Gold Beach, Maharashtra

One of the most beautiful beaches that we met while traveling to Goa on a rented scooter proved to Paradise Beach. Actually, in Goa it is not relevant, since it is located to the north, in the neighboring state of Maharashtra (Maharashtra).
This is a five-kilometer nearly deserted (in November) beach, justifies its name solitude and great views. Sea, palm trees coastal strip and small yellow-white sand have to repose of mind and body. Location definitely worthwhile, especially for lovers of freedom and privacy.
The beach we found immediately. I had to ride through the northern part of Goa on the way to Arambol, periodically asking locals. In one of the coastal straw cafe elderly couple Englishmen tell us the exact route via ferry under Terekolem and further road past Lake Redi.


Beach appeared before us many kilometers of desert deserted oblique golden sand. Only the sea, sky and palm trees, the real space and privacy. On large, we could not have dreamed.

Meet Semir Bhagat.

Semir - hotel manager Sumitra Resort. Of course, it's very loudly, especially when you consider that one of the best "room" of the hotel is shown in a photo directly behind Shemer. Perhaps someone will confuse abundance of stars, but many tourists from the UK, Italy, Denmark and Russia, visited here, appreciate this place is not for the convenience of hospitality and culinary delights of the local chefs.

You can rent a house for 200 rupees a day. For lunch, you can order omelets, fish and chips, and water. In my opinion, this is quite enough to not distracted by worldly things, enjoy the solitude in unspoilt corner of nature.
Semir - a sociable, open and kind person, tells me that the people of his village for fourteen years fighting for their rights to the land.
The Government together with the Indian auto giant Tata would have to build up the five-kilometer long beach braid luxury hotels, if not for a handful of local residents who do not want to voluntarily leave their native land. Semir said that they are forbidden to carry out communication, build a cafe and have a travel services. Therefore, all he has to offer - straw bungalows with a clay floor and the food cooked in the kitchen in his village.

Villagers - hereditary fishermen. They are called Muchee walla. Actually, just called and their main assistant in the difficult case fishing - boat machi Valle. This boat, the design of which has not changed for centuries, made from bent planks sewn ropes and coat resin. On the right side of the float-fortified counterweight to improve stability in rough sea.

In this village of a few boats:

Today is a good day to go to sea. Fishermen preparing - stack network. I wanted to write "fuss", but it is not. Vanity is not peculiar to the Indians, and the more it is superfluous here in the desert many kilometers of beaches, so distant from the rhythms of the city.

Maybe, well, her civilization? Concrete boxes, cars, vanity, endless acquisition of useless things, senseless maintenance of these things. Maybe should go back to basics, to calm down? =)) Will there be enough courage and strength to such a step? Maybe that's enough. And maybe not. These thoughts come to me. Evening we meet on the golden beaches. Time flies by. Breathe and think it is very free and easy.

Well, we wish this little authentic village of well-being and tranquility. And we need to go back to where the noise of cars. I feel this place we will miss it.