - baskets sulfur. The fact that Ijen extract sulfur. Poor souls ascend to a height of 2000m on foot (as we do), then descend into the crater (lanes? Handrails? What is it?), There otkoluplivayut pieces of heavy mineral, choking smoke, lift it out of the crater, and then wander down to the burden to the foot . Work hellish. Accept rate, what is the life expectancy of these accidents.
The first acquaintance with baskets of sulfur, which stand for the entire length of the tracks on the volcano. Smells accordingly. Pay attention to the suit: the tropics, but kakbe is not hot.

And here is the first hard workers. As can be seen, they have worn themselves a narrow track, the better to escape from the burden down. Run, methodically swaying to the overall impact of all the forces was not as deadly.

Uncle offers to buy turtle from sulfur. One such basket can weigh up to 70 kg.

The clock does not yet have seven in the morning, and the guys are already down. How much they had to start working?

An hour into the lift opens first fantastic views of the volcanic valley.


This is not the sea, it is a low valley and morning clouds above it. 

Entrepot sulfur miners. More halfway up to the crater.

Our path skirts the mountains.

Very picturesque trashcan on the precipice.

But finally the crater! The track is on the edge and down to the crater lake.

Lake meters in diameter, probably 100-150. In one corner of the smokes, bursting on the surface and sulfur.

When approaching prominent men working there.

All usually hang out in the descent into the crater, we have decided to bypass the crater lake on the narrow edge of the volcano.

Wonderful views and a constant smell of rotten eggs. 

Plants, fired heat of the volcano.

And this opinion to the other side of the volcano. The valley is covered with a dense layer of clouds.

Hardworking tear off sulfur crowbars. When it becomes low, they doused the stones hot water to split them and give Sulphur additional output. At this point, almost all of the lake is covered with dense smoke.

Go back (all round there to pass). This picture is hanging in our hallway :)

Decides to try to go down into the crater. 

Somewhere halfway guys again filled with water hot stones, rose acrid smoke and I felt that a lack of clean air fainted. As usual, in a stressful situation, the body is capable of much. So my utterly tired feet in a few minutes on the air carried me out of this stinking cloud.

The volcanic nature of the strikes.

And this is the hours 8am. Clouds dissipate and rise. It's time down.

Finally here it is being seen in the jungle around the track. In the most that on is wild.

Everything. Going down the mountain, we sat in our minibus and drove to the pier to the ferry that was to take us to the island of Bali. About Bali then in a nutshell (obscene).