Corfu, Pantokrator

Holidays in Corfu, we started with the rental car. Decided that the best first shoot out the sights, and then a week will be in a hurry, relax and digest what they see.

After some waiting cars, we finally drove a brand new black Golf. It was late evening, fireflies flying clouds and we went at dusk on the empty roads.
On reaching the west coast, we missed the sunset a bit, but still able to appreciate the beauty of opening species.

This place is called Peroulades.
We drove up to the very edge, and watched the sea slowly fading into dark.

Thinking about marshute the next day, I remembered how on the eve of departure watched the transfer of "Jeopardy." There was asked about the mountain, which can be seen at the same time Albania, Greece and Italy. This Mount Pantokrator - the highest point of Corfu (906 m.). It was decided in the first place to get it. And there, and close to Corfu. We stayed in the resort of Roda in the center of the northern coast of Corfu. Mountain range with Pantocrator headed begins a few kilometers to the east and occupies the entire north-eastern part of the island. We drove along the sea to the neighboring village of Acharavi, and there stupidly stuffed in the Navigator 39.7475168N 19.8721647E, popozli uphill according to the instructions inconsistent cunning device.

Higher and higher. In the background the mountains of Albania. Halfway right suddenly magnificent view of the Rod:

The hotel is on the left about our high green cape. Until there in a straight line about six kilometers, and we're going for about an hour. Though of course we do not hurry, could be faster.


View back on the road. She writhes like a snake, jumping up and down, passes through a small village Eriva (it just visible behind these bushes), and goes away to the left. If you look at it there is a yellow pickup truck. More cars in sight not.


The last major nasёnny point on our way - the petals.

Finally we park on devitestah meters at the gates of the monastery, located on top of the Pantocrator.
The last couple of hundred meters to the top of this steeper any amusement park.

Reviewing Albania.

Monastery Ipsilu Pantokratoros welcomes us!

Tower - a healthy, like a rocket. Standing right in the monastery courtyard.

The bell tower above the entrance. Before her cafe, right souvenirs.

View from the cafe. Forest of antennas blocking the same name with the island capital.

We go to the monastery. Greenery, a fountain, a church and unobtrusive steel construction.

How can you interesting things with harmful radiation? Rospotrebnadzora they do not have).

Very ancient monastery, originally built in the 14th century. Modern building ages 17-19. We go around the church on the left:

On the background receding into the distance of the Albanian shores, land monastic clothes. Then out of nowhere, arrived here a cloud of bugs:

Dismiss them from the past and significantly add movement speed.
One still crawled under my shirt, but I realized it only has steering serpentine down. It was dangerous).

View toward Diapontiyskih islands (three small islands). There is the westernmost point of Greece. In the center of the coast can be seen Sidari resort.
They say that in the right weather to the side you can see the heel of Italy (130 km).

Tree - it looks like a meeting place of all the surrounding flying insects. It goes down the ancient footpath, now abandoned:

Mack. Go down the monastery.

Brutal refectory.


Thought. Generally living creatures in Greek monasteries are always a lot:

We go to the temple.

Candles, old pictures, icons, cat.

Inside one.

Book "Triodion".

And here is the Pantocrator - the Almighty.

The iconostasis.

View from the entrance to the church.

They antennas here a little, they are all new bolted.

Peculiarities of the National TV settings on a background of high-rise buildings of the Albanian town of Saranda. Saranda is located a bit north, and directly across the strait to Albania's only a couple of kilometers:

On the other side of Butrint archaeological reserve with the same lake and resort CCAY. Mountains in the background will be higher Pantocrator.


At the bottom, if you look closely, noticeable ruins of an abandoned village. The road winds through beautiful.
Somewhere in that direction on the mainland runs the Greek-Albanian border.

Finally, I found the point where it does not block the installation of signalers Corfu.

Clearly visible band airfields and ports. In the picture, almost the entire city of forty thousand.

Tile repair will be. Like all look, it's time to go further.

Turning the car on a narrow patch before the gates of the monastery, I always looked askance down the cliff - their appearance a little distracted. In addition, the tourists come in large numbers forced our car his moped. Had to demonstrate the wonders of maneuverability.

When the sun cloud cover, the landscape becomes monotonous gray and boring. But once again, it pops up everything instantly poured sharp colors. Observing the differences of light and shadow, we rolled down to neutral. The next couple of kilometers from the machine will be required only brake.

Asphalt to improve adhesion sliced ​​washboard.

Do not forget to hoot before turning. Then do not hang mirrors.

A little later, arrange photo halt.

Flowers on the rocks.


Watching us.

We return by the same route to the petals, but not called at her and at the fork we choose the direction to the south to the town of Corfu.

Immediately get to the village Strinilas where the road as a vice clench colorful houses. It's a traditional painting on Greek mountain roads - ultranarrow and without shoulders, at the entrance to the town, they are so narrow that I and cycling there would be dumb to go. And the greatest danger lurking in the corners of houses, completely overlapping review. And here and on trucks and buses dissect. And cats wild throw under the wheels. A night hedgehogs. In short, complying with speed and a good reaction - the key to a successful business local insurance companies.

Sky and green mountains - the basic landscape of this trip.

Another view of the gorge. On the horizon the north-west coast and all the same Diapontiyskie island. In the center of the mountain, on the mountain monastery. Presumably, this monastery of Ayia Triada (Holy Trinity Ie):

We go further.

Soon after the next rotation, already see the east coast and stretches into the distance almost the entire southern part of the elongated island.

Forty-year-transporter farmer. Again, narrowing the road - the village Spartilas:

Well there was no counter. All seats for siding lined with parked cars.

After Spartilasa begins tedious classic serpentine: pass a hundred meters povort 180, another hundred meters, turn again. Ukochalo me in five minutes. There area already completely settled, and fences along the road stretch.

It is really confused turn and accidentally call someone in the yard.

Over the roofs of houses below standing still clearly visible features of Corfu ... and nearby resorts:

Directly below us is a long beach of Ipsos.

Before you finally go back to sea level, called at the village Pyrgi. There is already a normal road and finally flat terrain. Three hours it took us to move from the north coast to the east through the Pantocrator with a stop at the top. Local cars:

Beetle and a wheelbarrow (literally).

Lancia Delta. But it may be older than me.

Well, here we are at Ipsos Beach Conquered the mountain in the background.

By a string of rising up and going to the left of hotels can be traced direction of the road on which we descended.

Hence Albania is almost not visible. But in the evening on the way back we drive along the sea, skirting the Pantocrator from the east. Let's look at it very closely.

The beach here seemed somehow neochen.

Currently, vehicular traffic. With markings, signs and traffic. Then we will go from here to the capital - there is even traffic jams and traffic lights.

Twenty minutes later we have we park in the center of Corfu near the waterfront. Then we will learn how incredibly lucky we - just like that of the free parking space we are never seen there.