483 meters above the sky: the tallest hotel in the world

Over the choice of places where to throw the dice in Hong Kong, I thought no longer than 10 seconds. Here and only here has the highest hotel in the world - The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, and other alternative means for crazy fan of skyscrapers is not there. Stay in this hotel for me - as a visit to the highest waterfall or climb the highest mountain. An unforgettable experience that remains in the memory of a bright spot for life. Ugh, I write for a booklet as much ass matted with unctuous phrases. I will say in our opinion, a proletarian: decent hotel, no cockroaches and hot water. Let's spend your tour of this man-made skies.

In 2010, Hong Kong was built the tallest skyscraper - International Commerce Centre, about which I have already mentioned in a previous post. Even at the design stage of this superbashni the tidbit - 17 upper floors - staked out for himself Luxury hotel chain The Ritz-Carlton. Interestingly, before the hotel The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong is a 30-storey turret in the center of Hong Kong Island, but was closed in 2008, so that after 3 years to open in a new unique building. Many times-in-100-years-updated site such as tury.ru still hang pictures of the old hotel. March 29, 2011 the grand opening of the new The Ritz-Carlton with champagne at 1,200 euros per bottle and anemic Chinese women with neck to waist . Bursting with pride president of Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Herve Hamler then said: "We are raising a new level of luxury in every sense."

Of course, the old man Hamler and could not assume that just a year and a half in his pride, 74th hotel network The Ritz-Carlton, endeared Mr. Sokolov from Russia.
Taxi drive up guests directly on the 9th floor, where there are "welcoming lobby" hotel. Each taxi met just two in Switzerland: one opens the door, unload and carries your luggage and the other writes to a special piece of paper machine number - just in case you suddenly forgot something and want to contact the driver. Extremely useful option never met before.

Welcome lobby - guests are welcomed here, lick, showered with compliments by the elbow and led to the elevator to deliver the main lobby on the 102nd floor. Oh, and here is confectionery Pastry Gems, which sells branded bakery and sweets made by the hotel. The most delicious macaroni in Hong Kong must be taken here.

Travel up to 102 floors takes exactly 50 seconds - is considered the fastest elevator in Hong Kong. Here we are in the main lobby, where a beautiful Chinese woman at the reception desk from afar shines his snow-white disarming smile.

"Mr. Sokolov, our joy is boundless of your visit so that we offer a free upgrade your Deluxe rooms on Deluxe Harbour View". You are my good! This means that the view from the room I will be right on the Victoria Harbour from Hong Kong Island skyline, and not on Brokeback Mountain and sleeping areas. Beauty behaves like on a first date: interrogates what flowers I love, love the pillows on which to sleep and some prefer to read the newspaper in the morning. "Wanting to whether Mr. serve morning tea in your room?" - "Thank you, I can handle myself."
When you check block map of the amount of the daily room rate. The entire amount for accommodation already written off when leaving.

I got a room at the 109 level. The Hotel has 312 rooms of different categories, including Deluxe Room, Deluxe Harbour Room, Harbour Island Room, Grand Harbour Suite, Ritz-Carlton Suite and Ritz-Carlton Club Rooms. Room rates range from $ 580 for a "standard" room to $ 13,000 for the most luxurious The Ritz-Carlton Suite. Depending on the location of the windows is possible panoramic views of the harbor and the city, harbor or mountains.

The smallest rooms - 50 sq m. There is where to turn. But the main thing in any hotel - a bed. Depends on its quality, will you sleep like a baby or as a princess and the pea. At Ritz-Carlton perfect bed! With the American mattress from Sealy, unmade bed linens and 400-thread count down pillows.
Let poshastaem my number.

Picture window overlooking a million dollars - that's what drives any guest of the hotel, barely crossed the threshold of your room into a state of wild euphoria, passing into deep bliss.

Views of Victoria Harbour. This is the most beautiful view from the window of my life.

