Incredible Hong Kong. What to see in three days?

Typically, in Hong Kong, I am savage, but this time was in the group that organized led to the most interesting tourist spots. Itself to cope with the route in such a short period of time (three days), it would be difficult, but I was wondering, what do we show this, which I have not yet seen. And, in general, there were many such places.
And I offer you to become better acquainted with Hong Kong and to know what is there to do and how to spend time with benefits for the heart and stomach of the body.

Let's start with the most simple love with Hong Kong - a trip to the Big bus - is a world-famous network of coaches.
Here you can soak up the sun and see the city and to open the second floor.
Headphones and an English speaking guide cars attached. You can ride all day, go out at any stop, walk, and then change to the next bus or switch to another line - here of three: red, blue and green.

The city also recommend to look when you go from the airport - you need to go on the shuttle bus, but not on the metro (as an option -Taxi). The only difference is that there will not be a guide, and the second floor is glazed.

Among the skyscrapers of Hong Kong in the sleeping areas sometimes come across interesting details.

Another must-see destination for visiting declare Big Buddha, which sits on a hill on Lantau Island.
The cable car Ngong Ping 360, which leads to it, is the longest in Asia - 5.7 km. It was built fairly recently - in 2006.

If you are lucky with the weather (we pouring rain), it is possible to see and photograph in all its glory airport Chek Lap Kok.

On one of the two segments, be sure to take a booth with a transparent floor - very impressive!

Again, if you're lucky with the weather, the Buddha himself can not see, if you do not go up to it, overcoming 260 steps. Some of our group took the trouble to climb and never saw the largest of sitting Buddha in Asia. The statue 34 m, and the weight of almost 250 tons. Inside the statue has a steel frame, outer cover is made of bronze.

Next to the Buddha is the Po Lin Monastery, founded in 1906.

Until 1993 (when built a statue of the Buddha) Monastery is not particularly attracted the attention of tourists - mainly traveled here only true Buddhists.
It should be noted that while the road was different: it was necessary to climb a few kilometers up the rocky path, relying only on themselves and their legs.

After Buddha can dine at one of the restaurants that are located in a shopping center near the metro Tung Chung. About gastronomic journey through Hong Kong should write separately, but only on a full stomach.

Let's go back to the city.
One of the points of the program was a floating restaurant Jumbo Kingdom Aberdeen area in the south-western part of Hong Kong Island. You should know that from the pier to it is brought by boat - the restaurant itself is located in the middle of the river.

The restaurant looks like an ancient Chinese palace with pagodas and magnificent golden dragons.
Jumbo Kingdom can be seen in the movie "The Man with the Golden Gun" James Bond.

Each floor in it as a work of art.

Inside for half an hour to run, and not be able to sit - it is a serious restaurant with a large selection of Chinese dishes and good service.

After lunch at the Jumbo boat rides around the neighborhood and discover the life of "river" of Hong Kong. Uniqueness Aberdeen area is that it is a settlement on the water and in the coastal zone.

Many live in the middle of the river, refitting their boats under full housing.
About 5000 of Hong Kong every day on these boats are a modest way of life: living, working, raising children. Often in the guidebooks, this phenomenon is still referred to as a fishing village Fishing Village.

Regularly between floating craft in the bay are special court-cleaners. They clean all debris from the water discharged marine residents and tourists.

In any weather, you can get one of the many beaches in Hong Kong. Typically, the Chinese prefer to relax in Sanya and Hainan, but also among the skyscrapers there was a place for recreation tulenego - this Repulse Bay.

You walk this, sunbathe and do not even suspect that at this time for you from the balcony of a home, drinking tea / coffee / whiskey, watching Jackie Chan.
Vooon his house on the hill! With the red roof and a lightning rod.

Do you know why in the Hong Kong skyscrapers such holes? Try at least to suggest.
Hussars, be silent!

