Pictures from Hong Kong. The most high-rise in the world

Up to this point my most high-altitude city in life was San Gimignano. I love medieval skyscrapers. Defense seen with the Arc de Triomphe, Moscow City from the window of the car (then still fun), but so true - never. Then I realized, it is necessary to start somewhere, selling at the emirates, A380 from Dubai to Hong Kong ... In general, no doubt.

After 20 hours the road from Hong Kong airport we went to catch a taxi at around 10 pm. There was a feeling of a giant microwave oven. The taxi driver was very surprised to see just two children at a time. Later it turned out that in Hong Kong so not accepted - a family on average 0.8 children, and babies are a rarity and are in high interest. And tries to look into every pram! By the way, at the airport, to control de passaportes, jabbed a small forehead somehow electron gun. For me remained a mystery. 

At 23:00 the first day moved to the Avenue of Stars, dropping things. What we liked the first thing, in Hong Kong this time full of life! At 7-8 pm on the main streets empty of Munich, and in Kowloon can easily buy on the street something like meat, fry it in hot oil - 90 seconds nominal charge - and you're done! 

Skyscrapers reflected in each cronies myths dispelled, one by one. In Hong Kong the day with fire will not find Chinese tea. In supermarkets demand Twinings. Moreover, through the window of an Italian restaurant see how Chinese couple eats tagliatelle with cream sauce, deftly wielding European spoons and forks. 

In reflection of Two International Finance Centre. On the ground floor of the mall, you can take the freshest sushi and fresh orange juice in a supermarket, take the elevator to floor 4 or 5, where the bars. Iiii ... on the benches immediately snack overlooking the skyscrapers. At this point, it seems to me that Hong Kong - the most liveable cities. 

The best views, of course, Victoria Peak, and I got up to half of those who say that you can spend a whole day here. For example, walk around for an hour and a half and wait for nightfall. As a result, top photos turned out so much that they went to another post. Very tasty shrimp in a restaurant about Forrest Gump. 

I learn new formats: a room in a 3 * hotel-sized bed, 4 * - 18-20 sq.m. Grocery stores across an area of ​​2 square meters Of course, all the charm of Europe in action on the streets of cleanliness. And free internet every 300-500 meters. At this point my girlfriend on his head fell off the wood cockroach. 

In Hong Kong, the number of stores Luxury higher than in Moscow and is higher than the number of mass-market stores. One has to Zara Louis 2-3, Burberry and Hermes. Who buys Abercrombie here - this is definitely not local. Chinese women are mostly dressed beautifully. The average girl from Paris or Brussels, to come to Hong Kong in their belongings, their background and stands like a clochard. 

Sometimes the way to go, we have to rise to the level of the second and third floors, walk through glass corridor (or even through the business center) and go down again, it may take 10 minutes. Elevator parts, no, no and devices for wheelchairs, at + 33 is very insulting to carry her up the stairs :)

People who hits the streets, different kindness, compassion and interesting English. The café barista prepares coffee and shouts: "Heznt Cap chiiiiino!". 

Stars on the Walk of cool. On this day Venus in some special way to pass through the sun, so astronomers local dragged 50 pieces of their telescopes gathered fuels and turn and gave everyone a look. 

That's the first disappointment. A pleasant walk to the cable car Ngong Ping (well, they are nice), but the output is that in the area to do absolutely nothing. 

I had to quickly retreat, caught the internet about the underground, found beach on Lantau, jabbed a taxi driver on the map point 15 minutes before us is such a picture. In Nice, for example, buffalo (or oxen?) On the beach just walking around is not allowed. And not feeling that they szhuyut your clothes while you're at sea. 

In general, and at the Hong Kong have no problem finding a place to swim on a hot day, although the locals for some reason this is of little interest. Repulce bay beaches and near the market Stanley (by the way, it seemed to me the most sensible market) is almost empty. 

But they like to be photographed. Ljubo expensive watch. Unusual photo shoot can be seen in the night and in the main streets of the city. 

Another 15 minutes by taxi - and again, you can be in the heart of Hong Kong or Kowloon.

On the day before his departure finally opened after restoration of Bruce Lee. My favorite building in Hong Kong - the one with the triangles.