Why, why me outside the Garden Ring, and not Hong Kong Island?

Dock for the iPod / iPhone and iPod bargain staff. The hotel took care of the guests with different musical tastes, uploading to iPods nearly 3,000 songs - from Bach and ambient to "The Beatles" and Lady Gaga.

Control the lights and open the curtains and blinds can not get out of bed.

Great album with photos of the hotel.

A set of tea, coffee, cream, as well as branded bottled water replenished daily. Free of charge, of course.

Minibars normal. But how much do we need to - bottle "Asahi" yes white wine each.

One of the prerequisites of the hotel chain Ritz-Carlton - in the decoration of rooms, halls and other facilities using only natural and luxurious materials: precious wood, marble and original interior, complementing the designers.

Dining set for two in a velvet box.

TV with instant messaging and management of its internal account. More than 200 television and radio channels. The TV channel "Rain" for some reason in the package is not included.

Blu-ray players, as in all modern hotels. If the hotel still stand DVD-players - this is not a hotel, and flophouse.

Bathroom is spacious and comfortable. Here you can live.

You can play music from an iPod or watch TV on a 17-inch panel.

There are all the necessary toiletries, except pumice for heels. A Shame! Wrote a complaint to the hotel - the next day in the set were two pumice for heels.

All hotels are The Ritz-Carlton use perfumes of an ancient British brand Asprey. The company was founded in 1735 and initially produced only jewelry.

Live lily! Here's a cross!

There are separate from the bath shower and toilet (surprisingly!)

Rain shower - the second that I appreciate the hotel after a comfortable bed.

Bathrobes and slippers - by itself.

Brand name hotel chain - lion - successfully entered Hong Kong in the interior, since this animal is one of the symbols of the city.

While we were bathing in the foam, the window was dark. The famous light show "Symphony of Lights" you can watch every night, sitting in a chair by the window of his room with a bottle of "Asahi".

This table works great.

I have never met in a room maid. Miraculously, they manage to go unnoticed, even if we leave the room for half an hour just to have a few cocktails at the bar. During this time, the maid time to prepare a bed for the night, light candles and put on the bedside table just such a box.

The first night I thought it at least an engagement ring. It turned out - handmade chocolates from the collection of The Ritz-Carlton. Every time is different and delicious obscene.

The next day I went to wander around the hotel. Looked into the corner room Deluxe Suite with three floors above, which offers 180-degree panorama of the surrounding islands.

Larger room than my - 73 sq m. All guests staying in suites, and access to the Club Lounge, where you can clock something free to eat and drink.

And in all suites must stand telescope for viewing the beauties. In this room it somehow was not. Surely there lived Russian.

Because of their size, the number seemed to me not so comfortable as mine. Desk stands in the middle of the room, very uncomfortable.

Docking Station bigger and more powerful.

And more candy! Wild injustice. Wrote about this another complaint administration and personally Herve Hamleru.

Ten hangers and a safe. I wanted to still go to the coolest hotel room - The Ritz-Carlton Suite 365 square meters area. It is located on the 117 floor has two bedrooms, living room, dining room, dressing room, office, sauna, jacuzzi and a personal butler. There I was not allowed - this time in the room settled some Arab sheikh with his 19 concubines. And in May 2012, in the same issue of Lady Gaga lived during his world tour.

It's time to eat! Morning guest begins in one of six institutions edalni hotel - Animals in Lounge & Bar on 102 floor. Here you can watch the chefs in the open fire.

And yet there is a huge glass wall, the entire length of which is located 10,000 bottles of wine collector. Any of these available bottles to the table.

Food for breakfast delicious and healthy. No hamburgers and hot dogs! What is there to eat Russian peasant?

But a lot of sweets and chocolates. I had enough of this.

For lunch you can take a compact Bento Box, where once the first-second-third and dessert.

In the evenings there is live music, ladies and gentlemen are invited to the rooms.

