Turns out to be not so easy to write about any trip after many months. Memoirs - the word is not in my vocabulary. And it's not that something is forgotten. It would be too easy. Dog memory, shaggy on the details and feelings fade with time, acquiring instead of artificial fur inspirational and just general words. We have to all the time to save the text and to combat such phenomena as unworthy Learn excessive pathos in the text or, much worse, try to copy Wikipedia. In online writing probably easier :)). When realties try. And yet ... How to tell couples to avoid pathos, damn you, simple and beautiful words about my mother Ganga? Well, got a four-thirty. Went to gatam, got into the boat. The boat floated. First forward. Then back. Rolled back the money as much as 150 rupees botmenu-as-name-and-forget. Everything. Everything?! ...

I do not really like Indian dawns. Rather, I do not understand them. Incomprehensible, strange and unnatural this eternal Indian morning haze, pale pink, with the contours of a lone tree. Pink gouache ... I think now I wake up here - and all will disappear. Suddenly, it all of a sudden, unexpected and cheeky appears bright pink penny. Nowhere. As if through a thick fog came on red semaphore. Neither rays you or other protuberances ... just a shot and ran him through the water, flaring up, bright arrow of light ...

Well here of course ... This camera zaschёlkali us. Commit dawn swim on the Ganges.

We - it's me, Soný, our boatman, two young Dutch women, and the guy intricate fate. A young Catalan, from Barcelona, ​​teaches English in Tokyo, arrived in Delhi to visit a friend, decided to visit Varanasi. First absorbed this pink quiet silence, then slowly and quietly talking. Dutch visited Moscow ... Sonu tries to sing ... Gondolier, damn it.

On a par with the puja, a boat ride on the Ganges, the most important attraction in Varanasi.

Source of income for hundreds of botmenov, and not only for them. That Sonu rowing to Manikarnika, that we landed there and improve their karma. People grumble a bit, but we still set down among the ashes, and with the help of a couple of hundred rupees improve karma still feeling that is about to leave samsara in FIG.
I am not going to write as Hindus in Varanasi treated in tourists greed, except to say that Well here they are oh-chen advanced in this area.
Ganga meets the Indian from birth, accompanied him throughout his life and sees off the last (?) way ... birthday and mourning ...

... Weddings and funerals, all here on these shores.

It's not a river, it is the Goddess, Mother India and all Indians.

If someone from the Indians born lightly here, at least once in your life should come here ...

Here's how these Tamil lady, for example. Well just exploded with joy, seeing this correspondent of "Rural Chukotka."

And it's not just Mother Volga, which some in Russia to stun fish in it. Speaking of fishing.

These are the carp are found here, and there is still a small catfish-Magura. Look delicious.

Relationship to the Indian Ganges touching, otherwise you will not tell.

These pictures can be seen here in the "on-the dawn-to-dusk."

Come here alone and ...

... And companies

... And their spouses

... And just the men drink beer.

Not in a hurry. Drink a cup of masala.

Pray, wash ...

... Washing,

... Just swim and have some fun, sinking a pair of buffalo.

About washing. Ganga obstiryvaet half Varanasi, and is not just a way of life, it is the daily wage for hundreds of families.

There are whole "laundry" ghats.

And the result of washing is usually not bad.

Like a morning puja Japanese. How Come?

Even Muslims who are very much in Varanasi, secretly admiring the Ganges in the morning. :)

It'S Hot. But it could not be. Because in black.

Blond, brunette?


And this one is alive and very much so. Enjoy.

Still about the Ganges. Comparing what they write about it in the newspapers and environmentalists say that the Indians themselves, it seems that these are two different reservoir. But environmentalists are generally inclined to sound the alarm just that ...
Well, not Baikal, of course.

A indusiki not pay attention nor environmentalists nor beaten their anxiety.

Other Indians assured me that the water of the Ganges can not deteriorate from several weeks to several months. And it is unlikely environmentalists or I can confirm this. Because it is not a question of scientific analyzes, and faith, simple human feelings. Which are full of these people are poor and environmentalists together with me. Only ...
And the water of the Ganges, I still tried. From the hands of the grandfather here.

Well, as such refuse, right?
Practical information:
Bot worth 15,000 rupees ($ 300) (the smallest) to 50,000 (1000 $) (more or less decent) .Such botmena start-up capital.
Walking along the Ganges from the Manikarnika Gata to Assi costs about 100 rupees. Do not want to open the boat business in Varanasi?
If every minute greeting on the shores of "Hello, boat!" answer "I'm not a boat" - minute stupor with the respondent provided to you. Have time to leave.