Fabulous fall

Autumn traveled to Bavaria to the royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. The locks themselves did not enter a couple of times already inside. We decided to take a walk in the mountains, to find new places for photo castles in and around Alpine lake pass.

Almost 3 hours on the road and we parked near a lift Tegelbergbahn
01.nedaleko from the parking lot we see the castle in the morning mist


take a one-way ticket back will descend on foot and climb up, altitude 2146 above sea level.
02. to lift the window



03.podemnik Tegelbergbahn. somewhere in the shade is the first snow



04.dlya beginning decided to climb the mountain with a cross Branderschrofen



05.idem all the above, one can see the ski lift station. On site right it is preparing to fly paragliders



06.esche rise above



07.pervaya goal is reached, the height of 1,880 meters



08.otlichnye views from the top, I tried to make panaramku



rest a little at the top and descend down the side locks
09.vot these tracks there, on the one hand open, with another forest



10.idem more ... bottom stands the church of St. Koloman in the Baroque style



11.nebolshoy village of Schwangau. typical Germany - houses with red roof.



12.A's Neuschwanstein reached. It offers excellent views of the castle from above



13.a path narrower and worse



14.a views of the castle are all beautiful



15. A small halt and look around at the sides, the city of Fussen seen



15.i Castle Hohenschwangau



16.vdali Austrian Alps



17.idem more




18.interesny side view



19.ugadayte, for what and where to turn? ))))



20.otvet.lyudi are to do here is a photo from Mary Bridge.
Now we have reached the mountain trails to the favorite place of tourists. Visitors generally reach this point, and then not so many people can be found



21.most Mary from



22.dalshe go towards the Alpine lakes



23.Alpiyskoe lake



23. lovely restaurant on the lake









26.seredina lake. In the distance one can see the mountains and Neuschwanstein Castle, which passes path



27.vechereet. It is necessary to move towards parking



28.po way little yellow lock Hohenschwangau



29.i little white Neuschwanstein






That's all for this. Autumn walk came to an end, but a place that many pictures we have not found, and thus will be more reason to come back in the summer at this fabulous place.
Thank you to everyone who made it to the end, I hope you enjoyed my little story.