A special pride of the hotel - restaurant authentic Cantonese cuisine Tin Lung Heen, having a star Michelin.

There are several private dining rooms.

You can taste the famous Cantonese cuisine, as well as snacks Dim Sum, which are served to tea drinking.

Worked on the design of the most eminent restaurants in this area companies, including Japanese design studio Spin Design Studio and Wonderwall.

Another restaurant on the 102 floor - Tosca, named in honor of Puccini's opera.

Here fed delicacies of southern Italy.


My favorite corner table.

The restaurant is constantly arranges tours at the most famous chefs in the world. For example, from 25 to 27 October there will be hosting the kitchen Annie Feolde - the world's first female chef to receive 3 stars Michelin.

After lunch is a traditional "The Ritz-Carlton Teddy Bear Afternoon Tea", where you can not only drink tea, but also buy one of the firm bears.

Café located on the floor above 103, which until recently was called "Chocolate Library" (The Chocolate Library), since it is rather a living room with tea and culinary chocolate bias. Branded chip cafe - chocolate tea is served daily at 3pm.

It features about 20 different rooms and halls for business and informal meetings.

Every hotel guest has the opportunity to stay in 1 hour any of the offices for negotiations. I have no negotiations in Hong Kong was not planned, so I took a bottle of sambuca and called three maids.

There are several online rooms equipped with computers, PC and Mac.

After work, you can go to buy brilliantikom.

According to statistics, couples staying at this hotel often than business travelers. Therefore, there is everything for weddings. Here bridal salon, where the couple met with tseremonimeysterom obsuzhdayut and details of future marriage ceremony.

Here you can buy a wedding dress, the bride if suddenly forgot about it.

Entrance to the banquet hall. The hall itself the size of 930 sq m. It is the second largest ballroom in Hong Kong. The hotel staff said that among suiting here many wedding ceremonies pairs from Russia.

Climb higher and higher - 116 floor is a spa by ESPA area of ​​860 m

Here are 9 treatment rooms and 2 suites for couples with a large range of services to care for face and body.

You can take a relaxing treatment in the jacuzzi with views of Victoria Harbour.

All procedures for the face and body are performed on a professional English cosmetics ESPA. This exclusive brand is not sold in stores, it is the only branded spas in 9 countries.

There are separate men's line. In Moscow, too, has ESPA - in our Ritz-Carlton Spa.

Continue heals. Going further 2 floors above and fall into the pool area and fitness.

Here you have the highest pool in the world. Its lateral wall and the whole ceiling consists of 120 LCD screens, which broadcast the sky and skyline of Hong Kong. Very cool stuff!

The previous record belonged to the pool height at Singapore Marina Bays Sands. He is at an altitude of 191 m. Just ridiculous comparison - in the "Ritz-Carlton" Swim at an altitude of almost half a kilometer.

Fitness room is always open.

Needless to say that this is the highest fitness room located in the world?

My favorite sun terrace. Here you feel like a god.

Which opened barely hotel immediately set a record for the number of world records (sorry for tautology). In the first place it - the, clear pepper, tallest hotel in the world. The previous leader of the podium was in Park Hyatt Shanghai World Financial Center in Shanghai (Shanghai World Financial Center), which occupies 79 to 93 floors. The tallest building, which is entirely used as a hotel, was and remains Rose Rayhaan by Rotana in Dubai (333 m). About the highest swimming pool and spa I said. And finally - the fanfare! - The highest bar in the world.

Bar (aka nightclub) is called Ozone and is under the roof on the 118 floor. Singapore company engaged in the design LTW.

Over a glass of "Singapore Sling" here you can admire the fantastic views of Hong Kong, and at night to dance under the DJ sets.

It is unlikely that I will be able to describe in words the feeling when you wake up, revealing the dark curtains and soar in the clouds with dizzying views of half a kilometer high.
Good morning, Hong Kong! I will definitely be back ...