"On the border roam the Yankees do not know that we are there," or most fun border in the world!

So, comrades, it's time to tell you a funny story visit the Indo-Pakistan border and boldly declare that I have seen Pakistan! :) Do not be afraid - the terrorists and their acts in the post will not, but I promise a lot of positive! Because the India-Pakistan border (as it may sound blasphemous) - the most fun border in the world! :)

Tours (!) To the India-Pakistan border in Amritsar organize all and sundry: taxi drivers, hotel managers and guesthouses, passers-by on the street. We went in a simple way and took advantage of the offer of our hotel because it sounded softly and quite attractive in terms of money - Rs 120 per person. So we were in a taxi, which in close quarters, but not mad shared with two other Indian couples. Couples were aged and well-educated, so that the road to the border (about an hour) was wonderful! A little useful and practical: - on the border can not bring large bags / backpacks / women's handbags. It was there, on the border with Pakistan (sounds very dramatic, huh? :)), I lost my beautiful cloth bag MTV - I seized it (on the way back to the tank confiscated things were not so - I suspect - MTV got my woman -pogranichnitse ...). All contents of the bag gave my hands ... Conclusion (based on the actions of the forward-Indian women): please bring everything you need to hand in his pockets, which did not forget to put a plastic bag after inspection and search it will be possible to put all their possessions !   - with a possible carry water - highly recommended to take it - you can not carry with them cigarettes and lighters, but Brian was able! - have a passport, comrades! We did not take them and we missed allegedly driving licenses Brian, but next time, they said, will not be allowed! :) - At the entrance there are two stages: M and M. F easier because we (!) Less, and m have knock - all foreigners need to go to the gate, the barrier with the cherished inscription VIP! We're in favor - for us allocated separate places on cement steps! :) All in all, we got into the Foreigners Gallery and waited ... we heard the sounds of lugkoy and relaxed music, which reminded me of the song "Flowers Flowers" or "Music naaaas svyazalaaaa" ... Gandhi looked at it all and smiling (?) ...

As can be seen from the photos, the frontier was as follows: men may stand, women should sit at this time in a particular sector. How not to be seen from the photos, the more "decent" Indians (which turned out to be quite controversial, and I do not quite understand what criteria determined by the decorum) mixed, families and couples sat in the gallery with a man in gray trousers and a white shirt. Everyone, including pograntsov (!), waiting for the beginning of the presentation!

But Pakistan with its leader:

And the Pakistanis, who all arrived and arrived:

As you might guess, in Pakistan, women, and men too are planted (!) Separately! These places of honor were given to pensioners:

Who did not lose time and discussed political developments in the history of India and Pakistan:

Well, someone on the ancient Indian tradition simply "stuck":

Until we moved on to the interactive activities, I want to tell you about my very strong impression of the Indo-Pakistan border. MA, is dedicated to you! Gallery aliens all its citizens with full rights, we had to go against the European habits and pulls for each other closer and closer. And suddenly, in the midst of sounding music Sofia Rotaru and the group "Mirage" in the gallery includes two ladies - otherwise they can not name! In simple long skirts, in the same simple blouse and ... with hairstyles. Not sure about hair curlers, curling but there is clearly worked! Every lady in the hands holding the passport UK ... They contemptuously, eyes queen of the country, looked at the cement stairs, where they were offered to sit ... My first urge was - to offer them her shawl: that they sat on it ... One Lady independently and as a king sat proudly in front of Brian, the other - there ... Then they took out their cameras ... Lady in white holding a sample chamber 1980-1990-ies: black soap dish with foil and built-in flash. .. She began photographing ... Each of the British lady was at 75-80 years ... They came to India and went to the India-Pakistan border to photograph an idea on a bar of soap film and contempt to sit on the steps of the cement ...  I was delighted ! .. But back in the good old Britain in our wonderful India-Pakistan :) After flowing pop songs added sound sitting girls were invited to participate in the relay (!). The participants' task: to take the Indian flag, to run with him to the gate-Pakistan border and come back! Who was the first, that - a real Indian, who is the second - that is worth thinking about imigratsii in Pakistan!

It was fun, but Brian called it silly! :) All Pakistanis arrived:

After the races with flags, which lasted about half an hour, a leading Indian clockwork (!) Said: And now - the disco! And best of columns poured Bollywood hits! .. Some of them were very personal and narrated about North-West India - well, like in the theme border ... 

All the girls began to dance, including many European :)  Looking at the crowd of young men in skinhead screaming about North-West India, it was clear why they were not invited to run in the relay and dance - it is dangerous to society! :) Everybody dance!

This is Brian has called very silly! For iron railing of our gallery, the gallery for "decent" Indians sat very company, as they thought, "decent": he was in red pants, smiled and photographed through a peephole in his non-professional camera, one of the They had to inflated and lipstick, always on request someone from a foreign gallery to sit down, because - not visible !, he spoke excellent English pronunciation: Sure! and sat on his seat, then got up again and everything is repeated ... In general, he brought me out once and for all! And - thank British lady! because if they do not, I would have expressed it all with great Russian folk accent! :) And then the people came out the best representatives of the Indian border services:

They dudeli in horns and shouting into the microphone:

As I understood, the goal was extended cry to fly to Pakistan! Then they marched funny: fast and high (up to crest) lifting his feet:

Every time they went to the gate to Pakistan depicting a double blow, Jean-Claude Van Damme, after which guards proudly turns and walks away without saying goodbye ... All clapping, happy and photographed:

And this peace officer has said an Indian Sure, that he took his seat, because b .... Th, people can not see!

Advantages of foreign galleries are obvious: in front of her guards (?) Like this are waiting until all the foreigners they are not perefotografiruyut!

Sometimes in India, I am pleased to be a foreigner :) Sometimes! 

There were also those caps (!):

Nuuu and such caps:

All Pioneer detachment in the collection:

Pay attention to the length of the pants - just ... umm ... the original! :) The female half of Pakistan and Pakistani border guards (I think they have better costumes something will - only - tssss! - Do not say it to the Indians, and then look at the foreground of the photo - they are there is something not quite druzhelbnoe shout and show Pakistanis!):

And here is the launching ceremony of national flags:

Indian flagpole taller else will! :) Even in small things, they are measured! :) Symbolism:

Pakistanis ...

Our host the Green House in Goa said that one of the biggest insult to the Indians will send it ... to Pakistan. It sounds something like this: Fuck you in Pakistan! ..  These are my friends, there are boundaries! :) Good for us borders! :)