Cozy Germany. Bonn.

Hello dear community members,
this is my story about our trip with her ​​mother in Germany last summer, in the small town of Bonn, who became a mother for the first visit to Europe, and has satisfied my curiosity as to what living small European town.

From Vilnius, we flew to Frankfurt. Huge airport. Beautiful w / railway station here.

We sit in the Express.

On the scoreboard - 277 km / h. It also shows the time to the next station. Ride very comfortable.

Find ourselves in Bonn and Living in the hotel Dorint hotel, 4 *.

The hotel is in a forest-park zone. Nearby residential rayon "respectable kvartally." Without much infrastructure, barely found a grocery store. In city buses.
But right next to the hotel-shop with fruit.

The next day was overcast, and we went to explore the area.

"We lost our Felix .." (((

dog waits for the owner of the dry cleaning)

As you can see, the people of Bonn like to make it greener)

Only my mother began to plunge into nostalgia, saying that good in a foreign land, but that's not enough still native birches, kak here you are! is there)

More than 40 years Bonn was the capital of Germany, up to the unification of Germany, when the capital of the united state was Berlin.
Today, the largest telecommunication center of Bonn in Germany. Deutsche Post and Deutsche Telekom or, more simply, post and telegraph - "engines of job creation." So the city looks younger, developing breathing. There are many interesting buildings:

Loved my mother and pochaёvnichat. The tea was delicious.

the restaurant at the hotel was a lovely terrace

Every day my mother and I were surprised the number of people doing jogging. A feeling that in Bonn run everything! Forest-park area around the hotel is riddled with paths that are daily trampled hundreds of sneakers. Running young man in the prime of life, smart and eager to smartness; retired couples, fathers with children, dogs, various shots. Running around in the sun, in the wind and rain. In the rain running in plastic capes or jacket with a hood and smiling behind the counter track runners and solidarity greeting each other, they say yes, the weather is not very good, but what can you do ..)) This shop near our hotel, where runners rested.

We are a mother, someone said that the city can be accessed through the forest. Once we got bored in the hotel, and we decided to go to Bonn on foot through the forest trails. By the way, there were three trails. We chose the extreme right.

Walked down the rather steep forest slope, almost skipping)

finally began to appear at home

and then the whole city panorama

I do not know which side of Bonn we found ourselves, but it was quiet, cozy city outskirts.

The next day we were shown an urban park, very cozy.

The park was a Japanese garden

and a garden for the blind

"Fountain of the Blind"

On the plate in front of a fountain legend describes how several blind gave touch an elephant, not to mention that it is an elephant. Each of them, feeling only his part, did all sorts of assumptions. And only when they joined forces and exchanged views, it became clear that in front of them - Elephant.
Moral: the blind and the sighted can be wrong, seeing only a particle, not the whole truth. Therefore we together - the power) The text is written on the left ABC for slepyh- Braille.

Normal font and Braille on labels next to each plant.

City Park is seen from the city skyscraper - Post Tower, 8th tallest building in Germany. 46 floors, 5 of which- underground.

In the skyscraper is headquarters of the company Deutsche Post DHL, famous for its bright yellow color.

In the suburbs of Bonn showed us the vineyards, steeply up, and seemed eager to the top of the mountain. My photos do not convey, but the angle of ascent up the mountain vineyards was so impressive that it was difficult to imagine how the harvest.

Time we had a little, but something in Bonn, we managed to see. The monastery Basilica of St. Martin. Built on the burial site of the martyrs Cassius and Floret - patrons of the city.

Especially interesting is the Cathedral lying beside sculptures of heads ever martyrs.

a monument to Beethoven, who was born in Bonn in 1770

railway station

Rathaus - City Hall. Did you know that Minsk and Bonn - Twin Cities ?!

In German stores I used to be touched a little, but this little thing desired - a container for Sledkov.
"Please use disposable Sledkov" - inscription on the container

And here for the new cell (NEU) and used (ALT). Tell me, dear girl, is not it brilliant? !!

Mini trash everywhere for used batteries

Another cool thing - recovery of used plastic bottles. Is the usual grocery stores near the entrance. I've seen people go to the store, sent to her by placing one after another bottle into the hole that devoured this pandora series, returning either a coin, or check with the amount, which is then taken with the cost of future purchases.

In Bonn, we had the good fortune to meet with his mother with wonderful people, and not very Russian, which will of fate has brought in this amazing country. People are so sincere and open, that we are for a very short time managed to make friends and still talk on the phone. I am very pleased.