Not far from the beach, Repulse is the next item on our program - Ocean park. On it I wrote more here , come look.

The entrance ticket for the whole day costs about 3 thousand rubles. It includes all animals, travel by train, cable car and attractions.

In the park live normal and red pandas - real mils!

More business people can visit the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (Convention center), which is never empty.

When we were, just then held Tourism Fair. Russia was also presented.

At the stand of the country, which is very easy to guess. Who slow-witted, clicks in the picture.

What country were men in straw dresses, it is not very clear - they had Perevi and all buried in the phone.

In addition Convention center, Hong Kong has EXPO center, which is located near the airport. There is also always some exhibitions and you can run into, if you have a few hours between flights.

Embankment near the Convention center and the golden lotus, next to which all are photographed.

Immediately nearby objects for photographing and promenade.

The next required point of the program - an observation deck Sky 100 World Trade Center.

It is better to come to 7 o'clock in the evening, when the city lights begin to light up.

The Sky100 will not let die of starvation - here you can dine and champagne and eggs to order.

The mandatory program I'm also including a walk around the area Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon peninsula.

Be sure to turn in some narrow street passage and see to the other side of beautiful skyscrapers.

Buy chew dried scallops or shrimp. On 148 mussels, for example.

By tradition, I'm taking a few fragrant mango. Someone says that they in Moscow, you can buy, but there are fragrant as in Asia, I have not met.

Go further.
From the pier Tsim Sha Tsui fall on the boat for $ 3 and sail to the other side, where the business district. This Hong Kong Island.

Almost all of the "business" High-rise buildings connected by covered ground crossings and bridges.
You can go so a few kilometers away and never come down to earth.

Some bridges are very photogenic.

Be sure to ride on a double-decker tram, which has become one of Hong Kong characters.

The fare is $ 2.3 HA and should stock up a trifle, because delivery driver does not.

White-collar workers rushing home from work.

For departure to "waffle" - fine.

It was getting dark and the city was suddenly rose.

We push off from the Central Ferry Pier again in the direction of the Kowloon Peninsula.

To the exhibition center is also ferries, choose the desired pier.

Sky 100 - view from the bay.

One of the huge cruise ships that come every evening in Hong Kong.

Admire the views of the pier in Tsim Sha Tsui and the city from the top floor of the parking Harbour City.

The people there are few, because few people know about this point. All normally graze at the bottom near the pier.

Cultural Center and the clock tower (1915), which remained on the site of the former railway station.

On it you can watch endlessly.

"Symphony of Lights" begins every day at 8 pm.

We go to the metro through the mall Harbor, then offer shopping in tochm including for those with three gyrus))

On the Tsim Sha Tsui necessarily tasting street food. If you are afraid of balls or crickets, then feel free to take the octopus on a stick. All fried in oil.

I've got eggplant OMNOMNOM!

And once again go through the night streets.

The most cultured city views - Victoria Peak. You were not in Hong Kong, if not raised here.

Good light for shooting begins somewhere in the seven-seven-thirty in the evening.

For nelenivyh there is a route to the left of the peak - you need to go for 20 minutes by a path along the mountain and the view opens not less than stunning.

After sfotkalis on Hong Kong background, you need to run to the Bubba Gump Shrimp and taste attributes in the background and pictures of the famous film.

How to call the waiter.

And kartohu for nazhoristosti.

We go down from the peak in the green tram - ticket it is bought together with the ticket to the observation. Walk a little longer on the stairs and paths.

And end today's release of a walk on the "all inclusive" with the function of the boat, which sails away from the pier Hung Hom Ferry Pier and you are more than two hours to look around, and now eating seafood.

One floor of the ship is completely put on a buffet. Free refills.

Well, you get my point. If you have the patience and effort, make a separate post obzhorny photo of Hong Kong cuisine.

The only place where we did not have time to get there, was Disneyland. Well, where will come back next time!

Here's a beauty!
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