City Berastagi, North Sumatra

It so happened that on the penetration of the life of this mountain Sumatran town we had a heck of a little time. Pursued by bad weather and piercing icy wind, we stayed in Berastagi just over a day. However, this watch is left in memory a lot of impressions. In between climbing a volcano Sibayak, and a visit to the legendary market Berastagi, I managed to make a few photos, which are accompanied by brief comments.
After several hours of limitless racing on public roads, the driver of our "tourist-Mini Bus" miracle drove us from Bukit Lavanga in Berastagi. Total 100 000 rupees per person, several hours suicidal-curious horror - and here we are at the center of agriculture and many interesting stories! The name of the city, Berastagi, means in the language of the local ethnic karo "rice warehouse." His appearance city is entirely determined by the Dutch colonialists in the 19th century generously distributed education to residents of Indonesia. And if in Java or Lombok is happening in the powder smoke, then in Sumatra evolved primarily trade and missionary work. Despite the aggressiveness of local cannibals - Batak, the Dutch managed to instill in them the basics of agriculture, which, together with the importation of fruit and vegetable crops, forever Berastagi made ​​one of the key strategic points in Sumatra. Another factor was the odinm Attractive tourist component - not every city can boast of two steaming volcanoes within walking distance. Central street 50,000th Berastagi (on this indicator can be compared to a city near Moscow Lytkarino) adorns the monument to the fighters for independence.

The population of Sumatran up mostly Muslims - is no exception and Karo District, which includes the Berastagi. However, there are many Catholics and Protestants - many former cannibals (or I should say - animal painter?) Better than others embraced Islam a new Christian faith, who came to him with the colonizers and the rest of today.

Differences in religions do not promote any hatred - Sumatra mostly live very amicably, and much more important is the family than confessional affiliation.

Schoolgirls return home.

Coming home, these girls include computer and sit at Facebook. Accounts in social networks have many children in Sumatra.

And boys, meanwhile, already chase the ball.

Local residents, young and old very welcome, and are sometimes confused even the appearance of foreigners.

The standard of living in Berastagi is quite high - despite the low incomes, food fresh and inexpensive utilities do almost nothing. So that almost every house is a car,


Schools and public places are clean and modest design.

Wandering through the outskirts of Berastagi, it is difficult to get rid of anologii the Russian hinterland.

and certainly every roof is topped with a satellite dish.

Another house

Everywhere grow vegetables and fruit every garden and fence decorated with flowers.

The most popular vehicles in Sumatra - small, mini-bus. Outside view:

And from the inside:

Some taxis converted from pickups and therefore have the entrance from the back side.

Different models of minibuses and buses not only famously go, but demonstiruyut excellent decor. By the way, most of the drivers on the local flights has no driver's license - "fine" on the subject of his lack of democratic, and disproportionately less stress, resulting from the passage of the official procedure for obtaining rights by the police.

Heavy and bulky loads taken to carry on the roof of the bus.

Another one of the traditional modes of transport - horse carriage. At the ready:

Waiting for tourists

In the central square Berastagi is a small market, designed for tourists and has nothing to do with the legendary local market Berastagi.

Mike on the market

Central - and in fact the only - street Berastagi, JJ Veteran. Here are located guesthouses, hospital administration and the cafeteria.

Schoolgirls in a communication.

Local motorists pay tribute autoolden.

Sometimes there are very interesting specimens

Cars are here for decades.

But one day they will have to feed an eternity.

Indonesians respectfully relate to transport. Any vehicle, whether it's a bike, truck, or car, is used to the last gasp of the motor and the last turn of the wheel.

But even this approach does not guarantee perpetual motion - once the day comes when every movement is no longer possible, and eternity comes into its own.

Cafe is decorated storefront fried fish.


Strange pickup. At first I thought it was homemade ...

But after I met some of these cars, thought) but he did not identify. Mercedes star is a way to raise the prestige of any car.

"Manage the dream." Toyota any age are very prestigious cars in Sumatra.

Tiny SUVs from "Daihatsu" and "Suzuki" by local standards for channel Kruzak-hundred (or even UAZ Patriot).

Our modest hotel - Sibayak Multinational Guesthouse. The windows of our room lit - only the whole hotel.

Gazebo in the entire gesture.

Hard work and perseverance - these are the qualities that are inherent in many sumatrantsam.

View from the door of our room.